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You know what’s right? Your ‘right’ to look and feel great! Not blessed with naturally high cheekbones? Are you noticing an early sunken face or fine lines and wrinkles already? If you are unhappy with how ‘flat’ your profile is, it’s time to look fabulous. Cheek filler before and after results of actual patients; just what you need to see today!

The Relentless Quest Of ‘Approval’

perfect V shaped

It is simply not a matter of ‘self-approval’ though. Humans have, throughout history, sought ‘approval’ from others too…consistently! It is in their nature as they cannot stand rejection of any kind.

As a result, they go far and wide to seek perfection that gets them the much-needed ‘validation’. But that’s a story for another time!

Since we are talking about physical appearance and attraction, your face plays a key role in making you look appealing, healthy, and youthful to others. 

Speaking of facial attraction, your cheeks play a key role. After all, they make up about 70% of your entire face. That’s a lot!


The ‘Triangle Of Youth’

Another reason not to underestimate those prominent cheekbones is that they complete the ‘Beauty Code’ or as we call it in aesthetics…Triangle Of Youth.

In an interview with Dr. Kelly, who is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon in the United States with over 25 years of experience, has given a simple breakdown of the term ‘The Triangle Of Youth’:

“Three prominent features of a youthful face are high cheekbones, cheek fullness, and a prominent jawline. These three elements are sometimes called the “triangle of youth,” with the chin serving as the apex and the cheeks as the base of the triangle”

What Are Cheek Fillers?

Cheek fillers are in fact, gel-based dermal fillers made up of hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in your body. Dermal filler is an injection approved by the UK’s MHRA that is directly injected into your cheek area to:

  • Naturally sculpt and contour your cheeks
  • Provide structural support to your sagging cheeks
  • Improve the size and shape of your cheeks
  • Smoothen the skin texture of your cheeks
  • Provide symmetry to the cheek area

Cheek fillers treatment

Hence, this non-surgical cheek lift or cheek enhancement with dermal fillers is ideal for you if you have lost midface volume especially around the cheek area with time. Moreover, many younger patients with naturally ‘flat looking cheeks’ can also benefit from this quick treatment.

However, since every patient’s bone structure is different and has personal expectations, the filler injection differs from person to person. For instance, patients who desire a more balanced facial profile can get cheek fillers along with jawline fillers and chin fillers

liquid cheek fillers

Experts at CosmeDocs sit down with you for an in-depth consultation with you before your ‘liquid cheek lift’ treatment.

Your entire facial assessment is carried out and we also hear out your own expectations from this procedure.

Many people often overlook the significant impact their cheeks have on enhancing their facial appeal. To help you realize this, here are some of the refreshing before and after cheek fillers transformations of real patients at CosmeDocs!

Fabulous Cheek Filler Before And After Results

One of the biggest reasons why ‘liquid cheek lift’ is getting so much attention these days is that patients of all ages can get it. Whether it is lifting and volumizing or creating natural contours, cheek fillers have got you covered.

Cheek Fillers Before And After Of High Cheekbones

If you are obsessed with your favourite celeb’s envious high cheekbones then cheek fillers at CosmeDocs may be just for you. For a natural ‘cheek lift’, a micro-cannula can safely add the filler to the precise areas of your midface. A safer and subtle cheekbone-building procedure.

Cheek Filler Before & After For Sagging 

Your cheekbones lose contour, and firmness and move downwards as you age due to loss of collagen and elastin in this area. Cheek fillers can be strategically injected into the cheeks to replace volume and create the firm, pronounced look that gives your face structure and shape.

Cheek Filler Before After

cheek fillers before and after For Sagging Face

cheek filler before after for men

Before And After Cheek Fillers For Facial Volume

Some are born with it, some are not lucky enough at birth to enjoy a youthfully fuller face. Moreover, many patients also lose facial volume as a result of dieting, extreme weight loss or ageing. However, with cheek filler before and after UK, you can be lucky and youthful again!

Cheek Fillers before after For Facial Volume

cheek fillers treatment before and after

cheek bone fillers befor and after

Cheek Filler Before After For Angular Facial Profile

Patients with a rounder and chubbier face can also achieve a more sculpted look with dermal fillers. Below, cheek fillers before and after around face shows that a more heart-shaped profile can be achieved especially in females. 

Cheek Filler Before After For Angular Facial Profile

Cheek Filler Before After asian women

cheek filler befor and after heart-shaped

Cheek Filler Before And After 1ml Treatment

If it is the ‘natural look’ you are looking for then 1 ml of facial filler can help you achieve that. Similarly, below, 1ml cheek filler before and after clearly shows gradual and natural cheek augmentation. Nevertheless, the filler amount used depends on your own facial structure and aesthetic goals. 

1ml Cheek Filler Before And After

Before And After Cheek Fillers For Softening Smile Lines

Smile lines are the dynamic wrinkles that gradually become permanent with time. With cheek fillers, there is a possibility to kill two birds with one stone. In the face fillers before and after photos below, cheek fillers have also lifted the nasolabial folds.

cheek fillers before after for softening smile lines

A win-win!

