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Welcome to the world of STROBING! But what is this mystical thing I hear you speak of? Fear not, strobing is simply a fancy way of saying highlighting – using reflective makeup to give the illusion of a more youthful appearance, used to fool the world into thinking you attend regular hot yoga classes, drink shots of wheat grass and have organic, fair trade avocado on home made quinoa toast for breakfast. You know, that kind of healthy inner radiance.

For me, I’m all about that glow, I became addicted after visiting CosmeDocs for a series of chemical peels, my skin was radiant and since then I’ve been on a mission to replicate this fresh faced glow.

However, I’m not convinced I’mready to step away from my Chanel tan de soliel just yet. But let’s be real people. Spring/summer is on the approach and a sweaty, streaky contour is just not the one.

strobing makeup base

Before you start ‘strobing’ there are a few key points I’d like to make. Highlighting accentuates whichever area it is applied too. If you’re someone that suffers with acne or significant scarring in the areas you would strobe, then just be aware that this may cause these to appear more pronounced than a matte finish would. Oily skinned followers out there, the strobing world is your oyster. You guys can go au natural by simply letting your own oils do to the work for you. A swish of mattifying powder in the right places and you’re ready to rock. Otherwise a powder option may be best for you.

As a general rule I prefer a liquid or cream highlighter as I feel this gives the most natural ‘lit from within’ effect and these tend to have the less glitter.Pearlescent is the way forwards! You are not. I repeat. Not. A glitter ball. NO.


Prepare your skin as normal. Apply a good quality moisturiser and eye cream, and allow to absorb in. Once settled, I always apply a primer. I like to choose one that has a little subtle shimmer to it, to really get the glow on the go, and my reached-for product is always the YSL touché eclat blur primer. This contains tiny flecks of gold, but don’t be alarmed you can’t detect these at all when on your face, other than when you look like a fresher version of yourself. Again allow this to settle into your face.


Apply your base products as you usually would. I always reach for a dewy foundation and that’s no different when strobing. YSL touché eclat foundation is my go-to product at the moment, the smooth medium coverage offers just the right amount for delicious dewy goodness to give me an all over healthy glow. I then conceal any imperfections – remember, for this look your concealer needs to match your skin tone. I use DiorskinStar, it is a brightening concealer that has a lovely soft focus finish to it. At this point you at want to hide your contour kit .. must .. resist..

strobing base lotion

Choose your weapon

For this look to be successful, you’re looking to achieve a dewy rather than shiny finish (chroming is a whole other ball game). To ensure you get the desired effect I prefer a pearlescent rather than glittery highlight as it produces a more natural radiance.

For fair skin tones, try a shimmer with a pink or oyster undertone. Honestly, this will look amazing!.
You could try the Nars Multiple in Copacabana or the Benefit Highbeam.

For medium/olive skin tones, go for gold. Gold will compliment your skin tone and make you look like a goddess. My favourite at the moment has to beBecca’s Champagne Pop. Deeper skin tones will look amazing when highlighted using burnt oranges to really make your skin tone pop. Try the much-loved Armani Fluid Highlighter in Copper.

How to strobe

Strobing is much less precise that contouring. There should be no harsh lines. It’s better to build up the products to get the desired effect, and remember you are not a glitter ball.

Being fair I like to take my product(which for me is the pink undertones Nars Multiple in Copacabana), I use either my fingers or large highlighter, brush-sprayed first with Macs Fix + or Makeup Revolutions Pro Fix and blend the highlighter into my c zone (the area at the top of your cheek bones and around the brow) I often extend this down towards the apples of my cheeks for the extra GLOW! I also place some above and below the arch of my eyebrow, along the central ridge of my nose (but I leave the bump on my nose alone so as to create a cheap nose job)and on the tip of my nose, above my cupids bow and below my bottom lip and if I remember, I dab some below where my contour would be and blend downwards with a fluffy brush, tips helps create a sort of faux contour. If desired you can layer a powder highlight on the top for that extra element of diffuse light.

The face map below shows you exactly where to apply your strobe product of choice, blending carefully to avoid harsh lines or heavy buildup of product. As I said above I like to apply some below the usual contour line too, just to make cheekbones pop that little bit more.

strobing cosmetic accessories

For a budget friendly version of the Narsmultiple you could try the fantastic, and very budget friendly makeup revolution strobe balm, which comes with either a golden or a pink glow. Working in much the same way as its pricier cousin, this balm glides on effortlessly, use wet for a more intense shine.

Now go be free, as RiRi so eloquently put it ‘shine bright like a diamond’. You can thank me later.

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