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These days it’s almost impossible to browse through an entertainment website or watch the lifestyle news and not hear about the Kardashians. They’re everywhere from Hollywood events and glossy magazine covers to fashion shows and social media networks, and their presence rarely goes unnoticed, not only because they’re celebrities, but because they know how to get into the spotlight even when doing regular activities.

One thing is certain though: the popularity and success of the Kardashian sisters has a lot to do with their physical appearance and with the numerous (partially admitted) procedures they underwent in order to look better. This family’s obsession with cosmetic surgery is clearly visible in the transformations suffered by most of the Kardashians over the past few years.

Kylie Jenner’s lips got bigger and fuller almost overnight, and although she claimed the change was in fact the result of great makeup skills, rumor has it that the younger K-sis got lip fillers. Moreover, her nose looks different than it did before she became so renowned. Kourtney admitted she got breast implants in college, Chris Jenner’s chest got bigger and Khloe’s butt now looks even larger than Kim’s. Not to mention the starlet’s nose and lips also look slightly different.

Although she never admitted, Kim is suspected to have butt implants, and her facial features have changed a lot since she first appeared on Hollywood’s scene. Kim’s nose has gotten shorter and thinner over the years, her chin looks slightly different and her face is suspiciously line-free. Her breasts have gotten bigger and her profile looks more refined with each public appearance. It therefore comes as no surprise that Kim’s attempt to “break the internet” involved a picture of her (fake) butt.

But what about the health effects of these procedures? Is it safe to have your appearance altered several times through surgery, or to use fillers and implants in several body areas? Is getting bigger lips, breasts or buttocks really safe and good for you?

Long-term effects and risks of plastic surgery

Surgery is always a risky thing, and even the common procedures like breast augmentation or rhinoplasty can lead to complications, so the potential side effects shouldn’t be neglected. One can easily develop an infection after a plastic surgery procedure, skin infections for example occurring in about 2-4% of women after breast surgery.

Hematoma formation is also common, 1-6% of women who undergo breast augmentation procedures experiencing this side effect. The pocket of blood that resembles a painful bruise forms not only after breast enlargement surgery but also after facelifts, and sometimes additional procedures are necessary for draining the blood.

Scars occur frequently after surgery and are troubling, as the purpose of surgery is exactly the opposite: you undergo a facelift or lipo procedure to look flawless, not to have one imperfection replaced by another one.

But the risks go well beyond scarring and bruising: nerve damage and a decrease in sensation, depression as a result of asymmetries or contouring problems after a procedure, blood clots formation, swelling and pain can all occur after a plastic surgery intervention.

Perforations of the internal organs or other kind of organ damage and anesthesia complications like infections of the lungs, heart attacks or stroke are listed among the potential side effects of plastic surgery as well.

Even simpler procedures like hyaluronic acid fillers can have side effects like swelling and bruising or tenderness at the site of the injection, to severe damage, asymmetries, infections, lumps, ulcerations, allergic reactions and scarring. But despite these risks, beauty procedures continue to be on the rise, techniques like butt implant and breast augmentation gaining more and more adepts. What do plastic surgeons say about this trend?

On one hand, such a procedure can boost one’s self-esteem and confidence, and make them feel better about their look and sexuality; on the other hand, one may become obsessed with plastic surgery and have greater expectations after each procedure, especially if they see these interventions as a cure-all for self-esteem issues. Some people are never satisfied with their bodies, no matter how much surgery they receive, and this can signal underlying psychological issues and can put one’s health and even life at risk.

Bigger is not always better if we refer to lip fillers, butt or breast implants, not only because the skin can get permanently damaged due to repeated procedures, but also because the results may not be satisfactory. It’s not uncommon for one’s body to appear unbalanced and fake after plastic surgery, or for implants to leak and to cause complications.

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