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How Long Does Botox Last? Facts About Fountain Of Youth

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Be it your favourite liquid lipstick or that fabulous hair dye from a salon. There is no such thing as a permanent effect. Botox, the fountain of youth, top wrinkle reducer with outpouring health solutions is no different. But How long does Botox last?

Good things do not last forever, but they do last long!

What is Botox?

Botox is referred to as beauty in the syringe by many people who swear by its merits. However, Botox is technically known as botulinum toxin type A. This injectable substance can temporarily reduce wrinkles, fine lines and refresh your appearance.
Moreover, it is approved by FDA and MHRA for its safe use for cosmetic and medical purposes, such as:

Neck Spasms
Overactive Bladder
Painful Chronic Migraines
Excessive Sweating

Botox has now become synonymous with beauty and wellbeing. It is commonly administered worldwide and has gained popularity among people of all age groups.
There are several reasons why Botox is preferred by doctors and clients alike.

Why Botox Is Popular?

Botox is becoming An All In One Solution for many cosmetic and health concerns.
In fact, Botox continues to gain acceptance while other ‘once holy grail’ treatments are witnessing a decline in popularity. Elderly women and men seek to freeze their ageing clock, and millennials use Botox as a preventive anti ageing measure.
Take a look at some of the most convincing reasons behind Botox’s popularity:

Botox Treatments Is A Safe Journey

Botox is a relatively safer option for many people and has an FDA and UK’s MHRA’s approval. Moreover, it has little to no side effects such as slight bruising or minimal swelling, which typically resolve its own.
Women can easily put on their makeup as early as after 48 hours, depending on the type of treatment.

Better Than Anti Ageing Lotions and Potions

According to an article in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, only a small percentage of skincare products and anti ageing jars provide results. Therefore, chances are, your favourite and costly night cream may not be as effective as you think it is.

It is better to invest your hard earned cash into effective, and FDA approved Botox treatments to fulfil your aesthetic goals.
An Ideal Preventive Measure Against Ageing
In their 20s are flocking to aesthetic clinics to get Botox as a preventive measure against future fine lines and wrinkles. Hence, clients prefer to use Botox to avert deep wrinkles or droopy eyebrows as they age.

Banish Stubborn Wrinkles, Folds And Tech Neck!

When everything else fails against those pesky wrinkles and fine lines, then Botox treatment may be your only option. It has proven to show visible results and improvements in deep wrinkles too.
We all are obsessed with our gadgets and smartphones, right? This is one of the common reasons behind those horizontal ring like wrinkles on your neck! But wait!
There is good news. Botox can help minimize the look of these wrinkles, and you do not have to struggle with your tech neck for long.

Quick Procedure And Little To No Recovery Time

Botox also known as ‘Lunchtime Procedure’. This is because your Botox procedure may not cost you more than 20-25 minutes! Whereas surgeries may take a significant amount of time and may also put you on bed rest until fully recovered.
People with time constraints due to busy schedules often prefer Botox over surgical methods. The reason is that Botox is relatively a quick procedure.  Moreover, It also enables you to resume your activities immediately.

Long Lasting Results

Effects of Botox treatment usually last from 3 months to 6 months and 4 months on average. However, many factors need consideration, such as the area of treatment, dosage etc.
The results are relatively longer than those achieved by skincare products. This is because Botox temporarily relaxes the underlying muscle that is responsible for causing wrinkles and folds.

Long Term Benefits

Another most important benefit of Botox injections for your various concerns is that it offers significant long term results with regular use. Therefore, if you visit your doctor for multiple Botox treatments, you may not feel as much of a need to get it with time.

Non-Surgical Solution Alternative Aesthetic And Health Issues

Unlike permanent surgical treatments, Botox provides a relatively non invasive solution to multiple concerns. This is one of the major reason behind Botox’s growing acceptance.
For instance, surgical methods were used traditionally to correct enlarged calf muscles. This option also invited risks and complications. However, Botox offers to treat this condition non-surgically, with slim chances of side effects.

Natural Looking Results

Results show that these injections provide natural looking results, provided that it is administered properly and with the correct dosage. The popular trend of ‘Baby Botox’ is ideal for achieving natural-looking results that even famous celebs swear by!
Therefore, you will still be able to have an expressive face without any ‘frozen look’! Moreover, a lot depends on the provider and the dose of the Botox to achieve natural looking results.

How Does Botox Work?

When botulinum toxin is administered into a certain area, it blocks certain nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. Therefore, the injected muscle relaxes, and its activity is reduced. As a result, wrinkles such as crow’s feet or forehead lines are significantly softened. 

