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I recently wrote a blog on How to Treat and Heal a Bruise. However, sometimes there is just not enough time to wait and an instant cover up solution is desperately required. So, I felt a few concealing tricks of the trade were required.

The vast colour changes in a bruise are intriguing and a challenge to most make up bags when trying to conceal. Whilst most ladies keep concealer for hiding small blemishes and under eye circles, the trick to concealing a bruise is a little different. For every shade of bruising there is a concealer to help based on the principles of the colour wheel. To counteract each shade of a bruise during its lifetime, the opposite colour on the wheel will help to neutralise and even the skin tone.

My preference is to use the glō-minerals corrective camouflage kit due to their natural ingredients using only pure, pharmaceutical grade minerals. Also, it can handily be purchased locally to our clinic at Wigmore Medical Pharmacy!

Colour Wheel











Glō-Minerals Corrective Camouflage Kit

Glō-Minerals Corrective Camouflage Kit











Concealer for Bruises

Just to make life more bearable whilst waiting for that bruise to heal, here are the clever concealing tips so you can brave the outside world.


Red Bruise

In the early stages, bruises appear red as blood escapes into the tissues from damaged capillaries. The injury may also become very painful as pressure increases on surrounding nerve endings.

Now is the time to use a green concealer, the opposite to red on the colour wheel, to counterbalance.





Purple Bruise


Haemoglobin escapes from red blood cells and gives bruises their red-blue colour.

Deeper bruises of the dermis can appear black or bluish, whilst bruises higher in the dermis tend to be more purple or red.

This is the period when bruises tend to look their worst and seem hardest to camouflage. The best option is to use a yellow concealer to help neutralise the purple and blue shades.

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