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Did too much Botox take away your facial expressions along with your wrinkles? Are you afraid of a ‘frozen’ or ‘fake’ look? Do you desire to erase those crow’s feet yet still be able to smile and feel yourself? Baby Botox before and after transformations will guide you to get that!  

Your facial expressions reveal your inner emotions. But sometimes, they become undesirable, especially when they leave behind their impact on our faces.

Baby Botox before and after transformations are making rounds for giving better yet natural results to its patients. 


What Is A Baby Botox?

First of all, the Baby Botox has nothing to do with babies! Babies do not need them anyway because their skins are probably the best in the world.

Baby Botox delivers a more natural and subtle anti ageing effect by using ‘little doses’ or ‘micro doses’ of botulinum toxin.  

This procedure has shown to be quite effective in softening wrinkles on your crows’ feet, forehead, glabella and bunny lines without that unwanted frozen or expressionless look. 


Instead of using large doses of Botox in the same areas of the face, your doctor may inject small amounts of toxin.

Each injection is spaced further apart so that the muscles do not completely ‘frozen’. 

As a result of this light toxin treatment, you can expect more natural results and move your face more freely. 





How Is A Baby Botox Different Than A Regular Botox?

Up till now, a standard syringe of Botox was hailed to address cosmetic and some medical concerns.

Who would have thought that a day would come when Botox will be able to do diffuse those ageing lines but with small dosages!

Light Botox or Micro-tox is liked by doctors and patients who want to minimize the look of their creases and fine lines without losing their expressions.

Unlike a regular Botox treatment, baby Botox has a ‘less is more’ approach.


Baby Botox before and after crow's feet


Want to know what Botox size is good for you? Take a look at the table to know more. 


Which One Is Better for You?

Regular Botox 

Baby Botox 

  • Standard doses are used for treatments 
  • Smaller doses are used for treatments 
  • Delivers noticeable results with significant weakening of the target muscle 
  • Ideal for achieving natural & subtle results 
  • You may need a touch up treatment after 3-4 months 
  • May require frequent touch ups & top ups  
  • Usually recommended for people experiencing visible signs of ageing 
  • A great ‘preventative treatment’ option if you want to delay ageing 
  • Top non-surgical solution for cosmetic & medical concerns 
  • A trending non-surgical solution for minor cosmetic ‘tweakments’ 


Why Are Celebrities Obsessed with Baby Botox?

It is just not you who wish to look natural even after erasing or at least softening those pesky wrinkles.

Celebrities such as Meghan Markle are credited with popularizing baby Botox because they desire natural beauty features on screen and off the screen.

A face full of life is vital to convey your inner feelings, and a good actor needs it even in front of the camera! Hollywood celebrities are well aware of this fact.

Royals and movie stars want to keep their faces and bodies in shape with invasive procedures. Baby Botox is just what they want to look younger, better yet keep their nuances of expressions alive!

Baby Botox Before and After Celebrities Transformations 

While Botox injections offer satisfying results, they may not allow complete freedom of muscle movement.

To avoid a ‘frozen look’ but still look youthful and rejuvenated, baby Botox has become celebrities’ number one choice.
Take a look at the visible contrasts between the types of Botox methods.

Both ladies look well rested, yet Amanda Holden’s face seems slightly heavier than Meghan Markle’s.celebrities-baby-botoxThis is because a traditional Botox treatment significantly weakens the target muscle, whereas Botox sprinkling, as done on Meghan’s face, allows the natural movement of facial muscles.

With regular botox injections, one’s expression will look frozen and lots of emotions will fail in showing on their face.

With baby botox however, expressions like frowning won’t be missed, as this smaller dose leaves some movement in the eyebrows.

This is exactly why CosmeDocs allows its patients to choose how much muscle relaxation they want.

Real Life Baby Botox Before And After Transformations

The baby Botox is just not for Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. It is, in fact, trending among regular people too!

This micro dosing technique is preferred by people who want to try Botox for the very first time. Moreover, many young patients are also flocking to get it due to its natural approach.

We Have Actual Results of Actual People!

Cosmexperts are totally in favour of more youthful, refreshing and natural looking results. While Botox can do just about everything, it may not be quite as natural for some people. 

From softening the look of your fine lines and wrinkles to helping you avoid those embarrassing sweaty patches under your arms.   

However, only Baby Botox is known for a more subtle approach for the treatment of ageing lines, especially on the upper areas of your face.  

Want to see for yourself? Take a look at some of the most stunning baby Botox before and after transformations below! 

Baby Botox Before And After Crow’s Feet

One of the most requested procedures at Cosmedocs is for those unwanted crow’s feet. Men, women, young or mature, do not like to have these claw-shaped lines around their eyes.   

