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Quick Case | Non surgical Nose job for asian oriental patients

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Projecting mostly outwards relative to the rest of the face, the nose is an extremely important landmark responsible for creating overall facial profile. In asians the combination of a wider face and a shallow nasal bridge, often accompanied by a short chin, only further highlights the protruding mouth. A well contoured nose is a good simple solution to bringing a balance to the aesthetics of the entire face making rhinoplasty perhaps the most coveted procedure in asian countries, second to eyelids.

Traditionally, nose jobs for asian patients was performed surgically using cartilage from the ear or the rib as well as synthetic implants. With advent of modern day dermal fillers, now used for subcutaneous use also, nose contouring has become a much easier procedure for the vast majority asians. However, due to the amount of filler required through the length of the nose it is still a much different procedure than nose job for caucasian patients which generally require smaller volume of filler in certain key places.

non surgical rhinoplasty asian nose before treatment non surgical rhinoplasty asian nose after treatment

To start with the dermal filler used has to be of the right consistency, material and quality. It cannot be too liquid as it will migrate down the side of the nose. Too thick and you end up with a with high and wide nose without the nice triangular shape that is desired. Small amounts of filler can be injected via a cannula or the needle and shaped into place. Fillers cause minor swelling and a little over correction is desirable to compensate for it.

Post treatment advise is to massage the filler from the base of the nose upwards. for a few days until it settles in.

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