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Ever wondered what a jaw filler could do for your weak jawline, invisible chin, sagging jowls or chubby face? Take a look at some of the most impressive jaw filler before and after photos that will keep you hooked!

A jawline is better than having none at all

What Is All The Hype Behind Your Jawline?

Just as a beautiful picture is incomplete without a well defined and prominent frame; similarly, a face needs a strong, chiseled jawline to frame it and give it definition. Moreover, it also indicates your age and even some hidden traits!  

How Does Jawline Filler Work?

Dermal fillers can effectively add volume to the jawline and create a clear separation between your face and neck. Similarly, they can create a strong jaw angle, enhance a weak chin, and reduce the look of sagging jowls.

Also, as you age, our jaw and surrounding areas slowly began to lose their definition. Hence, this gives you an aged look. However, dermal fillers can revitalize your entire appearance and boosts your confidence effortlessly.

Before Jaw Filler Treatment:

It would be best if you arrived at your clinic with a clean face and without any makeup on your skin.

During The Jaw Filler Treatment

  • The non invasive procedure follows a topical numbing cream application around the lower face area.
  • An experienced injector must closely assess your facial anatomy and other aspects to achieve the most natural looking results.
  • Jaw filler procedure involves a cannula, which is a blunt needle used for larger areas. A cannula can also help to prevent bruising and discomfort along with a visually pleasing and natural result.
  • The hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers are injected strategically in multiple sites along the edges of your mandible.
  • This technique lifts the area back up as well as strengthens the surrounding areas of the jaw. Moreover, it is a great way to achieve the most balanced and natural looking results without ending up with a razor sharp look.

After The Jaw Filler Treatment 

  • Avoid pulling, touching or tugging your face for at least six hours after your procedure.
  • You may use a gentle cleanser to clean your face.
  • It is best to sleep with your elevated using an extra pillow or a wedge pillow for the first few days.
  • You must also avoid steamy showers, hot baths, saunas and swimming immediately after your jaw filler treatment.
  • Do not engage in heavy workouts for the first several days after your treatment.
  • Avoid using AHA, strong acids, Retinols, or oil-based make-up for a few days
  • Do not consume alcohol, coffee, or fish oil immediately after the dermal filler procedure.

 The Rising Popularity Of Jaw Tweakment!

According to Harper’s Bazaar jawline filler was one of the most requested ‘tweakments’ of 2020

9 Top Benefits Of Choosing Jaw Fillers For A Chiseled Jawline 

Jawline filler is all the rage these days because a jawline defines your face. It frames your facial features and can tell a lot about your hidden traits to the world. Recently, jaw filler procedures have soared in demand and continue to rise in popularity due to: 

  • Non-Invasive Nature Of Procedure 

If you do not qualify for a surgical procedure or just do not want to undergo a scalpel, then jaw filler is just for you. This procedure delivers amazing results without any incisions or use of general anaesthesia. 

  • Little To No Down Time  

Dermal fillers are quite straight forward and also quite safe to use. Therefore, they do not involve a long and lengthy recovery period, and you can resume your daily activities almost immediately!  

  • Visible And Instant Results 

One of the most important reasons behind the treatment’s popularity is that it gives quick and noticeable results. Therefore, you do not have to wait for any swelling or significant bruising to subside to enjoy your new jawline! 

  • Quick Procedure Also Known As ‘Lunch Time Procedure’ 

In today’s times, it can be quite difficult to take time out for beautifying treatment or even a medical one! However, your injector can give you a chiseled jawline and pronounced chin in a matter of 30-45 minutes. You can go back to your routine along with a new jawline. 

  • Natural And Subtle Results 

Unlike jawline surgery that involves drastic results and long downtime, a jaw filler procedure provides subtle and natural looking results. Moreover, you can monitor the entire process, and it will be hard for your friends to detect any work done. 

  • A Totally Reversible Treatment 

Not happy with your results? Reverse the effects! Your injector will use an enzyme to dissolve the filler and restore your previous appearance. Therefore, you do not have to live with the unwanted changes for the rest of your life. Phew! 

  • Jaw filler Benefits Men And Women 

  1. In men, a strong, defined jawline indicates good health, physical fitness and strength. Therefore, jaw filler for men amplifies weak jawline and chin rises in demand. Men seek to create a chiseled, square-looking jawline. 
  2. Women desire softer and feminine features and jawline angles. Moreover, women with naturally square jawlines can greatly benefit from dermal fillers. They can achieve an oval or heart shaped jawline for a delicate appearance. 
  • Kill 3 Birds With 1 Syringe?

Do you know that a jaw filler does not address a weak jawline or poor facial structure? It can also lift sagging skin either due to weight loss or ageing. Moreover, it is an ideal solution for correcting a stubborn double chin too!

  • An Ideal Anti-Ageing Fix

With age, you may start experiencing lax skin and droopy jowls that are one of the major indicators of an ageing face! What’s more? Many senior adults complain about a loss of volume in their lower half of the face. Hence, a jawline filler can effectively restore a youthful look in no time.


Famous Celebs – Jaw Filler Before And After

See the source image

How Many ml Do I Need For A Chiseled Jawline?

The amount of jawline filler is usually determined by your jawline structure as well as chin 

  • Jawline contouring in women generally require 2-6 ml  filler quantity
  • Jawline contouring in men generally require 3-8 ml 

Moreover, an experienced injector will be able to know how much dermal filler is required depending upon your face shape and desired results. 


