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We are offering Botox Portsmouth and non-surgical anti-aging treatment making these services more accessible and convenient to the residents of the Hampshire.

The best procedures for Botox Portsmouth has to offer

CosmeDocs have earned massive popularity in being specialists in Botox services. Our staff consists of top-notch cosmetic surgeons and nurses who ensure that they provide you with quality services and best possible results.

Owing to its benefits, Botox in Portsmouth has seen a high increase in demand over the years. A typical Botox procedure prerequisites a free of cost consultation session where your doctor meticulously examines you skin’s condition and gives you the more appropriate advice while determining the best number of botulinum toxin units required depending on the purpose and targeted area.

More than just an anti-wrinkle solution, Botox also serves as a remedy for a number of medical disorders such as bruxism (teeth grinding), temporomandibular joint pain, non-surgical jaw reduction, and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

The treatment uses local anaesthetic or a topical numbing cream to lessen patient the level of discomfort when injections are made. The procedure takes no longer than 10 to 20 minutes and does not necessitate any recovery time. The results begin to appear more significantly after 3 weeks which last for more than 6 months till 12 months. After that, a follow-up treatment may be required.

Few of its side effects may involve bruising, swelling and irritation on the site of injections which fade away within less than a week.

Skin Care and Aesthetics Services

Cosmetic Skincare Treatments

At CosmeDocs, we also provide several other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments specifically designed to rejuvenate and cleanse skin including, dermal fillers for nose job, lip augmentation, facial volume restoration, cheek and chin enhancement. Other services include acne treatment, skin peels, semi-permanent makeup, diamond tip microdermabrasion and more.

We help patients with their common skin care conditions from acne to eczema. Our clinic in Hampshire County boasts these facilities at best prices. All treatments are conducted by qualified doctors and nurses from the UK and abroad.

Contact us for more information and appointment details for Botox Portsmouth and other cosmetic surgery treatments available at the Hampshire region.


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