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Following the trends set by several pop queens like the Kardashians, Kiera Knightly and Hollywood Icons like Angelina Jolie, lip plumpers have been gaining popularity. Lip plumpers are essentially cosmetics applied on the lips for enhancing their size and getting a selfie-worthy pout. They are easily available off the counter. They nourish lips to get a sensual exterior making them appear fuller and softer, efficiently, without the involvement of any needles or surgery.

Lipsticks and lip plumpers are easily distinguishable as the latter are found in a more liquefied form and can be translucent or tinted. Lip glosses and lip plumpers may also often be confusing, but plumpers normally contain exclusive ingredients like sparkle dust or mica to make lips look shinnier.

How do Lip Plumpers Work?

Hyaluronic acid, one of the prime ingredients in these products possesses water retaining molecules that amplify the collagen fibers and make the lips look fuller.

Another method through which a lip plumper attains this is by irritation. Most enhancers have natural or chemical irritants that considerably sting the skin. This mildly irritating effect stimulates the dermis of the lips to cause influx of more blood and take on a puffy appearance similar to when consuming spicy food. In fact, some lip plumpers actually have chili or pepper extracts.

Lip plumping patches or strips are also available. These products are applied briefly to the lips, or the upper lip area. The ingredients from the strip seep into the skin and produce the desired effects. They are especially effective for erasing the wrinkles surrounding the lips.

Another method is using lip plumping machines that apply suction to your lips with a pump. These plastic lip plumpers have a mouthpiece on one end and a pump on the other end. The vacuum created by the pump pulls fluid into the tissues of the lips and makes them  appear puffier. This type of lip plumper has much longer lasting effects.

Benefits of Lip Plumpers:

The skin on lips is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and needs constant nourishment as it is so exposed to the harsh environment. The actual ingredients such as olive oil, glycerin, Shea butter, natural cacao and vitamins in the lip plumping products nourish your lips.

The collagen fibres of our lips are organically strengthened by peptides found in lip plumpers. Regular utilization of plumpers for a month has shown that a natural and long lasting improvement in the appearance of lips can be achieved.

Risks of Lip Plumpers:

While the best lip plumpers can boost your appearance in minutes, a bad lip plumper may leave you with an undesired reaction. The following risks are involved even with non-surgical lip plumpers.

One demerit of using a lip plumper is that the ingredients are often harsh on the gentle lip epidermis. Thus, if the product is applied repeatedly to achieve maximum results, one may experience shedding of the irritated skin. This is especially true of the upper lip which is often thinner than the bottom one.

Improper use of plumper machines can cause some extent of facial injury. The thin lip skin can be easily harmed and rough handling may lead to nicks and bruising. Additionally, damage to any of the nerve endings of the lips can effect in loss of sensation in the lips.

In conclusion, lip plumpers offer an alternative over surgical lip augmentation with minimal risks. One can achieve the sensual bee-stung lips with practically no effort. However, one should try and test the product over a small area first before using it completely to avoid allergic reactions to contained ingredients.


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