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Your self-image is always bigger than a big smile. Especially the one that shows too much of your gums. Do you ever feel self conscious about your gummy smile? Do you try hiding it whenever you have to speak or smile in front of the camera? Gummy Smile Botox may be the answer to your prayers.

Traditionally, only a surgical option was available to treat a gummy smile by either taking away your gum tissue or removing certain muscles that lift your upper lip. This was quite an expensive and painful procedure with potential risks.

However, aesthetic medicine advancements now allow you to correct your gummy smile with minimal discomfort and little to no downtime. Even though there is nothing wrong with having a ‘gummy smile’, options are available if you want to change the way it looks.

Read on to find out more about gummy smile botox and whether it’s likely to benefit you.

Gummy smile-What is it?

If your upper lip moves too far above your teeth when you smile, you may have what some people call a gummy smile. An ideal smile will usually show up to 2 millimetres of your gums, with the upper lip sitting above your top teeth. However, if you show some 3 to 4 millimetres of gum, your smile may look ‘gummy’

gummy smile illustration

This can be caused by hyperactive muscles which elevate the upper lips. Gummy smiles can be caused by long, enlarged gum tissue, excessive upper jaw growth, and your teeth’ size and shape. If you appear to have small teeth, you may show more gum tissue. If you have a thin upper lip, you may also seek treatment for a gummy smile. 

Over recent years, more and more people have been using botox to treat gummy smiles. 

A study by the American Academy of Dermatology reports over 75% improvement in gum display.

Common Causes Behind A Gummy Smile

Among many causes behind your gummy smile, the most common ones are as follows:

  • Your gums may be long or enlarged
  • A hyperactive upper lip may be another cause of your gummy smile. The lip may be have a normal length when your face is relaxed but is elevated when you smile. Thus revealing a lot of gum tissue.
  • Vertical Maxillary Axis or an overgrowth of your upper jaw may also cause your gums to bulge out.
  • Smaller teeth in comparison to your gums due to genetic factor

You may have poor dental hygiene due to poor brushing practice, braces that restrict a thorough brushing and flossing and gum problems. 

  • An Altered Tooth Eruption can be another cause. It occurs when certain teeth do not fully project into your mouth. They remain partially covered by the gums and hence, result in a gummy smile.

How does gummy smile Botox work?

Botox can treat your gummy smile by reducing the activity of the muscle elevating the upper lip. The treatment is non-invasive and quick, besides delivering natural looking results. During the treatment, small amounts of botox are injected where the nostril and nose to mouth fold meets. 

Therefore, your muscles are weakened. Botox is short for botulinum toxin. This toxin blocks chemical messages that are sent to nerves to make muscles contract. Once these messages have been blocked, muscles remain in a resting state until unblocking occurs. Therefore, the procedure gives you an aesthetically appealing smile and boosting your confidence.

Gummy Smile Before And After Pictures

gummy smile before and afterHow Many Gummy Smile Botox Units Do I Need?

A non-surgical gummy smile treatment usually requires:

  • 2-3 units per side for females
  • 2-4 units per side for males

Make sure to choose an experienced person for this procedure who knows the gummy smile botox injection sites. Moreover, your mouth is an unpredictable area, and results may also vary for everyone. Hence, it would be wise to do your research beforehand and set realistic expectations.

Famous Celebrities With Astonishing Gummy Smile Transformations

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, American actress Jennifer Garner or Kate Beckinsale or Nicole Kidman used to have gummy smiles and see what their beautiful beams have done to their new looks!

A gummy smile botox has helped many people to enhance their smiles and regain their lost self-esteem without any severe complications.

What to avoid after gummy smile botox

Following are the guidelines for gummy smile aftercare:

  • You must avoid extremely hot or cold food and beverages
  • It also advised that you avoid any intense workout after your ‘Gummy Smile Treatment”.
  • Avoid leaning over and lying down for up to 6 hours of your procedure.
  • You must also sleep with your head elevated by stuffing pillows the first night of your treatment.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol after your procedure for a few days.

How Long Does Gummy Smile Botox Take Show The Results?

You can generally expect to see an improvement after around three days. After this point, your upper lip won’t be as elevated. However, you will be able to see the full effect of the treatment after two weeks. You may also pay a visit to the clinic for a follow-up appointment after two weeks to assess the results. 

Any further adjustments may be determined, especially if you desire to have your lips enhanced for an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Am I The Right Candidate for Gummy Smile Botox?

Before you receive the treatment, your practitioner will carry out a consultation. During this assessment, they will talk to you about your needs and your medical history. This is to make sure the treatment is right and safe for you. Usually, the eligibility criteria for gummy smile Botox includes the following:

  • People generally aged between 25 and 65 can receive this treatment. 
  • It is important to have good oral health and regular brushing and flossing practice
  • Make sure you do not have any serious gum problems or periodontal disease.
  • Your skin must be in good condition at the time of the treatment. 
  • Your target lines must not be overly furrowed. 

Who Is Not An Ideal Candidate For The Treatment?

Botox treatments are generally suitable for anyone who is not having any serious illness or complications of any medications. However, there are few exceptions that can make this procedure unsuitable for you:

  • The treatment is not appropriate for candidates who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you have had a bad reaction to Botox earlier
  • If there are any medications that affect your blood clotting
  • You have any nervous system or blood disorders
  • Or you have any psychological issues

Gummy Smile Improvement Using Botox and Dermal Fillers

Since your thin and unnoticeable lips may cause a gummy smile to occur, hence, lip fillers can be used to achieve desired results. Another ideal option to improve your smile is using a combination of Botox and Hyaluronic acid fillers. 

This approach can help you achieve a less gummy smile and an enhanced, defined, fuller upper lip. You will be able to see immediate results with minimal recovery time. 

gummy smile botox injection

Benefits of Gummy Smile Botox

  • Quick procedure with natural results
  • The entire procedure causes minimal pain, contrary to surgical options.
  • There is minimal downtime with proper aftercare, and you can go immediately go back to your regular routine.
  • Gummy smile treatment through Botox injections is cost-effective as compared to a surgical procedure.
  • This procedure can further enhance a smile if it is paired with a lip filler procedure that can define the upper lip.

Side Effects Of Botox For Gummy Smiles

Botox only has minor side effects most of the time. Though not everyone experiences complications, you may have encountered the following side reactions:

  • Temporary bruising or bleeding 
  • Slight redness 
  • Headaches,
  • Mild swelling
  • “lopsided” expression shortly after the treatment. However, this doesn’t last for very long in most cases.
  • The process involves a very fine needle for injection. This minimizes any discomfort. 

Therefore, a million dollar smile is just not about a set of straight white teeth without spacing or overbites. It is also just not about luscious pink lips. A beautiful smile is a combination of everything, including a healthy, minimal gum line. So the best thing you can do is, wear a confident smile. There is no match to a beautiful smile.

Visit Cosmedocs

We know the value of a confident smile and how much your smile means to you. So do not let your gummy smile make you insecure about it, and do not hesitate to beam with confidence in front of the camera.

 Cosmedocs will help you assess your eligibility for the procedure and your goals. Cosmedocs provides you with a caring experience and gummy smile Botox procedure by our skilled team.

Find out more about gummy smile botox by contacting us today.

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