Understanding filler volumes – 1ml is 1/5 of a teaspoon


Jaw Filler Before And After Transformations


 1ml Jaw Filler Before And After Transformation

Jawline Filler Before And AfterJaw Line Filler

 2ml Jaw Filler Before And After Transformation

before and after jaw filler

When will I notice the results?

You can expect to see a subtle lift right away. Over the next few months, your skin will be lifted and tightened as the new collagen grows.

You’ll start to see the best results after around six months. The effect should last for up to three years before you need a new treatment but to be honest some people wishing for more result book sooner.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Jaw Filler?

Jaw fillers, like any other non invasive injectable treatments, can have the typical side effects. However, these usually go away after just a few days. Also, this jaw enhancement procedure has almost zero downtime that makes it quite popular among other alternatives. 

Some of the typical and temporary side reactions to dermal fillers are: 

  • Swelling 
  • Redness 
  • Tenderness 
  • Minor bruising 
  • Acne breakouts 
  • Itching 

Painful Sensation During And After Procedure? Such concerns are effectively addressed by using topical numbing creams on the treatment area as well as a cannula to prevent discomfort. Moreover, some before and aftercare instructions can alleviate any adverse reactions to the treatment. 

The overall procedure is quite tolerable if you have an experienced injector at your service which uses correct techniques and delivers desirable results. 

Dermal Fillers Injections


Adding Jawline Filler For Extra Definition And Shape

1ml jaw line filler before and after

Jawline filler is another cosmetic treatment that’s become more popular over recent years. Small amounts of filler can be along the jawline to rest

ore volume and make the skin appear lifted and more defined. Furthermore, women tend to lose bone volume (around the angle of the jaw) early due to hormonal changes.  Men on the other hand are late to lose the angle of the jaw.

It’s common for patients to report looking more youthful once they have received this treatment. This treatment can make the contour of the lower face appear more sculpted.


Side effects are minor and normally disappear completely after a fortnight or so, though they can stop almost immediately. They include pain, bruising, itching, rashes, redness and swelling. Less common side effects include leakage, infection, blood vessel injury and movement of the filler to the wrong area.

Why Are My Jawline Fillers Temporary? 

Dermal fillers are composed of natural complex enzymes, such as hyaluronic acid. It is injected under your skin to give structure to your skin surface. Moreover, hyaluronic acid attracts and binds to water, which gives your skin elasticity and volume.   

Since hyaluronic naturally occurs in your body, the jawline fillers are gradually metabolized by your body. Also, 3 main factors may affect the longevity of your jaw fillers:  

  • The type of dermal filler used 
  • The areas of the face treated 
  • The speed of your metabolism 

How Do I Make My Jaw Filler Results Long Lasting? 

The lifting and contouring effects of jawline fillers are temporary, lasting from 9 months to 12 months. However, the good news is that you can maximize the longevity of your desired results by following tips from our experts! 

Sun Is An Enemy Of Your Jawline Fillers 

It is true! Overexposure to UV rays can accelerate the ageing process, break down the collagen in your skin and damage it. It is, therefore, crucial to reduce solar exposure and practice proper UV protection. 

Invest in premium topical skincare, especially a sunscreen of a powerful SPF. Moreover, choose skincare such as collagen and elastin boosting serum that can help to repair sun damage. 

You Are What You Eat! 

A healthy and balanced diet containing antioxidants and vitamins is essential to prolong the dermal filler effects. Hence, consume more Vitamin C rich diet and foods containing Amino Acids that are known to stimulate collagen production over time. 

Choose foods such as: 

  • Nuts and Seeds 
  • Citrus Fruits 
  • Salmon 
  • Avocado 
  • Berries 

Moreover, stay away from inflammatory foods such as high-sugar, processed, packages or fried edibles. 

Boost Your Hydration Levels 

 Water is life, and your fillers need this life to stay in your body for longer! Drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain the results of your jaw fillers. Also, this habit will also pay you off in the long run by keeping your skin plump and fresh. 

Consider Top Up Sessions With Your Injector

One of the crucial tips by our experts is ‘Maintenance Treatment’ before your jawline fillers diminish. Moreover, such top-up sessions will also train the muscles in the targeted areas to respond to the dermal fillers more effectively.

Comparing Jaw Filler Treatment


  Invasive/Non-Invasive  Long Procedure Time  Permanent Results   

Risks/ Side Effects 


Long Recovery Time  Duration of results 
Jaw Surgery  Invasive 








For lifetime 
Jaw Filler  Non-Invasive 








9-12 months 
PDO Thread Lift  Non-Invasive 






1-2 years 
Kybella  Non-Invasive   








For lifetime 
Ultherapy  Non-Invasive 








Six months- 12 months 

Check out more jawline filler reels on instagram on https://www.instagram.com/reel/CJDtKxsnIWL/?igshid=1wdl1x660xc0e



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Achieve A Jawsome Look With Cosmedocs

Cosmedocs is one of the leading cosmetic clinics in the UK and has an aesthetic eye that has earned us your trust and faith in us. Moreover, our experts can help you achieve that sculpted, lifted and slimmer appearance that you had always wanted.

Therefore, if you want to know what to expect from a jawline contouring procedure, then our jaw filler before and after transformations will give you a complete idea.

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