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Oily Skin Botox (T-zone Oil Reduction)

Putting the Squeeze on Oily Skin in Your T-Zone

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    Oily Skin Botox Results
    1-2 Weeks | 4-6 Months

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    15-20 mins

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    Allergic Reactions, Bruises,
    Swelling, Eyebrow/eyelid dropping

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Understanding T-Zone Oily Skin & How It Affects Your Skin?

Oily skin, particularly in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), can often lead to enlarged pores, excess shine, and a propensity for acne breakouts. While traditional skincare routines can help manage these issues to some extent, Oily Skin Botox Treatment offers a specialized approach to tackle these concerns at their source. Let’s have a look:

Botox: A Multifaceted Solution

Botox has earned its reputation as a versatile powerhouse, offering solutions for a myriad of concerns, both cosmetic and medical. But that’s not all. Botox is also known for its efficacy in treating oily skin, particularly in the T-Zone area.

How Does Botox for Oily Skin Work?

Botox works for T-zone oily skin by targeting the sweat glands in the treated area. When injected into the skin, Botox temporarily blocks the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates sweat production.

By reducing sweat production in the T-zone area, oily skin Botox treatment helps control excess oiliness and shine. This can result in a smoother, matte appearance and help prevent clogged pores and breakouts associated with oily skin.

Can Botox Change Your Skin Type?

Research indicates that Botox injections exhibit a comparable impact on sebaceous glands, inhibiting them from producing sebum.

In a study, neurotoxin injections were found to “significantly reduce sebum production in the forehead region, leading to a high level of patient satisfaction.”

Any perceived changes in skin type are usually due to these effects on specific concerns rather than a direct alteration of skin type itself.

What To Expect During Your Oily Skin Botox Treatment:


During your consultation, our healthcare provider assesses your skin type, degree of oiliness, and any specific concerns related to the T-zone area.

Treatment Plan:

A customized treatment plan is devised after an assessment of your T-zone area to identify

  • areas of excessive oil production,
  • enlarged pores, 
  • potential dynamic wrinkles (such as frown lines or forehead lines).

Injection Process:

During the treatment, a series of Botox injections is precisely administered into the areas of the skin where oil production is most intense, targeting key zones such as the forehead, nose, and chin.

This process, conducted with a fine needle, typically takes about an hour. Our practitioner at CosmeDocs pays careful attention to ensure thorough coverage of the treatment area, aiming for optimal and uniform results.

Minimal Downtime:

The downtime is minimal when it comes to oily skin Botox treatment for T-zone, so you can get back to your daily groove right away. There is no need to hit pause on life after the procedure.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

Gradual or Immediate Effects?

You may begin noticing results as early as the day following the procedure. However, the most noticeable improvements typically manifest after about a week; people generally experience up to a 30% reduction in oil production.

Maintenance Sessions:

The effects of oily skin Botox for T-zone is typically long-lasting, with results lasting around 4-6 months. However, Botox isn’t a permanent solution, so if you want to maintain your results, you’ll need a touch-up appointment about every 4–6 months.

What Outcomes Can Be Anticipated Following the Results?

Once you see the results after 4-6 days, you’ll observe a noticeable reduction in daily oil production, allowing for a balanced amount necessary for the skin’s essential functions. You’ll no longer find the need to constantly blot oil from your skin throughout the day and instead enjoy a youthful and controlled’ matte’ complexion.

Benefits of Oily Skin Botox:

Oily Skin Botox for the T-zone area is a game changer at CosmeDocs, as it can:

  • Regulating Sebum Production: Botox injections can help control excess oil production in the T-zone, reducing shine and promoting a more balanced complexion.
  • Minimizing Pore Size: By targeting the muscles responsible for pulling on the skin’s surface, Botox can indirectly reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, leading to smoother skin texture.
  • Preventing Breakouts: With its ability to regulate sebum production and minimize pore size, Botox can help prevent acne breakouts in the T-Zone area, promoting clearer and healthier-looking skin.
  • Reducing Shine: By controlling oil production, Botox can help reduce the unwanted shine often associated with oily skin, giving the T-Zone a more matte appearance.
  • Improving Overall Skin Texture: With consistent treatment, BOTOX can contribute to an overall improvement in the texture and appearance of oily skin in the T-Zone, providing a smoother and more refined complexion.
  • Longer Lasting Makeup: With reduced oiliness in the T-zone, makeup tends to last longer and stay in place better throughout the day.
  • Enhanced Confidence: A less oily T-zone can lead to improved confidence and self-esteem, as you feel more comfortable and satisfied with your skin’s appearance.

Oily Skin Botox Treatment Price

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Botox injections affect my ability to sweat in the treated areas of the T-zone?

While Botox can temporarily reduce sweat production in the treated areas, this effect is typically localized and does not affect overall sweating or thermoregulation in the body.

Our experts at CosmeDocs make sure that everything is discussed thorouly before treatment like any of your any concerns about sweating.

Can Botox help with acne in the T-zone?

While Botox primarily targets oil production and pore size, some individuals may notice improvements in acne severity, particularly if excess oil production contributes to breakouts.

However, Botox is not specifically indicated for treating acne and may not be effective for all acne types.

Can Botox be combined with other skincare treatments for oily skin in the T-zone?

Yes, Botox can be combined with other skincare treatments such as topical retinoids, chemical peels, or laser therapies to enhance overall results for oily skin in the T-zone.

However, you can consult with our skin experts to determine the best combination for your specific needs.

Are there any special precautions or post-treatment care tips for oily skin in the T-zone after Botox injections?

After Botox treatment, it’s advisable to avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area for the first few hours and to avoid strenuous exercise for the remainder of the day.

Additionally, wearing sunscreen and avoiding excessive sun exposure can help maintain results and protect the skin.

Can I still make facial expressions after Oily Skin Botox?

Yes, of course, Botox is designed to target specific muscles while preserving natural facial expressions.

You should still be able to make regular facial expressions, including smiling and frowning, after the procedure.

What specific areas of the T-zone can Botox treat for oily skin?

Botox can be targeted to areas such as the forehead, between the eyebrows (glabella), and around the nose to reduce oiliness and pore size in the T-zone.

Why CosmeDocs?

CosmeDocs is a renowned name in the industry of cosmetics. Our clinics located in Harley Street (London), Derby, Nottingham, and Portsmouth are well equipped and modern practices. CosmeDocs are also well-known trainers to physicians from around the globe.

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