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Big & full eyebrows back in Fashion

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If you’re anything like me, your beauty cupboard contains no less than 10 moisturisers, 4 exfoliates, an abundance of face masks, a magnitone London facebrush, a selection of toners, the key to eternal youth, etc anything and everything the T.V/radio/social media tells me will stop, reverse or repair the signs of aging.

Yet I have been letting the side down, my over plucked, sorry excuse for eyebrows will just not cut it any longer.

2016 according to anyone who’s anyone, is the year of the no-make up makeup looks, full lips and bold boy brows.

This year your Instagram feed will be filled with fresh look faces, perfectly pink blushes, and a much softer take on the strong highlight and contour of 2015. And what better way to frame this beautiful dewy, gorgeous complexion, than this seasons must have bold boy brows.

And as well as being ‘on fleek’ these bold beauties will actually make you look younger! (Bonus)

Big on the catwalk models and on Instagram you can not escape these pieces of expertly sculpted, thick sumptuous face furniture -and you would be out of your mind to even try.

Eye Brow Shape

There is method to my bold brow conversion madness- are you ready for the science – As we age, along with our reduction in collagen, increase in eyebags and depletion of hormones, helpfully, our hair thins too including the hair formally known as eyebrows. Our brows tend to become more sparse, the hairs themselves become thinner, offering our faces less definition and balance. So ladies, embrace the bold brow. Enhance those ‘sprouts’ and look years younger.

Wait, what? Sprouts?!……

A key part of this years brow are the ‘sprouts’ no not that seasonal (only acceptable at Christmas) vegetable, the little tufts of hair that sprout out almost uncontrollably at the beginning of the brow – these are the key to being browtastic this season.

Now if you were lucky enough to have survived the great browpocolipse of the 90s then these little tufts of youth giving hair may be but a distant memory but fear not – all is not lost. Lucky for you brows in 2016 follow a general rule – the bigger the better (thanks Cara) – so get slapping on that growth serum ladies but be warned growing your brows back is NOT for the faint hearted.

After a few short weeks you will (seriously, you will) resemble that loveable rouge and bold brow icon, grouch from Sesame Street, your unruly, unsightly brows will leave you having to have someone forcably remove the tweezermans from your hands. And it will mean searching out the best brow tech you can find to tame those beasts once they have emerged in all of their glory.

This is where my love for social media comes in. Stalk profiles, read reviews, ask questions find the one that achieves the kind of brow looks YOU want, but choose someone that tailors their skills to the individual, one brow does not suit all.

To tame my unruly brows of doom, after several (loooooong) weeks of growing them out, I turned to HD eyebrow guru Jessica Grayson based at Flash Express Beauty Bar Chesterfield. Jessica followed the high definition 7 step process which involves, a thorough consultation, tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming and aftercare – phew! I bet Jessica was exhausted after tackling my beastly brows. I asked Jessica about the difference a pair of perfectly groomed brows could make to a (slightly) aging face.

“With an ageing face it lifts the eye as we create more of an arch. Some say it gives a instant face lift.”

What more could I ask for? A facelift (only less invasive) and for only £26!

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