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Cosmetic Treatments Clinic in Dubai

CosmeDocs is now offering Botox injections and other top-notch cosmetic treatment services in the iconic city of Dubai. We are among the leading clinics in London’s popular Harley Street, and are now set to become your #1 choice for a Botox Dubai clinic!

With years of proven success in the UK, we have expanded our clientele to the United Arab Emirates, where the demand of non-surgical aesthetic procedures is sky high. This new initiative of ours will help thousands of Emirati citizens and tourists from around the world receive our ever-popular skin care and body contouring services.

Botox provides several treatment options. Mostly known for a miracle wrinkle remedy for curing frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, neck chords etc., it also helps patients in recovering from niggling medical disorders such as hyperhidrosis, migraine, TMD, bruxism, blepharospasm and even more.

In the scorching hot climate of the Middle East, our Botox Dubai hyperhidrosis treatment service will help cure excessive sweating issue simply through injections at affected body areas. 6With high patient satisfaction level, Botox has become a preferred choice for patients owing to its remarkable outcomes.

CosmeDocs also brings great news for people having wide jawline. With Botox jaw reduction treatment, we offer you an amazing alternative for surgical procedures.

Surgical and Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatment

Being experts in aesthetic medicine, we offer a huge list of procedures of available, ranging from dermal fillers including lip enhancement, non-surgical nose job, to liposuction with velashape, tummy tuck and even more. We also provide diamond tip microdermabrasion, Aqualyx, semi-permanent make-up, skin tag removal, leg vein scelerotherapy, skin peels and acne treatment to mention few. All these services are carried by top beauty experts and proficient nurses working with us.

As you reach our clinic, you’ll be warmly greeted by our staff followed by consultation with your cosmetic doctor before treatment which is absolutely free!

There are number of ways you can book an appointment for Botox Dubai and Cosmetic treatments with us, have a look at our contact page where you can find detailed information to reach us. Looking forward to see you soon!