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Women are forever searching for the perfect beauty product that can slow down the ageing process as well as create the illusion of perfect skin. I’m sure you are doing just the same.  In most visits to a skin clinic the common question is if you use a retinol face cream. In fact, your doctor may even recommend it to you.

Many people fear retinoids because, as it has received quite a bad reputation for causing too much flaking and peeling, as well as the reddening of the skin. Of course, there is an explanation for this.

Retinoids help slough off dead skin and increase the turnover of new skin cells. With that, they are actually the best products to use for the cure of acne and premature ageing.

Acquiring Retinoids

Retinoids are typically easy to acquire. There are those you can pick up at drug stores, while others require a prescription from your doctor. Likewise, they can be oral or topical, depending on your choice. All in all, their results are the same: they help heal hyperpigmentation, acne cases and premature ageing – what just differs is their strength and the time it takes to achieve maximum results.

How Do Retinoids Work?

Take note that the skin sheds off dead cells on a regular basis. Sometimes, we do not shed the cells enough, leading to the clogging of pores. Retinoids work by stabilizing the removal of these cells, helping the skin look brighter and lessening the chance of acne and inflammation.

Some Types of Retinoids

All retinoids are forms of vitamin A. One popular cosmetic form is retinol, which is quite mild in terms of effect. This is a common ingredient in many skin lightening creams and is available as an over the counter product. Retinol is quite safe and is not painful to use.

Another popular retinoid is retinoic acid, which is also known as Tretinoin and has quite a strong effect. This is used to treat acne and keratosis pilaris. This is available through prescription only. When topically applied, it lightens the skin and replaces old skin with new one. It is also used to treat a wide range of skin diseases. Peeling and redness may be quite visible with tretinoin.

Another type of retinoid is called isotretinoin. This is an isomer of the previous compound. This product is sold in the market under the name Accutane. It is available for severe forms of acne. Its topical agent is not as strong as its oral version. The oral form of isotretinoin is often used by doctors as a last resort treatment to stubborn acne.

Retinoids are very helpful for the skin, and there is no other time to start it but now. True, you do not have to wait until a certain age to start using it. Using the product even in your twenties can produce results that you would not even dream of, and can help reduce the aging process as the years go by! That said, take the time to visit your dermatologist first. A quick check-up will enable your skin doctor to assess your skin’s condition and determine the type of treatment needed.

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