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Botox eyebrow lift: Procedure, Cost, Effectiveness And Side Effects

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Many people have been opting for botox brow lifts in order to treat the frown lines between their brows. Botox can also make your eyebrows appear higher. The botox injections relax the underlying muscles to leave you with smoother skin and relax the muscles that are located between the brows.

How does botox for brows work?

Once the muscles between the brows have been relaxed, the forehead muscles can pull them up. This leaves you with elevated brows and opened-up eyes. Some people ask for extra botox injections at the ends of their eyebrows. The purpose of this is to ensure these muscles are also relaxed enough for the forehead muscles to pull up this area. The results are not always the same for everyone. Various factors can influence the results, such as your age and the tone of the active muscles. Botox can be a quality alternative to invasive surgery. Many people use Botox to smoothen out fine lines without opting for more drastic treatments.

A non-surgical treatment

One of the reasons Botox has become so popular over recent years is that it’s not a surgical procedure. Were you to opt for a surgical brow lift, some skin would need to be removed and incisions would be required. Botox may also be more effective than the kind of treatment you can buy over the counter.

Are you eligible to receive botox?

Before you receive treatment, you will need to attend a consultation so a practitioner can decide whether Botox is right for you and ensure your specific concerns are addressed. If you are currently breastfeeding or pregnant, you may be unable to get botox injections. This is because the toxins can be harmful to babies, including unborn children.

How much does botox cost?

When it comes to paying for botox, you will normally be charged by the area or the number of units. The treatment won’t take a great deal of time. However, you may need to take precautionary steps before you receive the treatment. You may be advised to avoid taking aspirin and other medication that can thin the blood. The practitioner may also apply an anaesthetic cream before the botox is injected to reduce discomfort.

When will I start seeing results?

Many people start seeing results around a week after their injections, but the best results usually become visible after around a month. Your injection can last for up to four months before you need to book another treatment. Once you have received your injection, you should be able to return to your normal daily activities within around two hours.

Are there any serious side effects?

When it comes to side effects, Botox isn’t particularly dangerous. Most symptoms go away in a week. There’s a small chance you may experience some swelling, redness and bruising. Headaches, numbness and soreness are other potential side effects. Consult your doctor as soon as you can if you spot changes in your speech, start finding it harder to eat or swallow, your eyelids or brows start to drop or you face difficulties with breathing. Avoid applying makeup around the eyebrows for 24 hours following treatment. Don’t wet or rinse the area for 12 hours and avoid rubbing, squeezing, scratching or touching the area. You can enhance the results of botox brow lift treatments by following a quality skincare regime. A considerable number of people across the world are using botox to reduce the signs of ageing.

Talk to us today if you’re interested in botox for eyebrow lifts. We can help you achieve the results that you desire.

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