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Aesthetic Skin Clinic Liverpool

Liverpool is a well-known historical maritime city of England that is also famous as a ‘The Beatles’ hometown.

CosmeDocs Clinics has taken a step forward for the convenience of its clients in Liverpool. A newly opened skin clinic Liverpool will now be serving to the valued clientele here with its state-of-the-art skin and anti-ageing treatments.

The clinic premises will be cool, calm and comfortable giving a warm and welcoming feel to the visitors.

It will be loaded with advanced equipment to deliver the top-notch aesthetic treatments in secure and sterilised environment.

The CosmeDocs clinic has brought its expertise, extensive experience and the hallmark of high standards to the city of Liverpool with pride.

Our team of competent, qualified and experienced cosmetic doctors, practitioners and nurses is ready with the best aesthetic treatments in their arsenal to enhance the aesthetics of people in the safe and secure environment.

Our Liverpool skin clinic will be an emblem of the high-quality standards in aesthetic treatments with individually tailored treatments to cater the individual aesthetic concerns.

We will offer a wide variety of non-surgical and surgical aesthetic treatments which will help people to reinstate their younger and youthful appearances and enjoy a confident and preserved life.

We believe in adopting a holistic approach while recommending the aesthetic treatment for our patients which take into account the appearance as a whole instead of focusing on just single aspect.

We will conduct a detailed pre-treatment consultation sessions with our clients at skin clinic Liverpool ensuring them to provide full details about the procedure, its outcomes, side effects, risks, complications and costs.

We will always give honest recommendations which guide the client in making the right decision without pressure.

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Aesthetic Treatments Offered At Liverpool Skin Clinic

CosmeDocs skin clinic Liverpool will provide innovative aesthetic treatments to our clients that will be performed in safe and sterilised environment in complete confidentiality. The treatments offered at our clinic will broadly fall into the mentioned categories:

Anti-Ageing Treatments

Ageing is an inevitable phenomenon which shows itself in the form of lines and wrinkles, skin dullness and dryness. There are different factors which further stimulates and speed up the process of ageing such as sun exposure, genetics, lifestyle changes, smoking etc. All these combined with ageing cause damage to the skin leading to the formation of lines, wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation and scarring. For treating these ageing signs, we will provide a range of highly effective and safe minimally invasive cosmetic treatments at our skin clinic Liverpool.

  • Skin rejuvenation treatments ( for treating pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne and acne scarring, thin and dry skin, uneven skin tone and texture):Due to ageing, the natural production of collagen and elastin within skin slows down which is further aggravated by sun exposure, poor lifestyle and diet, smoking, alcohol consumption etc. This leads to the formation of wrinkles, lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. Fortunately, our Liverpool skin clinic will offer a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments which will treat these conditions in quick and effective manner. These aesthetic treatments include cosmeceuticals, chemical peel Liverpool, Micro skin needlingmicrodermabrasion, Lasers/IPL, and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. All these treatments will be performed by our highly trained and qualified staff with a speedy recovery, no downtime and few temporary side effects.
  • Dynamic wrinkles and lines treatment: These lines and wrinkles are formed when we make facial expressions. The movement of underlying facial muscles causes the surface skin to wrinkle. These are formed mainly on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes while squinting, frowning, smiling, etc. Botox Liverpool offers an excellent option for treating the dynamic lines and wrinkles while preventing them from changing into static lines and wrinkles. Our qualified and experienced cosmetic doctors possess years of hands-on experience of injecting Botox which ensures soft and natural results contrary to the frozen appearance with minimal downtime and few side effects.
  • Treatment for static lines, wrinkles, volume loss and skin sagging: Over a long period of time, if dynamic wrinkles are left without treatment, they become deeply etched into the skin turning into static lines and wrinkles. Botox Liverpool does not work best for these lines, therefore, advanced dermal fillers are used which safely and effectively treat the static lines and wrinkles and restore the plumpness and fullness of youth.
  • At skin clinic Liverpool, we would recommend a combination of Botox and dermal fillers Liverpool for treating upper, middle and lower face. The combination treatment restores the fullness of youth and removes the lines and wrinkles which restore the beauty of the youthful years.
  • The sagging skin is effectively lifted and tightened through PDO thread lift treatment. This innovative treatment tightens, firm and lifts the sagging and loose skin while stimulating collagen and elastin production in a natural way. Our professional cosmetic doctors have complete expertise in the administration of thread lift with outstanding results and minimal side effects.

Facial Contouring/Enhancement

Ageing is a marked by a continuous decline in the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin that makes the skin thin, rough and more vulnerable to damage. The fat in the tissues is also lost which makes the face flat and volume less. As a result of this, the facial volume is lost causing sagging and drooping skin with thin and lifeless lips. These changes in the facial appearance are primarily the result of ageing but are expedited by sun exposure, smoking, poor diet etc.

We use the latest and popular hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers treatment for restoring the facial volume and youthful contours in the middle and lower face. The lip fillers Liverpool treatment gives fuller and plump lips with well-defined contours.

Botox Liverpool injections are used in combination with dermal fillers which completely restores the facial appearance and produce impressive results.

PDO thread lift treatment makes use of absorbable threads which are expertly placed by our accomplished cosmetic doctors within the skin which tighten and lifts the sagging and loose skin. The natural production of collagen and elastin is stimulated within the skin which natural firms and smooth skin producing results similar to that of surgical facelift treatment but with a speedy recovery, immediate results and few side effects.

Cos-Medical Treatments

We are not only expert in delivering world-class aesthetic treatments but also provide relief from some of the life disturbing medical conditions through Botox Liverpool treatment. These medical conditions include migraine/headachesBruxism/TMJ disorderExcessive sweating/ hyperhidrosis..

  • Migraines/Headaches: Many people suffer from these throbbing headaches in one part of the head. The precise cause of these headaches is not known yet but it is considered to be caused by the activation of pain centres in the brain. Botox Liverpool treatment offers an effective relief from these life paralysing headaches by stopping the signals to the brain that activates the pain centres. Our extensively experienced cosmetic doctors are well-versed with the protocol of injecting Botox for migraine headaches with maximum effectiveness and minimal side effects.
  • Bruxism/TMJ disorder: This condition is marked by the involuntary teeth grinding and clenching that results in jaw ache, limited jaw movements, headaches, earaches, wear and tear of teeth. Botox Liverpool injections are injected into the jaw muscle that relieves the uncomfortable pain. Our proficient doctors at skin clinic Liverpool expertly administer the botox injections which relaxes the jaw muscle and shrinks in size reducing pressure on the jaw and relieving pain.
  • Excessive sweating/ Hyperhidrosis:This condition is a result of the abnormal function of the sweat glands. The patient sweat excessively even in normal temperatures and conditions that impair the routine life. The main areas which are affected by hyperhidrosis are a face, underarms, palms and soles.
  • Botox Liverpool treatment is an FDA approved treatment for underarms sweating but is also effective for treating the face, palms and soles sweating. We have successfully treated hundreds of patients suffering from hyperhidrosis enabling them to lead a confident and enjoyable life.

Why CosmeDocs?

CosmeDocs is a renowned name in the industry of cosmetics. Our clinics located in Harley Street (London), Derby, Nottingham, and Portsmouth are well equipped and modern practices. CosmeDocs are also well-known trainers to physicians from around the globe.

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