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Non Surgical Nose Job

(Harley Street Clinic,London)

Established in 2007, our Harley Street Clinic has been at the forefront of non surgical nose job, pioneering advancements that have set new standards. Our innovative techniques, showcased at leading aesthetic conferences, offer a safe, effective, and affordable alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. Whether you’re looking to smooth out bumps, refine the nasal tip, or enhance overall nose definition, our treatments promise impressive outcomes with minimal downtime.

Transparent Pricing for Your Nose Reshaping Needs

Starting at just £450, our non-surgical nose job services at Harley Street, London, provide value without compromising on quality, regardless of your nose’s unique characteristics. For detailed pricing information, including potential additional charges such as £75 for Botox enhancements, please visit our pricing page.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Benefits

Rhinoplasty using dermal fillers can quickly and safely improve:

  • A droopy nose tip-lift.
  • A ‘Hooked Nose’ or ‘Crooked Nose’.
  • Smooth out humps & bumps.
  • Raise a low nasal bridge (eg Asian noses).
  • Balance facial profile
  • Nose definition and contour

Nose Shapes Across Ethnicities

Nose fillers can improve various aesthetic concerns from the broader, flatter appearances often seen in African-American noses, the shorter bases and round tips characteristic of Asian noses, to the distinct humps of Mediterranean descent. Our expertly tailored treatments enhance your natural beauty and facial harmony efficiently and effectively, all within a quick, minimally invasive session.

Expertise You Can Trust

Dr. Haq, a luminary in the realm of non-surgical facial treatments at CosmeDocs London since 2007, leads our nose filler procedures. His contributions to liquid rhinoplasty education at the Harley Street Institute and innovative techniques, like the 1-point nose job, have benefited countless patients and professionals alike.

The Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Experience

Our procedure is swift, comfortable, and utilizes top-tier Swiss hyaluronic acid fillers, ensuring quality at every step. With precision and artistry, we employ micro-needle injections to sculpt your desired nose shape, perfectly balancing it with your facial features. The process is collaborative, allowing for real-time adjustments to ensure the final look matches your vision.

Nose Fillers Before And After

Our gallery of before and after photos stands as a testament to the transformative power of our non-surgical rhinoplasty. From correcting asymmetries to refining previous surgical adjustments, our experts deliver with skill and care. For more insights, explore our social media, especially Instagram under #cosmenose, where we regularly share procedural videos and results.

Nose Tip Lift & Slimming 

Fillers can enhance the nose tip by elevating and making it look slimmer. This sophisticated procedure is commonly integrated when conducting nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

Nose Botox Tip Lift

Botox is utilized by our doctors either alone or in combination to lift the tip in cases of muscle activity that lowers the nose.

Surgical & Non Surgical Nose job Comparison

Surgical Nose Job Non Surgical Nose Job
  • Higher risks & complications
  • Less predictable results
  • Results take longer to show
  • Long recovery
  • Costly
  • Safer
  • Subtle & natural-looking results
  • Instantly visible results
  • Minimal recovery
  • Fairly affordable
Surgical Nose Job
  • Possible risk & Complications
  • Dramatic results
  • Results take longer to show
  • Long recovery
  • Costly
Non Surgical Nose Job
  • Little to no risks & Complications
  • Subtle & natural looking results
  • Instantly visible results
  • Minimal recovery
  • Fairly affordable

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, nose job fillers are conducted with utmost safety, presenting a very low risk of serious complications. It’s essential to acknowledge that while adverse effects are rare, they can occur if fillers are not applied correctly. Our procedure ensures minimal recovery time, allowing patients to immediately continue with their daily life post-treatment.

Moreover, our doctors are not only experienced in performing nose filler treatments but also play a significant role in educating the medical community. They have successfully trained hundreds of medical professionals in the safe and proficient application of nose fillers, further emphasizing the reliability and safety of our practices.

Nose fillers provide a versatile and effective solution for various cosmetic concerns, including smoothing out bumps, correcting asymmetry, or lifting a drooping nasal tip, often with just a single treatment.

At our clinic, we are highly skilled in conducting complex nose filler treatments, catering to a wide range of aesthetic preferences, including specific techniques for Asian and ethnic noses. This expertise showcases our ability to adapt and meet diverse cosmetic needs, making non-surgical rhinoplasty a suitable option for many individuals seeking nasal enhancements without surgery.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, highly popular for its effectiveness and instant results, comes with minimal risks when compared to traditional plastic surgery. Some common side effects include:

  • Mild swelling
  • Redness
  • Minimal to no discomfort
  • Light bruising at the injection site

To minimize these side effects and mitigate potential complications, choosing a qualified aesthetic expert is crucial. A skilled injector ensures the safest procedure possible, effectively managing any side effects and providing peace of mind throughout your transformation journey.

Furthermore, it is equally important that you always look for an aesthetic expert for this purpose.
A qualified injector will not only avoid any unwanted side effects but will also handle any complications.

Non surgical nose job price at Cosmedocs is £450 regardless of nose shape, size, or ethnicity.

At CosmeDocs, a filler nose job demands minimal aftercare, with our only advice being to avoid makeup or skin products on the treated area for the first 24 hours. Our sophisticated technique and careful choice of filler significantly reduce the risk of post-procedure issues. We advise against the use of ice and other common aftercare methods, details of which we’ll provide during your consultation.

Your doctor will assess whether you can wear glasses based on the pressure points they create. If you typically wear contacts, please bring your glasses to the consultation so your doctor can make an informed decision.

This situation is rare since we ensure you’re involved in every step of the process, allowing you to see the gradual changes and avoid unexpected outcomes.

Nevertheless, If you’re not completely satisfied with your results, the nose filler can be dissolved, returning your nose to its original shape.

Nose fillers, enhanced by advancements in hyaluronic acid filler technology, typically last between 12 to 18 months as they gradually dissolve. At CosmeDocs, prioritizing safety, we opt against using long-lasting permanent fillers due to potential long-term side effects.

Nose job filler is administered with a tiny needle or cannula, resulting in no visible marks except for temporary injection points that quickly fade.

Absolutely yes.  Some surgeons advise to dissolve the filler a few weeks before the surgery.

We utilize hyaluronic acid dermal fillers made in Switzerland, the USA, or France. The selection of the specific type of filler is tailored to address the particular issue and accommodate different nose structures we’re enhancing.

Why Choose CosmeDocs for Your Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Since pioneering liquid rhinoplasty at a prominent London conference over ten years ago, CosmeDocs has established itself as a leader in non-surgical nasal enhancements. With thousands of successful non-surgical nose jobs under our belt, we’re dedicated to excellence in every treatment.

Our clinic boasts some of the UK’s most esteemed cosmetic specialists, celebrated for their vast experience and consistently positive feedback from clients. By using premium dermal fillers and the most reliable injection methods, we ensure refined, natural-looking results for everyone who walks through our doors.

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