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Can the effects of Botox last longer with zinc supplement

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Every year millions of people undergo the Botox treatment to combat against the ageing which do give them the desired results but the downside of the treatment is that its benefits lasts for only 3-5 months.

Botox is basically a neurotoxin that disrupts the normal functioning of nerves. When administered in tiny doses, it temporarily smoothes the skin resulting in reduction of lines and wrinkles. Usually these effects last for about 3 months but for some individuals the effects may last for longer period. In addition to its cosmetic uses, Botox is also used for treating numerous medical conditions such as blepharospasm, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), muscle spasms, migraines and headaches etc.

Why the effects of Botox lasts longer for some patients while not for others?

According to the results of the recent study conducted by Dr. Charles Soparkar, the patients who were given dietry supplement comprising of organic zinc along with phytase enzyme for 4 days before giving Botox injections experienced an increase in their degree and duration of the effects of Botox injections[1]. The researchers of the study observed that in general population there is a marginal deficiency of zinc and the activation of Botox toxin needs certain amount of zinc baseline level in the body. Every Botox molecule should attach itself to the zinc molecules to produce a prolonged effect. The results of the study were found to be consistent with three types of neurotoxins: Botox, Dysport and Myobloc.

This concept is quite interesting because Botox itself belongs to enzymes group which is dependent on zinc (means need zinc to work). Phytase enzyme possesses the capability of increasing the absorption of zinc in the body. So these finding make sense that zinc supplement having phytase may help in the betterand prolonged working of Botox, especially in those patients who have zinc deficiency.

Zytaze- improving and extending the effects of Botox treatment

Zytaze is a prescription dietary supplement approved by FDA and is manufactured by OCUSOFT Inc. It is a combination of zinc and phytase. It has been found to be effective in extending the effects of Botox injections for up to 30%. According to the reports of the clinical trial of the pill as were published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, almost 92% of the patients who took Zytaze reported an extension of several weeks in the effects of Botox and it also helped in taking its effect much more quickly[2]. Each prescription of zytase drug costs almost $80 and is available in pack of 10 pills to be taken during five days treatment regime. The drug is prescribed to be taken four days prior to the Botox treatment with a dose of 2 capsules daily; one taken in morning and the other in evening. The intake of zytaze before and at the time of Botox treatment controls the quantity of zinc and phytase in the body which helps in enhancing the effects of Botox treatment without involving the risks of toxicity of zinc[3].

Final thoughts!

Though there is still need for bigger and better clinical study to compare and observe the effects of zinc and phytase supplements but for now based on the results of the above mentioned study, there seems to be no harm in taking zytaze for few days before undertaking the Botox injections to develop its improved and longer lasting effects.


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