How to maintain that tan

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It feels like the moment you hit home the count down to the dreaded fade has begun. So here is low down on how to get the most from your tan and how to hold off those holiday blues for just a little longer.

1. Protect your skin

First and foremost, protect your skin.UVA and UVB rays cause damage, not only scorching your skin on the surface….damage occurs in the deeper hidden layers of the dermis leaving you at a higher risk of cancer. These harmful rays are also the number 1 external factor aging your skin! So slather on that factor 50 and stay safe. Applying an effective high factor sunblock prevents these damaging rays penetrating the outer layer of your skin. So if you love your tan, keep your skin in tip top condition with a daily sunscreen. Even when the sun isn’t shining.


2. Moisturise

Healthy skin will mean you will tan faster and it will last longer. Apply before during and after tanning to keep your skin soft and supple. Keep in mind that the sun dries your skin out, so make sure you invest in good quality creams.


3. Hydrate from the inside

I’m sure I can’t be the only one guilty of swapping my water bottle for a wine bottle when the sun comes out? Right?…..right? Well health authorities generally recommend 8 glasses or 2 litres of water per 24 hours. It will help prolong the life of those lovely freshly tanned cells as well as plumping the skin.


4. Eat beta-carotene

The sunshine fruits such as papaya, sweet potatoes and carrots. Studies have shown that these delicious veggies cause a natural sun kissed glow. Don’t forget to include foods rich in zinc to help repair any damaged skin cells and vitamin E, an antioxidant, that has been shown to reduce sunburn.


5. Exfoliate

Your face and your body need different kinds of exfoliant to help maintain your tan, but the gentle approach is what’s required for both. Exfoliating with salycilic or glycolic acid will remove the tanned layer of the skin, try using a body brush or shower mitt for a gentle buff. Don’t forget to follow with a body butter or oil.


6. Enhance it

A gradual moisturising daily tan will keep your tan looking fresh, so ensure you select a different facial tan for the face. Apply after the gentle buff ensuring any dry areas have been moisturised. Follow the natural tan guideline and avoid areas that don’t usually catch the sun to prevent that give away fake tan look.


7. Wear white

This is a no brainer. You will instantly look more tanned.


8. Opt for tan enhancing nail polish colours

Models own have tan specific colours to contrast with those deep tan tones.


9. Use a bronzer

I prefer a liquid – apply to the high points of your face. Try the new benefit hola for a subtle bronzer with instant gratification. Compliment with a highlight with a more golden tone to make that tan really pop.


10. Baby oil

No really this is how the magazines get their models to look so dewy. Limbs always look longer and leaner with a little glow and this great little hack will make sure your skin stays soft and glowing. (Do not use on your face).


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