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Dr Vy Nguyen

Cosmetic Physician

University of Queen Mary

Dr Vy is our in-house Dentist. Naturally armed with an advanced level of manual dexterity and keen eye for detail, Dr Vy works safely and ethically to achieve facial harmonisation whilst maintaining natural looking results. Following completion of her Fellowship Diploma, Dr Vy has also become one of our senior trainers at the Harley Street Institute.

Dr Vy first graduated with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from Queen Mary, London in 2009 and proceeded to obtain her Master’s in Immunology at King’s College, London in 2010. She then embarked upon a clinical research role in Type 1 Diabetes, publishing several articles in high-impact scientific journals in the field.

Dr Vy obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from King’s College, London in 2016. She has an inherent passion for Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Surgery and also works as a General and Emergency Dentist.

Dr Vy is a member of the British Dental Association and is registered with the General Dental Council.

Treatments that Dr. Nguyen Performs

Dr. Nguyen performs the following cosmetic procedure at CosmeDocs clinic:

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments including

Skin rejuvenation treatments, including:


Available Clinics

Dr Nguyen offers treatments in London

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