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Human beings are recognized by their faces. The facial features of an individual are the first striking point.  Our skin speaks volumes and is often the first thing that makes an impression on other people. Each one of us longs for beautiful, flawless skin, but as age advances our skin starts to age and the signs of aging are visible on the skin in the form of wrinkles, crow feet, sagging double chin, dullness and pigmentation. Women are more worried than men and thus, they seek professional help earlier. Facial sculpting is also known as facial contouring. This involves procedures performed to alter facial structures that have been damaged by aging. Facial sculpting is also a great corrective option for individuals who have a distorted facial feature as a result of an earlier surgery or trauma or childhood defect. The correction of facial areas that are malpositioned, congenitally misshapen or un-esthetically proportioned, can be performed by facial sculpting.

“This lady suffered excessively from grinding her teeth leading to a wide, square jawline (left)
where her jaw muscle had enlarged from constant clenching. Botox was used to partially relax
the muscle and ease the pressure on her jaw while relieving her grinding symptoms and
also helping to reduce and slim her jawline (right)

Jaw Augmentation

“Chin & Jaw Line Augmentation With Dermal Fillers dramatically improving patients “age bracket”

Cosmedocs offers multiple options for sculpting to perfection your face, so that you have the chiseled face that you have always dreamed of.


Facial sculpting is a procedure through which contours of the face are reshaped by removing the deposits of fat under the skin giving a younger looking face. It also includes reshaping the bone and cartilage surgically or by applying filler injections to create fullness on the face.1


Various therapeutic options are available under the term of facial sculpting. The treatment is chosen according to the age of the individual, damage to the skin and presence of any underlying disease. Broadly, the treatment options are of 2 types:-

  • Non-surgical

The non-surgical option includes injectable fillers which are extremely common today. The greatest advantage they offer are the minimal time they consume. These procedures need fewer sittings, side effects are lesser and the recovery time is faster. The disadvantage they hold is they are less predictable, less impressive and their results last not more than a few months.

  • Surgical
  • Liposuction via laser

Facial sculpting performed by laser involves melting of the fat beneath the skin by controlled application of energy beams. The melted fat is then either removed manually or absorbed by the body. Some skin contraction is expected to happen as extreme heat is generated under the skin surface. This procedure is usually preferred by patients as it is pocket friendly and side effects are few, but requires multiple sittings. The results usually last for few months.

  • Plastic surgery

A surgery to any part of the body holds risk. This is the reason individuals going in for facial sculpting via surgery have to go through a CT scan first. The CT scan provides images of the bone and soft tissues of the face which helps the surgeon decide the plan of treatment. The surgery can be done with the help of implants and by trimming down the bone. The most common areas on the face which are opted for surgical repair are the cheekbones, nose, forehead, chin, cheek fat and the lips.2 Facial surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and hence a complete fitness certificate is required for the individual undergoing the procedure. The results are permanent. Recovery takes a few weeks and it’s an expensive procedure.

 All procedures involve some risks but the pros should outweigh the cons and one must should seek only professional help at a certified dermatologist or a cosmetology clinic. At Cosmedocs, our expertly trained and expert skin aestheticians ensure that the results leave you nothing short of beaming with happiness. Because nothing you wear makes you more beautiful than your happiest smile!


(1) http://www.international.lutronic.com/facial_sculpting

(2) http://www.plasticsurgeryhub.com.au/procedure/facial-contouring-sculpting/



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