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So the flights are booked, the passport is in date (surely that’s not just me) and now all that’s left to do is daydream about that summer vacay right? Oh, but wait, the prep, so much prep!!

Here I break down the time takers/ the last minute guides to getting your glow on.

Get a pedicure – I spoke to Sarah nail tech extraordinaire at Chesterfields flash express Sarah said “for on trend chip-free colour go for gorgeous gel finish polishes in corals with hints of glitter.

No time? Easy! Try out one of the Barry M geleffect polishes. Dries in minuets and lasts reasonably well – just remember to take the bottle with you for topping up and repairing chips.

Nail Paint

Lashes – if you’ve never tried individual falsies, now is the perfect excuse to give them a go. Semipermanent lashes means no mascara smudging in the heat. Go for a textured finish – think Kylie Jenner – that will give your eyes a more natural doe-eye look for the day, sweep a Cat eyeliner across the lid and team with burnt oranges for a sizzling evening eye.

No time? Invest in a great waterproof mascara and a set of lash curlers. I love the Mac 3D lash in waterproof.

Brows on fleek? There is a new brow queen in town, making sure those eyebrows are perma fleecy. Maria, at the Secret Brow Society offers the latest in brow microblading, these semipermanent hair stroke tattoos mean no amount of pool fun will wash away those face framers. With little-to-no downtime these time savers mean no more filling in those brows.


This 7 step procedure will make sure you’re getting the most from your brows.

Get a wax. Seeing a professional for any intimate waxing can seem a scary prospect – Ensure your waxer uses the very best quality wax and that they’re fully insured. Try on your bikini before you go, so you know exactly how much you need to loose.

No time? At home hair removal has come a long way. Just make sure you leave enough time between the hair removal and step 5.

Faux glow. Fake tan is the way forward. Do not be tempted to use a sunbed. I repeat do not be tempted to use a sunbed. With a fake bake tanning expert you can have your tan customised to your desired depth. Claire at LV tanning Derby is a fake bake pro. Using their signature drops Claire can achieve a full body natural looking glow. No time? Fake bake also offer a fantastic range of do-it-yourself tanners – just make sure you have someone on hand for those hard-to-reach areas.’

Faux Glow

Perfect colour. For the most on trend easy to maintain colour you have to try balayage! This sun kissed la beach effect hair will look great with beach waves, sleek or just tied in a topnot. Make sure you tell your hairdresser you’re going away so they can advise on which products are best to maintain the integrity of your hair.

No time? Treat your hair to an at home mask using coconut oil. Wrap your coconut oil covered hair in clingfilm and leave to work its magic for 20mins. Rinse clean and be amazed at the super soft locks beneath.

Perfect skin. Looking flawless in 30 degree heat is always easier if you dare to bare and that includes your skin. Ramp up your skin care routine in the summer months – I’d recommend investing in a quality, effective skin care regimen bespoke to your requirements. See one of the doctors here at CosmeDocs for a free consultation and they will recommend the best way to a more beautiful even skin tone.

No time? Drinking more water and making sure you remove your makeup thoroughly each night will go a long way towards helping your skin to look more flawless with less make up.

Harley Street Formulation Products Showcase

Plump that pout. Lip fillers are my one splurge in life, in the right hands they enhance your natural beauty, make a statement and mean your lips look luscious without lipstick or sticky glosses. These treatments aren’t cheap but you see the benefits for about 9 months and they’re worth every penny when you choose the right practitioner who will work with the proportions of your face to achieve a natural shape with just that little extra vavavoom. Perfect lips and none of the hassle of lip liner? Winner!

No time? Try a plumping lipgloss – the effects are short term, often fading after an hour or so, but that’s no problem just reapply and feel the burn. Great for sashaying up to the poolside bar.

Clows. I think it might be an actual law that when you go on holiday you MUST have new claws. Sarah at flash express said she has seen an upward trend in coffin shape acrylic nails paired with a more subtlenude or taupe to really go with any outfit.


No time? A quick shape up and buff will ensure your fingernails are looking smart and clean all holiday long.

Find your go-to style. Learn to do a messy braid. There is no excuse to have no time for this one ladies.

Hair Style

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