Duck Lips And Celebrity Obsession— Are You Guilty Of Both?
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Did you sign up for a lip filler after you were obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s lips? Are your duck lips or trout pout making you regret your decision? Do you know it is not hard to achieve beautiful lips using natural lip fillers?
Want to know what could have gone wrong? Read on to find out how to hit the ‘sweet spot’!

It Is In Our Nature!

Who does not want to look attractive and beautiful? Women particularly can go to extreme lengths to look appealing and seductive. Milky baths, metal corsets and white paste for face made of lead and zinc for a porcelain look!

The Celebrity Obsession

We love Kylie, Kim, Angelina Jolie and many others who make our world go round! Their outfits, their looks, their activities and endorsements are blindly copied everywhere. Kylie’s infamous lips, Kim’s trendiest vampire facial, or Angelina’s angular face are all becoming contagious!

Ever wondered what if your favourite stars take the beauty standards and fashion statements a bit too far? For instance, Leslie Ash’s trout pout lips can hold you back from your lip job because it was a botched lip surgery. You may even have second thoughts on lip fillers after looking at Laura Summers duck lips!


Lips are the most expressive feature of a woman’s face

Christian Louboutin

Why Do Lips Matter?

Your lips are there to perform essential functions. They help you in speaking, eating, smiling, kissing. They are also one of the first facial features that people notice in you! Moreover, your lips are located in the centre of your face, and a facial profile is simply incomplete without lips.

What Does Science Say?

Science says that your lips are one of the most striking facial features, and it is impossible to ignore them! They help you to express your inner feelings even when you are not speaking. You smile and express your glee.

You frown, and this tells the world how much unpleasant you feel. To conclude, your lips are your identity! They are unique, and they are crucial for your existence.

What Do Men Say?

Men also find a woman’s lips extremely attractive, especially if they are fuller and voluminous. So next time you want to catch a man’s attention, avoid putting too much makeup on or trying on a tricky hairdo. Instead, drag his focus on to your pout!

Even scientists have found out this to be true in a study. They concluded that an average man spends 7 out of the first 10 seconds of meeting a lady checking out her lips only!

From Beautiful To Botched— Hall Of Fame

Lips play a vital role in achieving an aesthetically appealing facial profile. However, it also one of the trickiest parts where a lip filler can go horribly wrong! 

Let’s look at different types of ‘Overly filled lips’ and which one of your favourite stars got them. 

Duck lips 

Overly filled lips can ruin the delicate balance of your face. Similarly, injecting your lips, especially the upper lip, with too much duck lips filler can cause it to protrude forward more than the lower one. Hence, it gives an unnatural upward curve and giving a look of “Duck Lips”.  

Trout pout 

When too much dermal filler is placed along your upper lip border to give it a volume or flip it outwards, then it gives an appearance of trout pout lips. Moreover, this lip shape has a blurred or almost invisible cupid’s bow.  

Sausage lips 

It is another type of botched lip shape that results when your injector does not consider the natural lip ratio. Moreover, the natural borders of your lips are diffused when too much lip filler is injected into upper and lower lips. Both lips protrude outwards and show too much volume. 

Lumpy And Bumpy Lips 

It is one of the common even after lip filler injection. This may look temporary, but it a major reason behind the asymmetrical lips. It happens when: 

  • Your injector injects too much filler is placed in any one spot
  • Poor injection technique of your injector 
  • Using wrong consistency of the lip filler 
  • Improper distribution of lip fillers in your lips 

Janice Lips From The Muppets 

You may have seen this type of lip disaster in Hollywood, where the prime focus is on lips of bigger size! Such procedures usually do not respect other facial features such as eyes, nose and chin. Moreover, an addiction to lip fillers may be the biggest factor behind such a lip job failure.  

7 Surprising Consequences of Overfilled Lips (that you need to know!)

It goes without saying that overly filled lips look unnatural, attractive and may even affect your smile and speech! You can also take notes from celebrities who have lost their signature image and identity in quest of gorgeous lips.

Take a look at some of the eye opening aftermath of duck lips that every lip filler client need to consider.

An Unnatural Pout

It is true! Overfilled lips have never helped anyone to look natural and attractive. Moreover, they can also take attention from your gorgeous eyes or any other facial feature that you love to flaunt!

You do not need to look like everybody else, love yourself.
                                                                                            Lea Michele

Guys May Not Find The ‘New Look’ So Attractive

Since ancient times, a woman has been striving to attract her male counterpart. However, this struggle has, also at times, landed her into big trouble! Similarly, duck lips or trout pout lips can easily repel any guy because it is simply not visually appealing.

