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Jaw Muscle Reduction with Botox
for Slimmer / Narrower Lower Face

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The wide jaw is usually more suitable for men and in some women. An enlarged masseter muscle can be a concerning issue for both men and women, particularly those of Asian ancestry. Nevertheless, many famous females also have prominent jaw angles. A common cause of wide jaw is masseter muscle hypertrophy (muscle enlargement due to excessive use)

Wide or square jaws can be inherited genetically with a wide bone structure or acquired through excessive clenching of the jaw muscle. Individuals with bruxism, clenching of the teeth, as well as those who chew chewing gum excessively, are at increased risk. Other rarer causes include individuals who work out professionally; lifting weights causes to clench teeth and works out the masseter muscle.

Bruxism causes, symptoms and treatment options – further reading

Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment

Botox is traditionally a cosmetic treatment for lines and wrinkles. However, it has a long history of medically therapeutic uses.

Administered via a small needle botox relaxes the muscles it is injected in. Patients can observe softening of the masseter muscle within a week. The relaxed muscle over the next few months reduces gradually due to disuse atropy. The treatment takes just a few minutes to complete.


Permanent to long-lasting changes may occur as reported by some researchers after 2 to 3 treatments. The number of procedures required to reach the desired size depends on the mass of the muscle to begin. Bruxism patients may not be able to get those permanent results chronic clenching which acts to work out the muscle daily. As a rough guideline, we note that big muscles that are causing prominent square faces require 2-3 treatments the first year.

Rare But Possible Side Effects:

  • Smile asymmetry
  • Difficulty articulating (dysarthria)
  • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Hoarseness

Botox Jaw Reduction at CosmeDocs

At CosmeDocs, we offer you exclusive botox jaw reduction in London clinic. You will first have a consultation session before the treatment where your cosmetic doctor guides you further about the procedure. There is minor discomfort, and most people compare the injection in this region similar to a mosquito bite. Also, there is no downtime; therefore, patients can leave straight after the non-surgical botox jaw reduction procedure.

Underlying Causes of A Wide Jaw

Four main layers contribute to the appearance of the jawline structure, and these include bone, muscle, fat and skin. Each layer can is treatable with various non-surgical and surgical options.

Bone – Mandible

The mandible is the bone forming the lower jaw that provides a structure for the chin, the jaw angle and jawline. This framework also helps to delineate the lower face from the neck. Predominantly, an enlarged mandible is congenital and often hereditary. However, some rare disorders may cause the mandible bone to enlarge, such as acromegaly (hormonal disorders). Narrowing the mandibular structure in the lower face requires complex surgery which can understandably cause much concern due to potential complications and recovery period.

Muscle – Masseter

The masseter muscles are the jaw muscles that are primarily responsible for chewing. They are palpable quite easily while clenching, lying above the jaw angle on the lateral aspects of the face overlying the mandibular bone.


In some cases, excess fat may contribute to a broad jawline. Often, these individuals additionally have fatty volume in the cheek, neck and chin areas.


The skin does not cause a wide jaw in young individuals. As we age, there is the loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which leads to sagging skin.

Before and After

The photos give you a clear picture of how botox jaw reduction procedure helps in face reshaping. You can evidently see the difference in the pictures before and after the treatment. Prior to the treatment, the patients had squarer jaws. The botox non-surgical jaw slimming caused a more oval shaped jaw line.

After Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment for Male

Reducing the volume occupied by the masseter muscle, the lower face is made narrower, there is a better definition of the cheek area (zygomatic arch and malar eminence), and the jawline becomes sharper and better defined

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Botox for jaw reduction needs successive treatments at four or size months. Generally speaking, large muscles require three treatments the first year and move onto two treatments next year. Maintenance after that requires less than one treatment per year.

Botox jaw reduction is £300 for females and £350 for males due to the increased size of the muscle mass. To improve the results, sometimes it is better to increase the frequency of treatments rather than opt for a very high dose in one session.

Botox in individuals with a large jaw muscle is the first choice of face slimming treatment. Surgical treatment may provide a permanent solution but may cost a hefty amount of money. At the same time, its procedure is a lot riskier and painful.

Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid botox.

Typically, patients do not face such problem even. If they do, it occurs temporarily and should only last for a few weeks. Eating chewy foods such as a steak may feel more work than previously.

There is a small chance that botox injected during treatment for jaw can spread over to the smile muscles and affect them for a few weeks to a few months. Fortunately, this reverses by itself, and no treatment is required.


  • Female£350
  • Male£350

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