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Beauty has no boundaries. For years, women have gone to extreme lengths to achieve femininity, beauty and attraction. From Bee Venom to Fish Pedicures, women just cannot give up. However, a Vampire Facial is actually a recipe for the revival of your skin.

An unending quest for beauty

A woman’s instinctive desire to look alluring and ravishing has led her to try anything that promises results. She wanted to have flawless clear skin, so she spent hours in a sour milk bath.

In the late 19th and 20th centuries, she slathered a white paste of toxic lead and on her face. Their aim was to achieve ‘The Porcelain Skin’, to hide wrinkles, spots.

What Is A Vampire Facial?

vampire facial needle device

The name may sound scary, bizarre and even funny to many people. However, it is one of the trendiest and exciting anti-ageing treatments gaining acceptance thanks to social media and celebrities. 

A Vampire Facial is a skin rejuvenation procedure that combines your own blood with micro needling. The aim of this innovative facial is to improve the overall skin texture and tone of your skin. 

The ‘Blood Facial’ has become a cult favourite among beauty influencers, Youtube stars and celebrities for all the right reasons.

  •  Prevents: Premature signs of ageing such as fine lines, dullness and wrinkles. Hence, it is a go to skin renewal treatment for women in their 20s. If you are noticing those early signs on your face, then this facial can be quite effective.
  • Treats: Vampire facial involves aesthetics, dermatology and science. It has shown to treat stubborn wrinkles and sagging because it helps collagen production. Moreover, there is a visible improvement in scars and hyperpigmentation. 
  • Reverses: Usually, it is quite challenging to reverse any major signs of skin damage once they are visible. However, a vampire face lift can restore sun damaged and pollution stricken skin. Also, it restores that healthy rosy glow to your face by improving skin texture.

Vampire Facial Or PRP

A vampire facial is a fancy name for Platelet rich plasma (PRP). Plasma, a key element of PRP, is a component of your blood that consists of proteins. These protein help your blood to clot and support cell growth.  

A Revolutionary Innovation 

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) has been around for many years for wound curing and healing of soft tissues. However, recent scientific research has shown that PRP can be one stop solution for troubled skin, hair loss, osteoarthritis and overall skin rejuvenation.

PRP treatment areas

Your Skin Heals From Within-Thanks To PRP

Therefore, platelet rich plasma is a process of generating platelets from the plasma of your blood. Platelets are then injected into your skin so that they can stimulate collagen production and bring vitality to it.  

Moreover, this skin restorative process has promising results for you. They are not only subtle and natural looking but are also quite long lasting. Plasma facial involves your own blood and hence, does not pose any serious risk or allergic reaction. 

A Walk-Through Of The Vampire Facial

Before Treatment

  • Avoid any blood thinning medications
  • Do no consume alcohol prior to your vampire facial.
  • Limit your sun exposure
  • Avoid any chemical peels or exfoliation

The Treatment

    • Step 1 (Preparation)

The treatment area is cleaned and prepared for vampire facial. Moreover, local anaesthesia is used for the entire treatment, usually, a topical numbing cream is applied to minimize any discomfort.

    • Step 2 (Collection of Plasma For PRP Facial)

The doctor may draw a small amount of blood from your arm veins. A centrifuge is used to separate protein rich plasma from your blood. A vampire facial only requires the growth factors rich plasma that revitalizes your skin.

    • Step 3 (Micro needling + Topical Application of Plasma)

vampire facial treatment procedure

Your aesthetician uses a micro needling device with very fine spokes of needles on your forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. This is crucial to help plasma travel deep into the skin and induce collagen production.

Moreover, micro needling itself is effective enough to stimulate collagen generation. Thus, vampire facial gives you two weapons for your battle against ageing and wrinkles. The micro needling may leave slight pain and minor bruising on your face.

Beautiful and youthful skin is now just one plasma splatter away. The plasma rich in platelets is spread all over your face to trick your skin to think it needs healing. Hence, your skin starts the regeneration and restoring process by synthesizing collagen.

The entire process may take between 45-60 minutes

After Procedure

  • You may experience redness, swelling and sensitive skin after the procedure. You can use an cold compress to reduce bruising and swelling.  
  • · However, the best part about this non-surgical skin renewal is that you can immediately return to your normal routine. 