Asymmetrical or Uneven Lips

If your injector has used poor injection techniques to volumize your natural lips, chances are, you may end up with an uneven lip shape. This will be reflected in your smile, speech and even when you put on lipstick. You must avoid that!

You May Lose Your Signature Smile!

Many women, especially young girls, do not realize that a celebrity inspired lip job may not necessarily suit them. Also, a lip job that may work for Kylie can potentially take away your charming smile. You don’t want to look like someone else. Do you?

Your Bad Lip Fillers May Hang Around For Sometime

It is important to understand that lip injection may last for about 6-12 months. In case you end up with unsatisfactory results or even a botched lip job, you may have to live with it for a while.
Hence, it would be best if you avoided a sausage pout at every cost.

Overstretching Of Lip Tissue

Do you know that an overly filled pout may also leave you with an overstretched lip tissue? It can be caused by a bad practitioner, poor injection technique, wrong kind of filler or simply your celebrity obsession.

Dissolving Lip Filler Can Be Painful

If you plan to reverse a botched lip job, you may have to consider dissolving your duck lips filler. Hyaluronidase, an enzyme, is used to dissolve the hyaluronic dermal fillers. Moreover, this treatment can cause you some degree of discomfort and irritation.

Follow The Golden Lips Ratio

The golden proportion for face and lips was, in fact, proposed by the ancient Greeks. According to them, beauty was represented by a golden ratio of 1:1.618. It is known as ‘phi’.

According to the golden lips ratio, your “Ideal” bottom lip must be 1.618 times thicker than the top lip. Therefore, your top lip is 1/3 the size of your bottom lip.
Moreover, many aesthetic experts are of the opinion that you may have more beautiful lips if they close to the golden lips’ ratio theory.

A Little Lip Filler Never Hurts!


9 Promising Benefits Of Lip Fillers That Will Get You Hooked


  • Naturally Volumized Sans Duck Lips

Lip fillers are meant to give your naturally thin lips shape, volume and definition. This cosmetic treatment is a great way to enhance your pout and flaunt a naturally plump effect. Moreover, a proper lip job is also undetectable!   

  • Effective Procedure With Visible Results 

Unlike ineffective lip plumping lip gloss and lazy DIYs, a lip job is relatively a quick procedure and quick results. You do not have to wait for ages to enjoy the final results. Just make sure you do not become addicted to them!   

  • A Quick Procedure  

No one likes to wait to look and feel good. So, if you want fuller lips without using sluggish lip plumping ideas, book an appointment for lip injections. You will fall in love with your new look! 

  • Little To No Downtime 

One of the most popular aspects of hyaluronic lip filler is that it does not put you on long bed rest. You may experience minor bruising and swelling after the procedure; however, it is not permanent. 

Therefore, as soon as you leave the clinic, you can resume your daily activities without a break. Moreover, make sure you do not book a lip filler appointment immediately before a big event.  

  •   It Is Not So Painful 

Lip jobs are mostly painless because they are usually preceded by the application of a topical numbing gel. Moreover, an experienced doctor with proper injection techniques can make your lip filler experience seamless.  

Additionally, a cold compress can alleviate any pain, swelling or bruising. All you have to do is enjoy your new gorgeous lips.  

  • You Get Value For Your Money 

A lip filler procedure is an ideal option for those who want a cost effective solution for their unattractive lips. There are millions of impractical ways to a beautiful pout; however, they only deliver disappointment.  

  • A More Confident Appearance 

If your thin lips are bringing your self esteem down, or if you are tired of making a duck face in your selfies, then you must try a lip job. The procedure can guarantee to enhance your facial profile and improve your smile!  

  • No Time For Lip Balm? Try Lip Filler Instead 

Even if you simply want to give a refreshing effect to your pout, it is not necessary to apply layers of lip balms and chap sticks. Instead, try a lip filler that can rehydrate and moisturize your lifeless lips. You will love your subtle results. 

  • An Ideal Weapon Against Ageing Lips

Ageing lips lose volume, have vertical lip lines on upper lips and look dry. Such ageing signs can be reversed with the help of lip fillers. Moreover, they are also great for anyone who wants to prevent collagen loss from their lips. 

Stunning Lip Fillers Before And After Photos


What Are The Criteria For A Natural Lip Filler? 

