Not into the frozen look? try baby botox for a natural appearance

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Whether you’re a performer, a renowned personality or a regular person looking to maintain their youthful appearance for longer or to hide the signs of aging on their face, you surely want to remain expressive after receiving a botox injection.

Although botox is still popular, an even hotter solution these days is baby botox, which helps you achieve a more natural and relaxed look. Baby botox isn’t different from regular botox, but the two solutions do lead to different results as what varies here is the dose used for the injection. Although both treatments use the same substance, baby botox treatments are based on much lower doses, adding a more natural feel.

With regular botox injections, one’s expression will look frozen and lots of emotions will fail in showing on their face. With baby botox however, expressions like frowning won’t be missed, as this smaller dose leaves some movement in the eyebrows. This is exactly why CosmeDocs allows its patients to choose how much muscle relaxation they want.

At our botox clinic in London, we’ve seen so many patients who were afraid of looking like plastic, so we decided to offer them the option of using smaller botox doses. The results are less dramatic, as although the skin does look less lined and smoother after the treatment, the muscles are more relaxed.

The treatment reduces the depth of wrinkles but doesn’t paralyze the muscles completely, so one is still able to express their feelings through facial gestures. Baby botox is less noticeable, and this is what makes it so appreciated.

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