PRP TreatmentVampire Facial Aftercare

  • Avoid using cosmetics on your face for a few days
  • Your sensitive skin needs protection against the UV rays of the sun. Hence, a sunscreen is essential when you go outdoors. 
  • You may use mild cleansers for your skin.
  • Do not use any exfoliation or chemical peel for at least a week after your treatment, as the skin may still be sensitive. 
  • Moreover, you can use hyaluronic acid moisturizer for skin nourishment. 

Healing Process after Vampire Facial

· The vampire facial recovery time is relatively minimal and usually lasts for about a few days. Moreover, any itching, swelling or redness may subside during this time. 

· You must not pick your skin if it peels or flakes as it is in the middle of healing process. 

· To speed up your healing, you need to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol for a few days.

7 Most Fascinating Benefits Of Vampire Facial

Benefits of prp

Ever wondered why vampires have flawless pale skin with absolutely no signs of ageing? Well, that is where the name vampire facial comes from. Kidding!
However, the benefits of a vampire facial are endless.

From diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, acne and scars to natural collagen production, it covers everything. Moreover, many beauty influencers and celebrities such as, Kim Kardashian, Rupert Everett, Bar Rafaeli endorse this trendy.

• A Completely Natural Facial!

A vampire facial uses your blood plasma to treat your skin instead of any harmful chemicals. Hence, you are guaranteed to have averted typical facial complications, while enjoying natural skin rejuvenation.

• Say Goodbye To Your Stubborn Acne Scars

It is already quite challenging to go through whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. Next comes the acne scars that constantly remind you of your troubled skin’s history. But the good news is that a plasma facial can fade the scars quite well.

• Increase Volume In Your Face

The PRP facial is an ideal procedure to help your skin naturally produce its collagen. It not only guarantees to treat your sagging and wrinkled skin but also prevents future ageing signs! Your face gets the necessary volume as well.

• Vampire Facial Offers Little Recovery Time

Not every procedure involving needles and blood has to put you to bed rest! Similarly, a PRP facial is a quick treatment, and you can expect to resume your normal activities immediately. However, you must follow your doctor’s aftercare advice to avoid any complications.

• Time To Reverse Major Signs Of Ageing

Most clients demand a vampire facial when they give up on anti ageing lotions, portions and other gimmicks. However, a plasma face treatment boosts the cellular turnover, resulting in new skin cells, elastin and collagen production.

Your new skin, thus, looks wrinkle free and bounces off more light. What’s more? It does not involve any surgery or major risks or complications.

• Enjoy Your New Skin For A Long Time

Good results also mean long lasting results. A natural procedure like Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy also provides you long lasting skin benefits.
Stop investing in those unpromising and pricey skincare creams and book yourself a true skin rejuvenating experience. You can enjoy your results for up to a year or two, which is indeed an investment worth making.

You Experience An Improved Skin Texture And Tone

A plasma facial can treat a variety of skin conditions that are otherwise considered difficult to deal with. Stretch marks, acne scars, dead skin, surgical or injury scars, hyperpigmentation and even melasma!
Many clients have reported having experienced improved skin tone and texture after the facial. Moreover, your family, friends and co workers will be stunned by your beautiful skin transformation.


Is Vampire Facial Made For Me?

You definitely could use a Platelet Rich Plasma treatment if you are experiencing skin conditions such as:

  • Sun dried and damaged skin
  • Premature fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne, injury or surgical scars
  • Poor skin texture and dull skin tone

Is Vampire Facial Safe?

The trendiest facial can improve the appearance of your enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines to a great extent. Beauty gurus and celebrities swear by the amazing skin benefits of this treatment.

 Moreover, after several days of the procedure, you will be in love with your new skin with enhanced tone and texture. But the best feature of this plasma facial is its ability to produce collagen that you lose every year after 30.

However, needles and blood can give you second thoughts as well. Is vampire facial safe? What if there are any risks or complications?

Worry Not! Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Is Safe.

If you do not fall in the criteria mentioned above, the Vampire Facial is a totally safe and secure procedure.

It is crucial to ensure the following before signing up for a facial:

  • Look for a board certified dermatologist who can carry out the procedure efficiently
  • Ask your provider if they provide safe and sterile treatment and follow proper health and safety measures.

Therefore, if all the safety precautions and measures are taken, and a well reputed provider is chosen for your precious skin, you shouldn’t be worried.

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