A Perfect Pout Has: 

  • Visible and defined philtral columns 
  • A prominent and pretty Cupid’s bow 
  • More pronounced and defined lip edges or vermillion border to prevent lipstick bleeding
  • Neutral or slightly turned up mouth corners to reverse the sad or frowning appearance
  • Volume in the lip body that diminishes to the lip corners 
  • The lip size can be enhanced naturally using the Golden Lips Ratio.
  • A lower lip that’s 30% larger than the upper lip 

7 Proven Ways To Avoid Celebrity Inspired Duck Lips! 

It is not the injection but the person behind it who is responsible for trout pout lips! So, the good news is that lip fillers are meant to beautify you. They can help you achieve what natural lip plumper fails to achieve!  

Take a look at some of the sure fire ways to avoid celebrity duck lips on your next lip filler appointment. 

    • A Right Injector Avoids Duck Lips

    It is essential to choose a skilled injector to avoid a ‘lip filler gone wrong scenario’. Moreover, an experienced doctor will know the right techniques to achieve a beautiful pout due to the understanding of lip anatomy. 

    • The Right Kind Of Filler 

    It is seen that many botched lip jobs happen when an injector does not use an appropriate lip filler for lips. Usually, a dense dermal filler can give a look of an overfilled lip and may look highly unnatural. Therefore, a hyaluronic lip with light consistency can do the trick! 

    • Less Is More! 

    It is best to start with a small amount of filler for your lips. While it is tempting to use more lip fillers to get more volume, it is crucial to avoid a ‘Daffy Duck Look’. A wise approach would be to build gradual volume over time. 

    • Follow Your Natural Lip Guide 

    No, you cannot have Kylie’s lips or Angelina’s pillowy pout! Instead, ask your injector to enhance your own lip shape that will also complement your other facial features. A signature pout is the one that only suits your face and looks visually appealing. 

    • Leave Your Celebrity Obsession At Home  

    It is absolutely fine if you are starstruck by an Instagram influencer or a Hollywood celebrity. However, it would help if you did not take their lips pictures along with you to your doctor’s office. You must only ask for a lip enhancement procedure that complements your face. 

    • Avoid Trendy Lip Filler Techniques 

    We love new trends and fads, but are really they worthy of our time and money if they do not suit our body type or face shape? Similarly, the Russian lip filler technique does not necessarily suit everyone and can also go wrong easily.  

    Moreover, another popular technique known as ‘Key Hole’ may not be an ideal procedure for every face. 

    • Cosmedoc’s ‘5 Golden S’ To Avoid Duck Lips 


    If you have a strong chin and nose, you can opt for lips of a bigger size. It is also important to consider your eyes before deciding the size. Check out the ‘Phi Rule’ for better judgment. 


    Though there are many kinds of lip shapes to choose from, you may want to use your natural lip shape and other facial features as a guide. Read our Lip Filler Before And After to determine what may be an ideal option for you.  


    Our most crucial S is symmetry! While your eyebrows can be slightly different from each other, your eyes can also look a bit different from one another. However, your lips must look even and symmetrical after your lip augmentation procedure. 


    Your newly filled lips must also provide support to your mouth corners, and the results must not look isolated from your neighboring facial features. 

    Selection Of Lip Filler Candidate 

    Not every man or woman is an ideal candidate for a lip filler treatment. For instance, if you have naturally big lips, you may not be suitable for a lip plumping procedure. However, some rehydration or enhancement may be provided to your lips, depending upon the condition. 

A Word For the Wise 

It is your right to look beautiful and confident. However, an appearance that is close to nature has no match. As beauty standards and trends continue to change minute by minute, your personal style statement must reflect you!  

A celebrity inspired look and style must compliment your own personality and not make you look like them or even somebody else. Remember, you are unique, and there can be no one like you. 

As for lip jobs and other cosmetic enhancements, choose to be natural and at least close to nature. Sausage lips, trout pout lips or daffy duck look, is unnatural and unattractive. A plastic face is not worth your time and money. 

A Stop At Cosmedocs 

Our experts at Cosmedocs know how much your looks mean to you. Lips are indeed one of the most challenging areas for lip injections; however, we know how to achieve that delicate balance. Moreover, it is quite easy to avoid celebrity inspired duck lips because we put you first.  

Cosmedocs has performed several satisfying lip jobs and has corrected multiple botched lips. So head over to one of our clinics in London, Portsmouth, Derby, or Nottingham. You can also book an online consultation with us. 

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