Baby Botox is such a handy treatment for anyone who does not want to look unnecessarily elderly but still wants to have an expressive face. 

baby-botox-crow's-feetWith a touch of Tear Trough Filler, the final results are absolutely refreshing!

Baby Botox Before And After Forehead Lines 

Worry lines or forehead wrinkles are also very common among people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even in their teenage years! Many patients do not wish to end up with a shiny forehead or a ‘frozen look’. 

What do we do? Why Baby Botox, of course! The results are almost instant, and they still have some control over their facial muscle, hence more mobility of the forehead. 


Baby Botox Before And After Bunny Lines 

Bunny lines on your nose are not a medical concern, and many people do not even find them annoying.

However, some of you may not want those lines to show when you laugh or squeeze your face, right?

For a quick fix for those nasal lines, the Botox injector at our clinic will use the ‘micro Botox technique to diffuse the wrinkles. How do we do it? Take a look.


Baby Botox Before And After Frown Lines 

Glabella wrinkles or frown lines are one of the key concerns for men and women alike. The bad news is that your ‘angry lines’ tend to get worse with time, and you may need facial fillers to correct them.
With Botox sprinkling, you can expect these undesirable wrinkles to go away for some time.

How long can you expect these lines to stay from your face?

At least for about 2 months, but the bonus is that no one will be able to tell if you have any needlework done to your face!


Baby Botox Before And After Gummy Smiles

Smile is your way to express warmth and feelings of affection, and friendliness. But what keeps you from a big bright smile? Discoloured teeth, too much gum show or invisible lips?

Well, did you know that a few shots of Botox can actually transform a gummy smile into a gorgeous one?

Take a look at the stunning results of a Baby Botox treatment at one of our clinics!




Baby Botox —An Ideal Preventative Measure

Botox injections are a popular anti-ageing solution worldwide and for all the right reasons! They are quick to perform, give visible results and are generally safe.

However, the new twist in the dosing of this drug has added more audience to its club.

Who are they?

Well, the young ones, of course! Since worrying lines, angry creases between the eyebrows and under eye wrinkles are a major concern for older people; the young people had very little to do with Botox.

Wondering how Botox sprinkling can help you delay ageing?

But Wait, Baby Botox Has Some Limitations Too.

Yes, as with every non-surgical cosmetic procedure, there are some limitations such as:

  • The results of the Baby Botox are not dramatic, unlike the ones achieved through surgical treatments.
  • To maintain your new results, you may need to reschedule your micro Botox appointment about as early as 2 months.
  • Botox sprinkling may be an ideal preventive solution for the younger population but not so effective for fixing deeper etched lines and wrinkles.
  • The baby Botox procedure may not address other concerns that are commonly corrected by using a standard Botox therapy such as Migraine or Jaw Muscle Reduction.

Who Can Have A Baby Botox?

As mentioned earlier, babies cannot have a Baby Botox; they are too young for that, right?

But seriously, Baby Botox is for everyone but is more effective for people age 30 years or below. The idea of using small doses of the toxin is to treat ageing signs that have started to peek through.

Moreover, the amount of Botox needed also depends upon the strength of your facial muscle.

However, there are a few points to bear in mind before seeking ‘Micro Botox’ for yourself.

botox for wrinkle

  • You are just starting with the anti-wrinkle injections and want to test the waters before going for a full dose. 
  • Preference of natural and life like appearance instead of a ‘frozen look’ after the treatment 
  • You are looking for a ‘preventative solution’ to delay the appearance of ageing signs and lines. 
  • Baby Botox is a non surgical anti ageing treatment and, therefore, a quick and less risky alternative to surgical procedures. 

Does Micro Botox Carry Any Risk?

Botox is a usually less risky procedure as compared to typical surgical treatments. Moreover, with Baby Botox or micro tox, that risk is even lower since it is administered in lower dosages. 

Nevertheless, you must be aware of some slight risks and side effects of this most common non-invasive procedure. 

  • Swelling 
  • Redness and bruising around the injection sites 
  • Headaches and dizziness 
  • Tender skin, especially the treated area 
  • Drooping of anyone or both eyebrows if your injector is not an expert or experienced for Botox treatments. 

We Treat You Like a Baby!

Visit Cosmedocs

In recent times, Cosmexperts at Cosmedocs London have been taking tons of demands for more subtle improvements instead of a plastic face.

Moreover, more and more younger patients are pouring in to kick start their anti ageing battle using mini Botox.


Our Baby Botox dosing technique is further personalized after an in depth consultation with one of our Botox experts.

As a result of the treatment, our patients look more relaxed; their skin looks smoother yet life like while still having facial mobility.

We hope your day is as smooth as your forehead!

If a surgical facelift is not on your cards or a traditional Botox treatment is not something you are ready for, then you might like Baby Botox at Cosmedocs.

Our detailed analysis on Baby Botox before and after proves that it is possible to look beautiful, younger and natural at any age.

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