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PRP | Vampire blood treatment for rejuvenation


Skin boosting treatments’ popularity is on the rise since London Fashion Week, models showing more interest in injectable moisturizers and PRP facials (platelet rich plasma) than in traditional fillers. These new and less conventional skincare solutions were among the most appreciated treatments, especially because they don’t make one’s face look frozen or fake, as often happens with fillers.

PRP Facials, or the Vampire Facelift Celebrities Love

For models who want to look refreshed and flawless but natural, not like plastic, such procedures are a good option, although they’re not painless neither risk-free.

PRP is also referred to as “the vampire facelift” and has been used by several celebrities, among which Kim K. and Bar Refaeli, who appeared very happy with the results. PRP is the acronym for platelet rich plasma, platelets being components of the blood that release growth factors and promote tissue repair and collagen production. They stop the bleeding process and help repair the damaged cells or blood vessels, so they’re tiny power houses with a great impact on the health of our tissues.

For this procedure, a small sample of the patient’s blood is taken and the clear plasma and platelets are isolated from the other components, using special equipment. Then, the platelet-rich plasma is reinjected into the patient’s skin using a device that can be an air gun, or a special needle. Since the platelets have the ability to stimulate the release of growth factors and production of collagen, they’ll help in starting the skin regeneration process in a natural way.

PRP is a very effective solution for minimizing the signs of aging, rejuvenating the skin and improving its texture, removing the fine lines and achieving an even skin tone without having to undergo surgery. This technique acts like a natural anti-aging solution, and given that it uses the patient’s own cells and blood, it is less risky than techniques that use artificial products.

The vampire facelift is hypoallergenic, safe and can be applied not only on the face but also on the neck, cleavage and hands. It takes about 60 minutes and requires the application of an anesthetic cream on the area that needs to be treated, for minimizing the discomfort. The blood sample is drawn from the arm.

After the procedure, one’s face may look swollen and dark circles may appear around the eye. Bruising at the site of the injection is also common, but it usually disappears within 1-10 days. Following the aftercare instructions is crucial for preventing complications and achieving the best results with this procedure. Still, note that in general results appear at about 3 weeks post-PRP, improve over the following months. So you will not see a huge improvement in your skin’s appearance in the first days after the intervention.

Injectable moisturizers, the solution to a natural, youthful look

Unlike fillers, injectable moisturizers do not change the shape or main features of your face; instead, they just subtly plump the skin, hydrating it from the inside and making it appear smoother, brighter and more youthful. Although they can be used on any body area, the face, neck and cleavage are the most common regions for applying these moisturizers.

Injectable moisturizers need to be administered about 3 times for significant changes in your skin’s appearance, the results being cumulative. Suitable for all skin types, these skin boosters are clinically proven to lead to visible improvements after the first treatments, the result being a glowing and well hydrated skin, with youthful complexion.

The administration of these moisturizers is done with fine needles or a cannula, and before the procedure an anesthetic is injected into the skin to reduce the discomfort. You may experience some discomfort post-procedure, itching, swelling, redness or bruising, but these will subside after a few days, or up to two weeks. Injections should be repeated every 4 weeks for a course of 3 treatments, for optimum results.

TeosyalRedensity 1, Restylane Vital, hyaluronic acid are only some examples of injectable moisturizers you can try for a firmer, more elastic and smoother skin. Unlike traditional moisturizers which can easily be removed from the skin and don’t have enough power to penetrate the deeper layers, injectable moisturizers offer lasting hydration, restoring the skin’s volume and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin boosters can be used by men and women alike, being a good choice for everyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin and improve its structure and appearance.

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