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Role of A Chin In Facial Aesthetics

In both men and women, the chin is crucial in balancing and defining the face. In order to achieve the “Golden Ratio of Beauty,” so many celebrities have undergone painful surgical chin enhancement for many years.

Today, non surgical chin augmentation is now possible. Chin filler at CosmeDocs is being preferred by both male and female patients because it visibly improves the profile and definition of the face without looking unnatural.

Chin FillerNon Surgical Chin Reshaping

A non surgical chin augmentation is a safe, quick, less invasive and instantly gratifying option for balancing your facial profile using chin filler. The chin fillers are made of a naturally occurring substance in your bodies known as hyaluronic acid.

It involves using a needle or a microcannula to deeply inject a specially designed dermal filler into strategic areas of the chin to increase its width, length, or projection and thus define the chin. 

Depending on your unique face structure and the aesthetic goals you have, the dermal filler will be placed accordingly. Chin filler treatment is aimed at improving the look of the lower third of your face instantly with minimal discomfort and without the need of undergoing a knife.

Chin Filler Enhances Your Lower Face

The chin of any face serves as its ‘anchor’. Liquid Mentoplasty or non surgical chin reshaping with dermal filler is an underrated aesthetic treatment. The procedure plays a crucial role in safe and subtle facial contouring while also delivering anti aging benefits.

At CosmeDocs, this chin fillers not only enhances your chin but also:

  •  Correct any facial symmetry
  •  Improve side profile
  •  Reduce the look of jowls especially when combined with jawline filler
  • Tighten skin especially around the jawline and neck

Benefits of Chin Filler

  • Better projection for weak or recessed chins
  • Achieving a more pronounced and defined jawline
  • Gives a more slimmer facial silhouette to chubby faces
  • Correction of ‘cleft’ or ‘butt’ chins
  • Minimises too much chin dimple and creasing
  • Restores volume to ageing and sagging lower face
  • Natural and tailored results

Treatment Procedure

Your aesthetics journey of Chin Filler at CosmeDocs begins with a friendly and detailed consultation. This stage entails a holistic assessment of your facial anatomy, facial expressions and expectations from the procedure.

Though the dermal filler treatment is not so painful, nevertheless, to ensure minimal discomfort and a smooth treatment experience, a skin numbing cream or local anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area.

The entire procedure is quite straightforward and takes no more than 15-20 minutes. After which you leave with an improved facial profile and self-confidence. Be sure to follow the aftercare instructions of your aesthetic practitioner.

Chin Filler Vs Chin Implants

Surgical chin implant, also known as Mentoplasty, aim to reshape and contour an unprojected chin. This highly invasive method may involve extending the jaw bone or inserting specially designed silicone implant for an enhanced chin projection.

Unlike a cosmetic surgery for chin enhancement, chin filler is less risky and delivers immediate and visible results without a lengthy recovery. Moreover, the cost of dermal filler treatments is less than the fraction of the price of a surgery.

Chin,Cheek & Jawline Enhancement 

The chin and jawline need to be taken into account as one entity. Using hyaluronic acid based dermal filler, a well-defined chin can achieve a visual harmony between your nose, neck, and cheeks.

Female patients benefit from jawline filler together with cheek filler to effortlessly achieve softer, heart-shaped and attractive contours.

In addition to better aesthetic projection a stronger and more prominent chin can support voluptuous lips, whether they are natural or achieved through lip fillers.

Ideal For Young Patients

Young clients having a naturally set back or small chin often complain of disproportionate profile as their chin is somewhat smaller than their face and may not support other facial features. Experts at CosmeDocs can address this concern by adding volume to the chin area according to their unique aesthetic needs and goals.

Because of this, volume can be injected to either lengthen the chin vertically or improve an unflattering chin shape. To get the most desirable results and proportions, a combination of these approaches may be necessary.

Ideal For Mature Patients

Male and female patients tend to experience many shifts and changes in their facial aesthetics and contours as they age. One of the most notable of these changes is bone loss, especially in their lower face.

Your chin bone, with the passage of time and due to hormonal fluctuations leading to bone loss, may become shorter, and look less projected from the side.

Moreover, many mature patients also wish to reduce the jowl like appearance along their jaw and chin area due to sagging skin with ageing. CosmeDocs lets you restore your younger looking self and confidence in less than 30 minutes using non surgical chin augmentation.

Chin Filler For Round Face Slimming

The face shape plays an essential role in suitability, particularly the dermal chin filler amount and placement to fit the profile and achieve desired results. The face shape can be adjusted by injecting the cheekbone and jawline areas to form a more natural diamond or heart shape face. Facial profiling is our expertise with jaw and chin filler.

Chin Filler For Square Face

Strategic placement of dermal fillers in the chin area together with masseter Botox to relax the chewing muscles can soften a squarish face especially in Asian men and women. A more heart-shaped or V-shaped lower face thus, becomes achievable.

Chin Filler For Double Chin

A stubborn double chin can be optically concealed by elongating your facial profile from the sides and drawing out the under chin area with dermal filler injections. Hence making your chin fat less noticeable.

