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At Glow and Skin Bar, we offer our evolutionary skincare and skin treatments that are personalised to address your specific skin concerns.

Our Background

Harley Street Formulations is our signature skincare brand that is developed after years of research. We have formulated exclusive cosmeceuticals in this skincare range that give quick and highly effective results. These cosmeceuticals are formulated with the highest possible strength of active skin revitalising ingredients. The products that form the part of this potent skincare range include different antioxidants, retinoids, chemexfoliation and peptides.

Get Our Signature ‘Peel to Reveal Treatment’ Exclusively at Glow and Go Skin Bar

Our signature in-clinic ‘Peel To Reveal’ treatment is backed by years of research. It is a potent combination of highly effective skin rejuvenating ingredients, including exfoliants and antioxidants. The combination of these ingredients in our Peel to Reveal treatment helps in resurfacing and illuminating your skin. This gives you clear, smooth and glowing skin with even tone. Due to this, our Peel to Reveal treatment is considered the best medical facial available at clinical strength.

If you suffer from deep skin concerns like acne scars, deep melasma or hyperpigmentation, we also provide a combination of skin rejuvenation treatments with ‘Peel to Reveal’ including PRP and micro-needling. These treatments are offered through our uniquely tailored protocols with the right blend of cosmeceuticals for different skin types. This not only treats but also helps to maintain clear, glowing and smooth skin for long-term.

Personalised SkinCare that Gently and Effectively Delivers Results

In addition to skin treatments, we also offer specialist skincare personalised to treat your particular skin concerns. Through our gentle and effective skincare, we deliver visible results in the form of smooth, rejuvenated, bright and fresh skin in only two weeks.

Pamper Your Skin and Yourself

Glow and Go Skin bar allows you to pamper not only your skin but also yourself in our relaxed, comfortable and congenial atmosphere. Our friendly staff welcomes you warmly and makes you feel at home. You get the best treatment with no downtime and almost instant results.

Glow & Go Skin Bar – London

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Vampire facelift | PRP Skin Facial Therapy | CosmeDocs

Vampire facelift | PRP Skin Facial Therapy | CosmeDocs

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