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Who said, beauty needs no ornaments? Not at least, I. These days, you need not just a lot of ornaments to show off your beauty but a lot of money to have it cared and maintained. Celebrities you idolized for their shining skin and naturally blushing cheeks spend millions of dollars for winning the title of beauty icon. Not everyone can afford it, of course. But not everyone can cool down the desire of having fresh and smooth skin, too. Result – at-home beauty treatments are in high demand and, every single day, a new product gets added in the stock of these over-the-counter skin care products. Skin peel is just one of them.

Skin peels are popular for fading sunburns and acne marks from the face by exfoliating the dead and dull skin. Spas and dermatologists offer excellent results but at a premium.  So for people in search of inexpensive solutions, there is a wide range of chemical peel kits in the market.  You can buy them from online shops, as well. But just as you start searching for the products, you’ll came across a lot of stories on how applying these skin peels at home cause aching, infections and even skin burns.

Being a strong proponent of “everyone has the right to look beautiful,” I am not much against of such products but after going through those stories, I became skeptical, just like you. I decided to do a little research and find out the reality behind these stories. Here’s what I found.

Do they really work?

Skin peels are often marketed with big promises of making your skin mark-free, tight and smooth just like a newborn baby. This never happens, let me tell you. Not even a professional doctor can make it happen and that’s why they don’t make such promises.  At-home skins peels can only remove some (not all) dead cells from your skin, making you look fresher and cleaner. Since there is a large range of skin-peel products, whether your skin peel will work or not depends on

  • The quality of skin peel product

  • The type of skin peel you are using

  • The concentration of lactic acid, glycolic acid, and TCA in it

Are they safe?

It depends. The stories of skin burns and infections aren’t all lies. The doctors I talked to confirmed that patients came to them with burned and flushed skin because of trying skin peels at home. Yet, I met people who are using these products for many months without having any side-effect. A little digging into the matter revealed that people who often complained of such burns made these little mistakes.

  • Buying cheap products from infamous companies and non-professionals.

  • Trying high concentration skin peels for lust of even better results (and got just the opposite)

  • Not following the instruction rightly

What should you do?

It’s always better to get skin peel service from professionals. But in case you can’t afford this option, get these ion for your skin and you can get back to them in case anything wrong happened. If you are buying a company-made product, use low-conc products from professional cosmetologists because they know the right type and concentration  peels. Particularly, if you are trying them for the first time, use the lowest concentration.  Make sure your product come with clear instructions and follow them strictly.

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