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Penile Enlargment Treatment – Phalloplasty

Penile Enlargement is also known by its euphemistic alternative, male enhancement. As the name suggests, it involves procedures in order to improve girth and size of the male private organ.

With so many hoaxes in the name of penis enlargement treatment offered throughout the market particularly on the internet, it can be a daunting task searching for a reliable and effective treatment. Moreover, procedures carried out by surgeons with inappropriate qualifications can result in serious complications.

As CosmeDocs is one of the most trusted names in the field of aesthetic and body shape treatment, we have added penis enlargement treatment as one of the treatments offered in all of our clinics around the UK. Our patients are rest assured not to be misled by deceiving advertisements. The doctors at CosmeDocs will guide you throughout the procedure and ensure that it goes with least possible complications or side effects.

Over the years, an increased number of men have opted for surgical penis enlargement treatments. Complications such as small genital size cause anxiety for men who go through such issues. Treatments such as phalloplasty which emerged from the US have thus became increasingly popular. A typical male enhancement treatment surgery two main techniques, penis lengthening and widening.


Considering its anatomy, penis is 50% positioned inside the body attached to the pubic bone with suspensory ligament. When it comes to lengthening, suspensory ligament is released to enable the penis move further outside the body.

Since the penis enlargement treatment is surgical, an incision is made unobtrusively in a horizontal position at the pubic region. The incision area can be made hidden with presence of pubic hair. There won’t be any incision on the penis itself.

Results: Increase in length between 1 to 2 inches.

Key Factors:

  • A larger penis may gain better results than a relatively smaller penis as it can be released more from inside the body
  • Excessive fat located in the pubic region can also play its part to achieve penile advancement from within the body. A pubic liposuction or a pubic lift procedure can be required to enhance the penis.
  • If the patient is having peno-scrotal web (excess skin on the base of penis) can also make penis length appear short. This issue can be treated along with penis lengthening.

After surgery: Penis stretching device is recommended to use for optimum results.


Penis widening or girth enlargement does not change shape or length of penis but increases it in circumference which can be increased by up to 50% of the original size. This penis enlargement treatment involves transfer of the patient’s own fat cells for penile enhancement as they are naturally accepted by the body. The doctor maintains the proper proportion of the penile head and shaft with their maximum diameter. Best results can be achieved by a separate second stage fill procedure three months after the penis enlargement treatment.

Each widening treatment procedure increases both the flaccid and erect state although length gain in the flaccid state is usually greater.



How large can your penis become after treatment?

Penile lengthening can increase around 2 inches while penile widening can help improve thickness up to 50% and sometimes more. Any restricting factors that may limit overall size.

How long does the procedure take?

Penis lengthening normally takes 1 hour while penis widening takes around 2 hours.

What type of anaesthesia is used?

General anaesthesia is usually recommended which should relieve discomfort.

Is there a lot of pain after the procedure?

Patients may experience mild to moderate level pain. The doctor may also prescribe medication if pain or discomfort persists for long.

When can I return to work?

Most patients can work the following day while patients with excessive physical work can return within 7 days.

Are there any long term ill side effects?

No. Up till now no major side effects have been reported.

How long does it take to return to sexual activity?

It takes 4 to 6 weeks to make a return to sexual activity. Yet it takes 3 to 6 months to achieve maximum erection length.

Will I still be able to have children?

Yes. Phalloplasty does not affects the ability to have children.

Why must I wear a bandage?

The support bandage must be worn for a week to safeguard the skin’s healing and to reduce swelling.

How long do the treatment results last? Are there any guarantees?

Results are usually long-lasting but unfortunately, no one can predict the amount of the fat survival in the fat transfer procedure or the length gain.