Client Reviews

Chin Filler Before and After / #cosmechin

CosmeDocs offers highly sought-after non surgical chin filler London, which has a high satisfaction rate among clients. Skilled experts use facial assessment and an aesthetic eye to achieve a harmonized facial profile and a confidence boost, often combining chin and jawline filler for a more projected facial profile. See the stunning chin fillers before and after transformations.

Chin Filler Pricing

Dermal fillers in the chin last longer than filler treatment in the lips; due to the viscosity (thickness) of material selected. The prices are:

  • (1st syringe 1.2ml) Hyaluronic Acid from £350
  • (2.4 ml) Hyaluronic Acid from £650
  • (3.6 ml) Hyaluronic Acid from £850

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chin filler London safe?

Absolutely! At CosmeDocs, only the finest quality dermal filler products are used for non surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation. Secondly, all the skin concerns are addressed and aesthetic procedures are carried out by skilled medical practitioners with vast experience and knowledge in the field.

Generally, chin filler treatment have a very safe reputation as compared to a surgery. However, it is very crucial that a dermal filler procedure is performed by an expert who uses the natural features of your face as a guide and selects the correct product.

A detailed consultation at our aesthetic clinic ensures that the client gets a highly personalised chin enhancement experience and satisfactory results. 

How do chin fillers work?

  • Consultation

Your non surgical chin augmentation begins with a detailed and friendly consultation with one of our expert practitioners who examines your unique facial proportions, aesthetic needs, and expectations. This stage is very important for the doctor and the client to ensure you get a desired outcome and expectations from the procedure.

  • Treatment

Once the tailored treatment plan is determined and discussed, the cosmetic doctor at CosmeDocs cleans and disinfect the chin area and apply a topical numbing cream to ensure minimal discomfort throughout the procedure. Liquid mentoplasty or non surgical chin filler with a fine needle does not take more than 15 – 30 minutes to finish.

  • Aftercare

Immediately after the treatment, there may be some bruising around the injection site and you may experience slight tenderness, redness or soreness around the chin area. Nevertheless, these side effects are temporary and usually subside over a few days after the injection session.

Be sure to follow the post treatment advice of your cosmetic doctor such as avoiding laser hair removal or chemical peel to prevent any unwanted complications.

Chin and Jaw Filler Benefits?

  • Natural results with improved facial dimensions
  • Addresses an ageing lower face, undefined jawline as well as weak chin
  • Minimal downtime as compared to a cosmetic surgery
  • Temporary but long-lasting (12-18 Months)
  • High patient satisfaction

Please see the chin filler treatment video below (graphic content warning).  For more information, please do visit our Instagram page.

How much dermal chin filler to use?

Whether to use 1ml chin filler or more really depends on individual anatomy. We look not only at the bone structure but soft tissue density. Though most individuals are satisfied with 1ml chin and jaw filler. If the side walls of the chin are deficient another 0.5 -1ml maybe required.

Can I have other dermal filler treatments along with chin fillers?

Since a defined and strong chin supports many other features of your face, it can be a good idea to combine your chin filler procedure with other non surgical treatments such as:

  • Masseter Botox injections for tapered lower face and sharper looking chin
  • Jawline filler for a more defined and sleeker jawline 
  • Lip filler enhancement
  • Non surgical rhinoplasty

At CosmeDocs, the hyaluronic acid makeover (Cheeks + Chin + Jawline) is one of the most popular rejuvenation combos requested by young as well as senior clients. The ultimate goal behind these combined treatments is to achieve a harmonised and proportionate facial profile.

What is Teosyal or Juvederm Filler?

We use only a specific Swiss or US-made Juvederm filler. These are designed to last 15-18+ months. Advance science of formulating hyaluronic acid provides a natural look. Moreover, we avoid using permanent dermal fillers for chin filler treatment at our clinics. Permanent fillers may have longer lasting side effects.

What if I do not like my chin filler results?

A good aesthetic clinic and an experienced doctor will always help you set realistic expectations from non surgical treatments such as chin enhancement using dermal filler. However, in case you are not happy with your results or experience any unwanted asymmetry, you can always reverse them.

Using hyaluronidase enzyme, your dermal filler effects can be dissolved as early as within 24 hours. Hence, making non surgical rejuvenation a safer and better alternative to a plastic surgery. 

What is chin fillers cost?

Chin augmentation cost is currently at £375 for 1-1.2ml. If you require additional chin filler, we will discount it by £50. Remember, not all need to be used in the chin, and we may suggest using some to define and balance the jawline.

What are chin and jawline fillers side effects?

The typical side effects of chin filler treatment include swelling, bruising and a low chance of infection. Swelling the chin region is not prominent as it is in the lips. Though the aim is to correct any chin asymmetry, this may not be entirely possible.
Using a cannula, we avoid injuring blood vessels, thereby decreasing complications.

How long do chin filler treatments last?

Dermal fillers in the chin last longer than fillers in the lips; due to the viscosity (thickness) of material selected. Many factors determine the suitability of chin augmentation including thickness of the skin and underlying tissue layers. Our expert doctors choose the filler best for you.

Why CosmeDocs?

CosmeDocs is a renowned name in the industry of cosmetics. Our clinic located in Harley Street (London) is well equipped and modern practices. CosmeDocs are also well-known trainers to physicians from around the globe.

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