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Once in our late twenties, we start noticing age related changes in our facial structure. Suddenly it feels that skin is sagging, becoming a bit duller, a little less tight. It feels as if every day you wake up with a tiny new wrinkle and ultimately, you start researching the internet to find a solution to prevent age from catching up on you even before you finish post graduation. You may even make an appointment to see a dermatologist to control these age related changes. Why wait till you start seeing these obvious changes when cosmetic skin science is making leaps in the field of skin aesthetics, so that you can retain your perfect jawline in your late 20’s. At CosmeDocs we understand that today, our skin defines how we feel about ourselves and is a key ingredient for our self esteem.

Non-surgical face lift

We use an advanced technology that makes use of fine threads known as PDO threads that helps reverse those lines that have appeared between you and ageless skin. [1] The best part? This is a non surgical face lifting option. In this treatment, minute punctures are made to insert these threads into the skin, but this is done under the influence of a local anaesthetic agent and hence is painless. Introduction of these threads in the skin stimulates the production of collagen naturally, thereby producing the effect of lifting or skin tightening. Along with this it also causes lipolysis and helps in burning some facial fat. Altogether, the effect is a slimmer, finer, beautiful face with a well defined, perfect jawline.

PDO threads are made up of Polydioxanone which is biocompatible and used for sutures in surgical field [2] since a long time. These threads take around 6-12 months to dissolve in our body and in this process they also promote the process of healing. The PDO threads that are used in this procedure are specially barbed so that they remain firmly under the skin and maintain its grip so as to produce the effect of lifting.

Non Surgical facial Rejuvenation

PDO threads are of 2 types, namely:

  • Cog threads: These are long threads and are inserted into the skin via a puncture with the help of a special cannula. The thread is very fine, but the barbs grip the tissue. There can be bruising when cog threads are used and many a times swelling too which resolves in around 7-10 days after the procedure is done.
  • Monofilaments: These are fine threads that are just threaded in after applying an anaesthetic cream on desired areas.

Depending on the results desired, our expert dermatologist will use only cog threads or monofilaments. If she deems fit, she might even suggest using both of them to get the best results for your specific skin. You will start noticing the effect of tightening and lifting immediately after the procedure, but the complete effect of facelift can be seen after 5-6 months, once the body begins producing natural collagen and slowly the threads dissolve in the skin. The outcome of PDO thread lift treatment depends on various factors such as age, personal health, lifestyle etc. The effects of this treatment lasts for almost 2-3 years.

Why take a hundred selfies to decide which one makes you look the best, and which one makes your face appear perfect? Instead, opt for our non-surgical face lift, drop in during your break hour at work and get back to work feeling younger and ageless. The next time someone asks for a group selfie, you know you will be looking the best in any angle!


1) Suh DH, Jang HW, Lee SJ, Lee WS, Ryu HJ. Outcomes of polydioxanone knotless thread lifting for facial rejuvenation. Dermatol Surg. 2015 Jun;41(6):720-5.

2) Simón-Allué R, Pérez-López P, Sotomayor S, Peña E, Pascual G, Bellón JM, Calvo B. Short- and long-term biomechanical and morphological study of new suture types in abdominal wall closure. J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. 2014 Sep;37:1-11. Epub 2014 May 9.

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