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As much as we’d like to pause time and live in a continuous present, some things are simply non-preventable and irreversible, and aging is one of these things. While there are definitely good parts in aging – think of the wisdom you gain through the years, there are also less pleasant aspects, and one of them is the change in one’s appearance.

Some people are lucky to have extraordinary genes and show almost no sign of aging in their 50s or 60s, but for most of us, aging does change the way we look, and our skin is usually the first to show these changes. The facial skin is exposed to pollution, sun rays and chemicals on a daily basis, and all these influence its aspect. But the foods we eat, our sleep schedule, our lifestyle habits and stress also affect our facial skin.

Fortunately, the beauty industry has some revolutionary solutions for minimizing the signs of aging and restoring one’s youthful look. Among these, botox plays a special role, as it’s used by celebs and regular people alike. Botox can make you look younger and restore the freshness of your appearance, so it comes as no surprise that so many people (yes, men use it as well!) love it.

Yet, the results are strongly influenced by the experience of the injector, and we’ll refer only to London botox clinics here as we’ve seen a lot in our experience thus far! If you go at a cheap botox clinic in London and you receive the injections from someone who doesn’t have the experience or the knowledge required for administering the proper amount of this substance, the result will be a plastic look. But this is not why people resort to botox, is it?

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