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A glass of water is all it takes for you to quench your thirst. But what about your dehydrated skin when it is gasping for hydration and moisture? Only a dose of HydraFacial is what your skin needs to look irresistibly dewy, glowy and healthy. With this most sought-after facial done every 15 seconds worldwide, check out HydraFacial before and after skin transformations and become a believer yourself!

Tell-Tale Signs Of A Thirsty Skin

The largest organ of your body…your skin, has many ways of telling you that something is not right. As it works hard day in and day out to keep you protected, it also needs a little ‘Assurance of Hydration’

No matter what skin type you are born with, you have to keep your hydration levels topped up. But what if you do otherwise? Below is an illustration of how a water-deficient skin looks under a skin scanner.dehydrated-skin

The skin can live without makeup, but not without water!

 Sincerely CosmExperts

Your Skin Is Made Of Water 

No exaggeration here! Your body is 60% water whereas your blood contains 90% of it. No wonder we call it ‘The Miracle Drink’skin-hydration

But what does it do for your skin?

In a word, a lot! From flushing out toxins from your body, thus preventing acne to giving you a plump and fresh looking skin by bathing your skin, water does it all.

Hence, no matter what season you are in and regardless of your age, your skin needs water which brings us to the current global sensation, HydraFacial or Hydradermabrasion.


What Is A HydraFacial — The Water Charged Facial

A revolutionary multi-step and medical-grade facial that resurfaces skin in minutes. The hydrafacial treatment combines an array of skin rejuvenation treatments tailored to your specific skin concerns and goals.


From cleansing and detoxifying your skin of dirt, grease and toxins to buffing away imperfections and for a smoother skin, this facial is suitable for all. 

To seal the deal, a truly powerful hydrafacial ends with hydration surge using hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants and skin nourishing serums. All to give you an enviable glow you had always wanted.

What do you take away with you at the end?

Your own skin, but clearer, shinier, hydrated and healthy looking. You would simply not get over that After-Glow anytime soon!

Powered By Vortex-Fusion Technology 


Unlike your moisture dripping sheet masks, fancy overnight hydrating sleeping masks and other beauty salon facials, a hydrafacial treatment uses an award-winning patented Vortex-Fusion Technology to stand out in the crowd! 

The hydrafacial machine contains a hand-held device with a distinct spiral shaped tip that carries out all major steps of the facial.hydrafacial-machine-device

It synergizes with the patented Vortex-Fused Technology, making Hydradermabrasion more effective than microdermabrasion which only buffs the skin.

Creating a vortex effect that digs deep into your clogged congested pores and easily dislodges and removes trapped gunk. 

After refining your skin at deeper levels, the hydrafacial wand with spiral design and vortex-fusion technology, delivers intense hydration to your skin using a cocktail of skin-friendly serums.

How Does HydraFacial Work?

You may find this hydrating skin makeover quite simple and plain, however, it is divided into a series of crucial steps. We are giving you a breakdown of this entire procedure to help you realize why it is a winner.  

Why Swap Your Salon Facial With HydraFacial?

Number 1 reason to ditch your at-home beauty treatments and salon spa facial with this ultimate skin perfecting treatment is visible and speedy results.hydrafacial-gunk

Okay! So we do not want to gross you out but this is what HydraFacial clients leave behind after their treatment.

This hydrafacial gunk jar is saturated with:

  • Extracted dirt
  • Debris
  • Blackheads & whiteheads
  • Trapped oil and grease
  • Environmental pollutants 
  • Traces of makeup and cosmetics

Following your treatment you can notice a rosy glow to your skin thanks to lymphatic toxin removal. Secondly, clients experience a smoother, refined skin texture due to exfoliation, extraction and nourishing serum infusion.

Now in all honesty, can you get this clinical skin perfection at home or at a beauty spa?

HydraFacial Before And After

One of the greatest rewards of this hydrating skin makeover is instant gratification of a visibly clean and radiant complexion. 

Power of Skin Science + Technology + Water = Skin Perfection

 HydraFacial Benefits For Super Skin All Year Long

Almost every skincare clinic around the world is offering a HydraFacial and for all the right reasons. This skin transforming facial gives real results and covers major tried and true skin treatments. Read on to find out why your skin cannot do without this water-charged makeover!

