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All the stress that comes with preparing for a big event affects not only your nerves but also your skin, so instead of spending all your time choosing dresses, creating speeches or testing makeup variations, try to dedicate some time to yourself as well.

No matter how beautiful your attire or your hair will look like, or how your bridal bouquet will complement the whole ensemble, the best detail you can give to yourself is a glowing skin. But we all know that good things take time, and this applies to skin treatments as well.

Although procedures done the day before the event can embellish your skin and help you look better, an even wiser decision is to undergo skin treatments a couple of days or weeks before the event. Our bridal packages ensure that whatever time you have until the event, you will look like a blushing lady, glowing from the inside!

We therefore advise you to add this as a priority on your To Do list and contact us for a comprehensive skin consultation. This way we’ll have the chance to know you, discuss the offered skin care treatments and how it’s better to apply them over the period leading up to your wedding or special event. By knowing these details we will be able to tailor a skin package specific for your concerns, and take away the stress associated with the big day.

It will also help us approximate the budget you will need to spend over the weeks or days leading up to the event. Still, keep in mind that for a comprehensive and effective treatment, we recommend to give yourself at least 2 weeks for skin care and even longer for injectable treatments.

The skin packages offered by CosmeDocs include prescription grade skin care products and advice, skin peels that go from mild superficial to deeper, for correcting issues like pigmentation, dullness, black and white heads, pores, or for improving the texture, elasticity or tone of your skin.

Besides these treatments, the skin packages also include e-dermastamp, an advanced procedure that increases collagen production, plumps up the skin and helps in reducing acne scars, and microdermabrasion, which gently peels the skin, exfoliating the dead skin cells and refreshing your look.

Couple this with a relaxing facial massage with active ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen and increase skin cell production and you can be sure you’re getting the best solution for a glowing and youthful skin on the day of your big event.

Since all these treatments will be personalized, you can be sure the results you’re getting are better than those you could get with over-the-counter or simple beauty treatments like masks, expensive facials or at-home skin care solutions.

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