Botox works beneath your skin and does not superficially correct the issue.

Common Botox Treatments

Do you know that the British cosmetic surgery industry is currently worth more than £3.6 billion! That is not all; according to reports, 9 out of 10 procedures constitute for enhancement and beautification. 

Botox For Beautification

Botox treatments make it to the top of the list of cosmetic treatments in the UK. It is primarily used for cosmetic purposes, especially for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. However, there are other botox treatments that are very much in demand.

Dynamic forehead lines that are undesirable and unpleasant to look at.

  • Glabella/Frown Lines 

The ‘11’ lines between eyebrows usually appear upon frowning and may even become visible while at rest.

  • Crow’s Feet (Lateral Orbital Lines) 

Crow’s feet are one of the ageing signs that many men and women find undesirable. However, correct dosage and injection of botox can reduce them

  • Bunny Lines (Transverse nasal)

“Bunny lines” are fine lines that appear on either side of your nose when you wrinkle your nose. These may become more noticeable with age, and many people find them unwanted. 

  • Peri-oral Lines (Smoker’s Lines)

These vertical lip wrinkles appear on top of lips and many factors may cause them such as, genetic, smoking, ageing, etc. A combination of botox and fillers can address the condition

  • Marionette Lines

Marionette lines are wrinkles that occur as you age. Moreover, these lines run vertically between the mouth and chin.

  • Chin Dents

Another sign of the ageing process is a wrinkling or dimpling in your chin. Moreover, chin dimples are also a cause self consciousness for many people. Hence, botox injections can smoothen out the chin. 

These vertical lines appear on your neck as part of a natural ageing process. As your platysma muscles weaken, these bands become noticeable. Moreover, thinning skin may also be a factor. 

  • Brow Lift 

A Botox brow lift treats your frown lines between your brows and elevates your eyebrows. Moreover, additional injections placed at the end of your eyebrows can pull up that area. Thus, giving you an awakened look.

The masseter muscles help you to chew solid foods, and its overactivity can give your face a square shape. Masseter Botox can slim down your face and give you a more V-shaped jawline. 

Botox For Medical Treatments

Another beneficial aspect of this non invasive treatment is that many medical and health conditions can be addressed. MHRA has approved most of the Botox treatments to ease the pain and suffering of many. 


  • Cervical dystonia. 

  • Lazy eye. 

  • Muscle contractures. 

  • Hyperhidrosis. 

  • Chronic migraine. 

  • Bladder dysfunction. 

  • Eye twitching. 


How Long Does Botox Last?

A Botox injection is laden with possibilities and solutions. You will love the visible results that were otherwise unthinkable to achieve from pricey night serums and holy grail DIYs! 

However, the very next question and quite a valid one is, how long does Botox last? A week? A month? 2 months or a year? While it is important to know the benefits of this drug, it is equally crucial to know how long does Botox last? 

Not forever! Well, there is good news and bad news. The average span of Botox effects is 3-4 months. Moreover, you may experience a short duration of botox effects if it is your first treatment.

The Good News− Botox last longer with repeated treatments!

 It is also common for first timers to notice that it may not last as long initially but may last long after the second treatment. Everyone has a unique experience, and results may vary.

How? With regular use of the treatment, your muscles will become weaker and weaker, hence, prolonging the effects of your procedure. So, you may expect the treatment to last between 4-6 months. 

Treatment Area Units Typical Duration
Forehead Wrinkles in females: 10-20 units

in males: 16-40 units

3-4 months
Bunny Lines on Nose In females: 2-6 units per side


males: 4-8 units per side


3-4 months

Droopy Eyebrows 30-40 units 3-6 months
Frown Lines (Glabellar Lines) Females: 15-28 units

Males: 25-40 units

3-4 months
Migraine/Headaches 155 units 3-4 months
Crow’s Feet in females: 6-9 units

in males: 9-16 units

Mainly depends upon the patient, however, it can be 3-4 months
Gummy Smile in females: 2-3 units per side


in males: 2-4 units per side




3-4 months, sometimes longer

Enlarged Masseter Muscle/TMJ relief 15-50 units each side 3-4 months
Dimpling Chin in females: 2 units per muscle


in males: 3-5 units per muscle




3-4 months

Smoker’s Lines (vertical wrinkles on lips) In females: 1-2 units per injection spot

In males: 1-3 units per injection spot



3-4 months

Excessive Sweating 50 units (under each arm) 4-12 months
 Marionette lines in females: 2 units per side

in males: 2-4 units per side


3-4 months

Vertical Neckbands 25-50 units 3-6 months

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