6 Prime Benefits Of Cheek Filler Before And After

Not just one but many! That’s right, as illustrated in the cheek filler before and after results above, this non-invasive treatment restores, rebuilds, and refreshes. In addition to being a go-to ‘tweakment’ of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, it addresses multiple concerns.

  • A 30-Min Rejuvenation

Unlike a surgical cheek implant which is not only risky but also consumes a lot of time, cheek fillers treatment wraps up under 30 minutes. Moreover, with a cannula and master injection skills, the patient’s discomfort level is minimised to a great extent.

Since there is no knives and incisions involved, you do not have to undergo a lengthy recovery period either. As a result, most of our patients immediately return to their normal routines.

  • From Natural To Dramatic — Your Call!

Looking for subtle or noticeable ‘high cheekbones’? Does your face look flat and aged due to volume loss? ‘Liquid Cheek Enhancement’ is a completely bespoke and controlled procedure. 

As evident from the cheek filler before and after results, every patient benefits from the treatment based upon:

  • Bone structure
  • Facial features
  • Aesthetic goals

So, from subtle to substantial effects, you can pick your own look with our injectable treatment in minutes. 

  • Totally Reversible

Unhappy with your results? Or don’t think your new cheeks look natural? Worry not as dermal fillers are not permanent. Using 

  • Makeup-free Contoured Look

Put away your bronzers, and sculpting makeup kits once you get a cheek lift at CosmeDocs!

A chiselled face and defined cheekbones is truly a desirable feature for men and women.

With careful injection of the filler around the cheek area, we help to create more pronounced cheeks. So, no need to rely on contouring sticks and ‘face baking’ anymore!

  • Long-Lasting Cheek Lift

Depending on the type and amount of cheek filler used, the effects of your treatment can last from six to twelve months! Some patients at CosmeDocs have been able to enjoy their results for a longer time without the need of any touch ups. Cool, right?

  • Powerful Anti-ageing Treatment

Ageing takes a toll on everyone and especially the skin and facial structure. As you get older, the fat pads underneath the skin diminish. Hence, leading to sinking skin and sunken face.

With non-surgical cheek augmentation, as shown in cheek fillers before and after results, volume is instantly restored. As a result, your entire face looks plump and youthfully fuller!

Who Can Have Cheek Fillers?

In a word, anyone! Since everyone is different with unique facial features and structure,hence the facial fillers can be used to serve a variety of purposes.

Below are most suitable candidates for a non-surgical cheek enhancement who are struggling with:

  • Facial Volume Loss

With time, your skin’s own production of collagen, elastin and fat pads start to deplete. As a result, the facial features begin to droop and skin tends to sag. This can happen as early as in your 30’s! However, with cheek fillers, this can be addressed in no time.

  • Noticeable Nasolabial Folds

The nasolabial folds also known as ‘smile lines’ look unsightly for many patients. Even men and women in their mid- 30s start to notice these dynamic wrinkles. As they get older, these lines become deeper and static.

In the image shown above of before and after cheek fillers, the patient’s smile lines look visibly reduced and she looks refreshed.

  • Depth and Definition

Many younger patients in our clinic request a prominent facial profile like those of celebrities. This, too, is possible at CosmeDocs with a decent amount of dermal filler and sophisticated injection skills. Take a look at our stunning cheek filler before and after for some more inspiration!

We ensure that you get model-esque cheekbones and not become someone else with our ‘less is more approach’.

Cheek examination before treatment

Cheek Fillers Gone Wrong

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. It is possible. However, only when you do not follow the ‘less is more’ rule or if your doctor is not sure what to do! Many celebrities have experienced the ‘overstuffed look’ or ‘fillers gone wrong’ such as Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Kidman.

How to avoid this look? Simple. Always look for a doctor who is an expert and has carried out such sophisticated treatments before.

A Word For The Wise!

To look attractive and feel confident about yourself is your ultimate right, and it is your decision as to what to do with your face. After all, it is your face! Nevertheless, we advise you to Go Less To Avoid A Big Mess! Always seek the services of an expert injector who knows what to start with and when to stop. 

Get Cheeky At CosmeDocs

Speaking of an ‘expert injector’, the aesthetic injectors at CosmeDocs have carried out thousands of non-surgical cheek enhancements at our clinics throughout the UK such as, London, Portsmouth, Derby, and Nottingham. 

Only after an exhaustive consultation with our patients and an in-depth facial analysis, the liquid cheek lift treatment begins. 

The phenomenal Cheek Filler before and after transformations shown above are only possible with a good aesthetic doctor with an ‘aesthetic eye’ and refined injection skills. 

So, are you ready to complete the ‘triangle of a youthful face’? Drop by at CosmeDocs and let us bring out the best version of yourself!

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