Dark Pigmentation Around The Eyes & Under Eye Circles

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Revive those eyes!

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, so what story are yours telling? Too many late nights, far too much stress? Whatever they say, if it’s not something that fits well with you, it’s time to change the tune! Whatever the bugbear, be it pigmentation issues, blue veins, loss of brightness or loss of plump – there is a solution to make your eyes shine again.

Shine bright like a diamond

Did you know that Vitamin C plays an important function in the development of collagen in the cornea of your eye? Not only this, but it also serves to promote health in the delicate capillaries found in the retina (studies suggest that long-term consumption of vitamin C also may reduce the risk of forming cataracts and vision loss from macular degeneration). So, it seems obvious, that for healthy eyes you need to step you up your Vitamin C game – after all, unlike animals, humans are not able to produce Vitamin C in the body. Getting this source from supplements and diet is a good first step, but for the most potent (and effective) approach invest in Vitamin C serums and apply right onto the eyelid and surrounding areas.

Skin peel

Don’t be alarmed by the prospect of a skin peel around the eyes, when done correctly it can serve to resurface the eyelid, improve the texture of crepe-like skin, improve the appearance of dark circles (caused by changes in pigmentation) and tighten fine lines. It works by encouraging cell turnover and increasing the production of new cells and removing old cells that are soaked with darkening skin pigment called melanin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers (also known as hyaluronic acid) are a simple and effective way to improve under eye bags and circles that commonly appear from as early as age twenty-five. Commonly, women use foundation or concealer to correct this problem but this method fails to add plumpness and all-round rejuvenation, and can actually serve to draw more attention to wrinkles as the makeup settles into the creases. This procedure can take as little as 15 minutes and results are instant with minimal side effects like bruising and swelling.

Eye Circle Bag Before and After Treatment - Dermal Filler

Make your eyes the feature they were meant to be, with non-invasive solutions – guarantee to make them sparkle! 

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