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The latest statistics and figures show that plastic surgery is a big business all over the world, and it’s no longer reserved for the wealthy ones. Even people with medium incomes undergo procedures for lifting their skin, rejuvenating their appearance, removing some extra fat from their abdomen or re-contouring their face, these procedures being now accepted as a normal part of one’s beauty rituals.

Yet, not all countries are equally open to plastic surgery, and the mentality and acceptance in society can vary greatly from one continent to another. While some embrace the procedures and talk openly about the treatments they received, others refuse to share their experience or they even claim the amazing changes in their appearance were obtained through natural and holistic approaches.

Facial treatments with fillers, Botox injections for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, skin peels, breast augmentation and body contouring treatments are some of the most popular beauty procedures both in the UK and in the US, but the public perception is different.

While in the UK people prefer not to brag about their beauty treatments, and are rather discreet when it comes to sharing this type of information, in the US if someone undergoes an expensive procedure they want people to know that they had something done.

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