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Jawline Botox Reduces Masseter Muscle Power & Size

Jaw Botox (Face Slimming | Jaw Reduction | Bruxism | TMJ/TMD)

Masseter botox for jawline slimming

Jaw botox relaxes and reduces the size of the masseter muscle. The masseter muscles may enlarge due to excessive chewing (gum) as well as bruxism (teeth clenching). Besides jawline slimming, masseter botox also reduces TMJ disorder symptoms and headaches/migraines.

Botox is traditionally a cosmetic treatment for lines and wrinkles. However, it has a long history of medically therapeutic uses such as jawline botox for face slimming.

Masseter botox treatment summary

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    1-2 Weeks |
    4-6 Months

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    15-20 mins

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    Allergic Reactions,
    Bruises, Swelling,

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Botox for facial contouring

The masseter muscle is a chewing muscle.  It connects the cheekbone to the jawbone on the side of your face.  Botox temporarily relaxes parts of this muscle.  The relaxed parts atrophy (shrink) due to disuse.  This treatment for face slimming is commonly referred to as Masseter Botox or Jawline Botox.

What are other uses of jawline botox?

Botox in the masseter is safely used for:

  • teeth grinding
  • reducing jaw ache & tension
  • reducing headaches
  • contouring wide square jaw
  • balancing the upper and lower face shape

Masseter botox procedure explained

What to expect before, during and after the procedure

Before the procedure

A consultation with our cosmetic doctor is to ascertain relevant information.  Your goals and concerns are discussed and an appropriate treatment plan recommended.  During the consultation side effects are discussed.

Masseter Muscle Size

We examine masseter muscles for size and asymmetry.  The width of the mandible bone is also taken into account.

Jawline Muscle Size Illustration

During the procedure

The treatment is relatively quick, painless with no downtime.  At Cosmedocs, Botox is administered via a small needle known as the “invisible needle”.

What to expect during the procedure:

  1. Our cosmetic doctor will clean your skin reducing chances of infection.  A numbing cream maybe applied
  2. Your doctor will prepare the botulinum toxin
  3. Next, the boundaries of the masseter muscle is calculated
  4. Botox is injected via  a very thin needle in 2 two 3 sites on each masseter.

The actual injection time is less a few minutes. The video below demonstrates our cosmetic doctors training colleagues jawline & masseter botox injections.

After the procedure

After jawline botox patients may return immediately to regular daily routines. We advise not to rub the treated area, consume alcohol or exercise for 24 hours.

Patients will observe softening of the masseter muscle within a week. Further results continue over the next few months.

Masseter Botox Results (Before and After)

Jawline botox results in the decreases of the lower face width by reducing the masseter size. A proper examination of the lower face and masseter muscle size determines the dose and frequency of botox injections.

Jawline Treaatment before and after FemaleJawline Botox Treaatment before and after Female
Botox Jawline Treaatment before and after Male


Causes of a wide face

Enlarged Jaw Masseter Muscle

Masseter muscle enlarges due to excess gum chewing, weight lifting and nighttime clenching (bruxism).  Some individuals also clench their teeth during the day.  The recommended treatment is therefore masseter botox

Enlarged Mandible Bone

This requires surgical correction.  However, applying masseter botox may still help even if the muscle is not very large. Some ethnic groups have large mandible bones such as orientals.

Adipose Tissue (Fat)

Excess adipose maybe the issue.  This can dissolved using liposuction or small PDO Threads (not cogs) around the jawline and chin area.

Loose Sagging Skin

With ageing the face volume depletes and skin may sage. Advanced non-surgical skin lifting procedures utilise dermal fillers or PDO Threads

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Botox for jaw reduction needs successive treatments at four to six months. Generally speaking, large muscles require three treatments the first year, moving onto two treatments next year and less after maintenance.

At CosmeDocs, we have a fixed cost of £350 per treatment. Number of treatments and frequency is decided by size of the masseter muscle. Smaller muscles require.

We have been performing jawline botox for over 12 years. The chances of side effects, such as an asymmetric smile, is less than 0.5%. Other side effects of botox such as allergic reactions are very rare.

Jawline filler adds volume to enhance definition. Masseter botox injections reduce the size of the muscles in a square jaw for face slimming.

The aftercare involves no exercise or alcohol for 24 hours. Other recommendations will be given according to your needs by our cosmetic doctor.

This is altering the shape of the jawline using botox, a muscle relaxing injection. Relaxing the muscle causes part of it to shrink. We creatively weaken certain parts of the jaw muscle sculpting it chemically to the desired look overtime.

No, we use very tiny needles. Patients say that it feels similar to pinching your skin with your nails.


  • Female£350
  • Male£350

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