  • An All-in1 Facial

Unlike a salon beauty facial that only targets some specific skin concern, hydradermabrasion is a multi-tasker!

Check out HydraFacial before and after for pores refinement as well as hydrafacial before and after for pigmentation.hydrafacial-steps-cosmeDocs

With deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and peeling and hydration, see how effortlessly this facial has addressed multiple cosmetic issues under 60 minutes. 



  • A Tailored Skin Treatment

There is everything for everyone in a HydraFacial London treatment.tailored-hydrafacial-treatment

Whether you are an adult struggling with acne and blemishes or someone with mature skin issues such as wrinkles or pigmentation, this water-charged facial is good to consider.

Experts at CosmeDocs customize this skin transforming makeover for you by adjusting and readjusting the type and amount of facial serums unique to your needs.

Moreover, the type and strength of acid used for Vortex-peel off will also vary from person to person.

  • Instant Results, Impressive Transformation

Do your skincare products work right away after application? Well, Hydradermabrasion does!

Just under 60 minutes, your skin is powerfully deep cleansed and your congested pores are set free giving you ultimate skin goals.

Unlike those fancy sheet masks and pricey overnight skin treatments that promise to deliver in weeks, a hydrafacial results means visibly refreshing skin, instantly! hydrafacial-blackhead-removal

 Check out our HydraFacial before and after blackhead removal

  • Makes You Party-Ready Everyday

It is simply impossible to wear makeup everyday and guys obviously cannot hide their troubled skin behind a foundation.

So, what can you do to enjoy an effortlessly dewy and radiant skin on your ‘at-home’ or ‘vacation’?

Why sign up for a HydraFacial of course!

That rosy flush to your complexion and those almost pore-less and cleansed skin is just what you need to get a ‘it’s my skin but better’ look no matter if you are a guy or a gal.

  • A Perfect Anti-Ageing Partner

Struggling with premature fine lines and wrinkles? Include this moisture-surge skin makeover in your skincare routine and you will be obsessed!… How? Take a look at HydraFacial before and after wrinkles improvement below!wrinkles-hydrafacial

Thanks to the Vortex-Fusion Technology, nourishing skin serums are introduced into the deep layers of your skin, hence boosting your skin’s health. 

To support our point here, let us share with you a small-sized study, in which 20 female participants who received HydraFacial, noticed visible improvements in their ageing signs.

They also found that the fine lines and wrinkles were softened to a great extent and their pore size had shrunk as well.

HydraFacial Aftercare

So how can you make your glowy skin last long following a hydrating skin makeover? 

Well, there are many things you can do to not only avoid any unwanted outcomes but also enjoy a healthy, party ready skin for weeks.

Experts at CosmeDocs recommend you to:

  • Stay out of sun 
  • Avoid harsh at-home skin treatments
  • No need to book a laser or waxing appointment right away
  • Avoid the planning this facial just before a big event

What can you do?

  • Be gentle on your skin with your skincare 
  • Ensure optimal hydration levels
  • Moisturize, moisturize & moisturize
  • Reschedule HydraFacial at least twice a month

Is HydraFacial Worth It?

Given the merciless hectic routines and poor lifestyle we all have, a quick pick me up skin treat like HydraFacial is nothing less than a blessing. This hydradermabrasion covers a skin care expert’s favourite treatments and can perfectly fit a person’s busy schedule.

  • Does it deliver dewy, healthy skin? Yes.
  • Is it worth a monthly skin investment? Yes.
  • Does it address multiple skin issues of men and women? Totally.

So, in short, HydraFacial is an absolutely must have experience!

Quench Your Skin’s Needs At CosmeDocs 

Cosmexperts at CosmeDocs know your skin like no other. We also know how to spruce up your troubled skin like we have done in our HydraFacial before and after photos.

When you book a consultation with one of our skin aestheticians at our HydraFacial skin clinic, you get to discuss your skin concerns and goals at length. 

We tailor this ultimate skin hydrating makeover just for your pressing skin needs and make you feel excited about your skin…always!HydraFacial-CosmeDocs

Ready for a dose of ultimate hydration?

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