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Polynucleotide Treatment

Regenerative Medicine For Skin, Eyes and Hair

Harness the Healing Power of DNA

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    Polynucleotide Treatment Results
    Immediate, gets better over 6 -9 Months

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    20 Minutes

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    Bruises, Swelling and
    Infection (rare)

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What are Polynucleotides?

Polynucleotides have been used in regenerative medicine for 30 years. While they aren’t new to aesthetic medicine, they have only recently entered the UK market. As a result, these molecules now benefit from advanced technology and extensive clinical research.

Manufacturers extract these small DNA fragments from the sperm of salmon or trout.

Furthermore, doctors can use different types of polynucleotides to treat various concerns, including hair loss, demonstrating their broad utility in medical treatments.

Image of polynucleotide treatment for under eyes being performed
Polynucleotide Under Eyes Treatment

Polynucleotide Treatment Indications

The Polynucleotide treatment functions similarly to a primer-enhancing foundation. They can be effective alone or amplify the effects when combined with other therapies.

The ideal candidates for polynucleotide treatment include individuals with:

  • Skin thinning
  • Dehydrated and damaged skin at any age,
  • Acne scars or atrophic scars,
  • Androgenic alopecia and other types of hair loss,
  • Pre- and post-operative care for plastic surgery, including hair transplants,
  • Hyperpigmentation.

Each of these conditions can significantly benefit from this type of treatment, as polynucleotides help to improve skin and hair health effectively.

⭐1 session every 3 weeks ideally, and a minimum of 3 sessions advised if you have never had Polynucleotides before.

As with all tissue regenerative procedures, the effect of the procedure will be seen far more in the 6-9 months when the skin has had enough time to produce enough collagen and elastin.

Hence, why it is a great treatment to combine with microneedling,PRP,  lasers, surgery, profhilo, botox etc as its signaling method is different.

Targeted Treatments

Polynucleotides Under Eyes

What It Does:

Polynucleotide treatments under the eyes can offer several benefits:

  • Enhanced Hydration: Specifically targets and hydrates the thin, delicate under-eye skin.
  • Collagen Boost: Stimulates collagen to improve elasticity and smooth out fine lines.
  • Focused Regeneration: Promotes localized cell growth, refreshing the under-eye look.
  • Dark Circle Reduction: Enhances circulation to reduce and brighten dark circles.

Suitability: individuals experiencing signs of aging, dryness, or dullness around the eyes, as well as those with thinning skin that reveals the vascular structure contributing to dark circles.

Polynucleotides for Hair Loss

What It Does:

Polynucleotide treatments can also be applied for hair loss issues:

  • Scalp Health: PN injections can improve the health of the scalp by hydrating and increasing the blood circulation in the scalp area.
  • Follicle Stimulation: By enhancing the scalp environment, PNs may help in stimulating dormant hair follicles, promoting new hair growth and preventing further hair loss.
  • Reduction of Inflammation: PN’s ability to foster tissue repair and regeneration might also involve reducing inflammation around hair follicles, which is often a contributing factor in many forms of hair loss.

Who should get it done: individuals experiencing hair thinning and hair loss where the follicles are not completely inactive.

How Polynucleotides Works

Polynucleotides are great for skin treatments because they help make more of the important things that keep your skin looking healthy and young. Here’s what they do:

  • Collagen:  This protein is what helps your skin stay firm and smooth. Additionally, Polynucleotides increase the amount of collagen your skin makes, which can reduce wrinkles and make your skin more elastic.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA):  This substance helps keep your skin moist and full-looking by holding onto water. As polynucleotides help your skin produce more hyaluronic acid, which means better hydration and plumper skin.
  • Elastin:  While not as much as collagen and hyaluronic acid, polynucleotides also help with making elastin. This protein lets your skin stretch and bounce back to its usual shape when touched.

By boosting these components, polynucleotides improve the texture and strength of your skin, giving it a fresher, younger look. As a result, this makes them a valuable tool in skincare and beauty treatments.

Polynucleotide Results

  • Skin Hydration Polynucleotide treatments boost your skin’s moisture retention, giving it a hydrated, dewy look.
  • Improved Skin Texture Patients often see smoother skin after these treatments. As they enhance cell regeneration and boost collagen, smoothing roughness and repairing minor flaws.
  • Reduction in Fine Lines and Wrinkles These treatments increase collagen and elastin, which improve skin elasticity and firmness. Furthermore, this reduces fine lines and wrinkles, especially those from ageing and the environment.
  • Enhanced Skin Elasticity and Firmness Increased collagen makes the skin firmer and more elastic, lifting sagging skin and enhancing a youthful appearance.
  • Improved Complexion and Skin Tone Polynucleotides even out skin tone and boost complexion by improving circulation and promoting cell renewal. Similarly, this helps lighten age spots and sun damage for a more uniform skin colour.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects These treatments have anti-inflammatory properties, helping with conditions like rosacea or acne. As a result, they calm the skin and reduce redness and irritation.
  • Longevity of Results The effects of polynucleotide treatments last long, especially with follow-up sessions. Moreover, immediate improvements are visible, but the full benefits develop over several weeks as the skin regenerates and improves.

Polynucleotides Before and After

Experience the Transformation: Polynucleotides Before and After Treatment Results. Witness the Remarkable Difference in Skin Quality, Texture, and Youthful Radiance

Polynucleotide Treatment Price

The Polynucleotide treatment costs £450, and it can be bought separately or as part of a package deal. 

⚡Deal of 3 syringes at £400 each, saving of £150!

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Client Reviews

Polynucleotides vs Profhilo vs Fillers

The main difference among these treatments is what they do and how they work on our skin.

Polynucleotides contain essential DNA fragments that encourage the skin to produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid and help manage inflammation and skin color. This makes them different from Profhilo and fillers, which don’t have these capabilities. Profhilo and dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, but fillers are cross-linked to help fill in volume, while Profhilo is not and works differently.

In Profhilo, hyaluronic acid actively boosts collagen and elastin production, unlike in fillers. Polynucleotides create collagen and elastin as part of the healing process they trigger in the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions are typically required?

Generally, 3-4 sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results.

What is the cost of PN treatments?

A single session costs £450. A package deal for three sessions is available for £1200, reducing the cost per session to £400.

Do I need to use numbing cream before the treatment?

It depends on the specific technique used. However, to ensure comfort, it’s usually better to apply numbing cream before the procedure. Please arrive early to allow time for the numbing cream to take effect.

How long does each session last?

Each session typically lasts about 20 minutes, though this can vary depending on the treatment area.

What can I expect after the treatment?

You may experience mild redness or swelling post-treatment, which usually subsides within a few hours to a day. There is minimal downtime, allowing you to resume most daily activities immediately.

Is there any aftercare required?

Yes, keeping the treated area clean and moisturized is important. Avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen to protect the skin. Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided by your clinician.

When will I see the results?

Improvements can be noticed within a few weeks, with more significant changes occurring over the following months, as with any skin treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Polynucleotide treatments are generally safe with minimal side effects. Some clients may experience temporary bruising or swelling at the injection site.

Who should not have Polynucleotides treatments?

Individuals with a true shellfish allergy should avoid polynucleotide treatments. This is a precautionary measure since Polynucleotides are sourced from salmon, and although there is no direct evidence of risk, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

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