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Cookie Policy - Cosmedocs

We strive to improve our customer`s experience on our website and services we use cookies. In this policy, we will outline the use of cookies, what cookies do and what you can do about cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of codes usually text files which are harmless that are downloaded into your computer or any other device when you pay a visit to any website. These files actually establish the purpose of a device/computer.

Purpose of cookies

There are multiple purposes for Cookies but below are the primary reasons why we use cookies:

  • Knowing browsing habits on our websites
  • Knowing the page visited and number of visitors on our website
  • Knowing how you found/ came to visit our website

You may visit http://www.aboutcookies.org.uk/ for detail information oncookies.

Cookie Management

Cookies assist us to boost your experience but if you decide for any reason that you do not want to accept cookies then there are steps you can take to block cookies. Please go to the settings of browser you useandcheck whether your browser is allowing cookies and how can you block them. Usually, the cookies management options will be found in a section called “Privacy” or similar to it. You need to refer your browser details for the options to block some/all cookies.

The Cookies we use

Find below the list of the primary cookies we use on our websites and illustration of what we use them for:


To promote our services on Facebook and Instagram we may perform targeted adverts. To enable us to locate and target admissible segments of individuals and to ensure the efficacy of these adverts, our websites have enabled Facebook cookies.

The following features from Facebook may also be integrated into our websites and may place or read cookies:

  • Facebook Share (allows you to share items on Facebook)
  • Like button (allows the user to Like items on Facebook)
  • Facebook Social Graph (allowsus to pull elements of Facebook into our websites, such as user profile images, Facebook posts

For Facebook's Data Policy Click here. For information about Facebook's cookies Click here.

Facebook Pixel

We use Facebook technologies like Facebook Pixel to exhibit you interest-based marketing advertisement from our brands &preferred advertisers. Data collected by the Facebook Pixel may also be anonymized and used to help upgrade the effectiveness of our websites and marketing efforts. You can learn more about Facebook Advertising and manage your settings or opt-out of Facebook advertising at https://www.facebook.com/ads/about/


Creating or logging in to an account on twitter cookies are usually stored on your device in order to remain logged-in to your twitter account when you visit again.Please note that your data is inaccessible to us, and is not sent to us by Twitter.

Below features from Twitter may also be integrated into our websites and may place or read cookies:

  • Twitter account log-in
  • Twitter share

Click here for Twitter's Privacy Policy


We embed feeds from Instagram. We use cookies, local storage, pixels and some likewise technologies so that we may be able to show you some relevant content. We may also use it to build better understanding to improve our product & services. Instagram may ask advertisers to serve ads or services to your devices, which may use cookies or similar technologies. For complete details kindly follow instagram.com/legal/cookies

YouTube and Google

Below features of YouTube or Google may be integrated into our websites and may place or read cookies:

  • YouTube video player (allows viewing of YouTube videos)
  • YouTube log-in (allows the user to log-in YouTube account and interact with the DEC)
  • Google+1 button (allows the user to tag the items)
  • Google log-in (allowsthe user to log-in Google account and interact with our website)

Click here for Google's Privacy Policy (also applies to YouTube)


Want to organize and share everything you find on the web, Pinterest lets you do it all. People use pinboards to find beauty tips, cosmetic and beauty treatments. http://pinterest.com/about/privacy/

Google Analytics

We use Variety of cookies with reference to Google Analytics. These cookies enable us to analyze our website traffic and determine the improvement areas. For complete details of the cookies used by Google Analytics click here.

Google Adwords

We also use cookies with reference to Google Adwords. These cookies enable us to obtain the performance of our paid for links on Google search results. For complete details of the cookies used by Google, products click here.


We may also integrate features in our websites from third party websites, particularly from social networks. Sometimes these features may place or read cookies from social networks.

These cookies may enable personalized advertisement, to make it more relevant to you. We do not have any access/control over those cookies or the data collected by them, because we are only the operator, however, we will take your consent and will inform you accordingly. For further information kindly refer to the list below of possible social network cookies.

For more information on how we use your data please visit our privacy policy.

For your queries/concerns about our policies or how we handle your data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at info@cosmedocs.com

Or write to:

Data Protection Officer
8-10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF,
United Kingdom


We use cookies to give you the most relevant experience, Cookie Policy.

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