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Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Cosmetic Treatments in Derby

CosmeDocs offers in-demand Botox Derby services in East Midlands along with other aesthetic and medical cosmetic treatments for both men and women at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on making every client’s visit comfortable, helpful and pleasurable. Being among the leading Botox clinics serving all major aesthetic procedures in the UK, our specialized team of cosmetic surgeons and nurses ensure that they deliver the best possible care both during your procedure and aftercare.

Botox Procedure At CosmeDocs

Botox is among the most effective treatments for anti-wrinkle solutions but that’s not all, this injectable solution also helps in curing medical conditions such as bruxism, TMJ pain, migraine and hyperhidrosis while it also provides a non-surgical alternative to jaw reduction.

Botox contains a neurotoxic substance namely botulinum toxin which is not harmful if injected in appropriate number of units. It works by decreasing facial muscle activity and remains effective for nearly 6 months.

Since Botox is a sensitive cosmetic procedure, it is better to get this procedure done in safe hands. Therefore after years of success in London, we have now made Botox service accessible for our clientele in Midlands.

Browse our website to find out more about Botox and other cosmetic services. All consultations sessions are free and do not require obligation to go on with treatments.

We’re located at an easily reachable and prime location on Burton road. Call us at +44 333 055 1503 for quick appointment or queries.

Skin Care and Aesthetics Services in Derby

Cosmetic Skin Care

Our wide range of injectable treatments at Derby includes lip augmentation, cheek enhancements using dermal fillers along with facial volume loss treatment, while we also provide skin cleansing treatments such as microdermabrasion and skin peels for acne scarring, semi-permanent makeup and hyperhidrosis treatment to mention few.

All of our services, whether surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures are aimed to diminish ageing signs to make you look younger and confident. Cosmetic surgeries at our include breast augmentation, facelift and liposuction treatments for a perfect proportion to your body.

Apart from Botox anti-wrinkle injections, there are plenty of treatments available which have proven to be effective remedies for certain disorders such as TMJ pain and bruxism treated with Botox injections.

We are located at 418 Derby Road, Littleover, Derby, DE23 6AJ.

Driving: Please use postcode: DE23 6AJ, Building # 418 On-site parking is available for clients.

Public transport: From Derby bus station 7 mins drive or approx. 33 mins walk.

Please check your local bus schedules.


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