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What Is Non Surgical Skin Tightening?

As you age, you lose elasticity in your skin, due to the collective effects of UV damage, hormonal changes, and genetics.

Ageing signs can be loose, sagging skin, jowls, weak jawline, double chin, wrinkled skin.

Non surgical skin tightening with Morpheus8 aims to kickstart your skin’s natural collagen production, reduce fat & crepey look of your skin, hence, delaying the need for surgery.

What Is Morpheus8?

The Morpheus8 technology works using a synergistic effect of radio frequency energy with fractional micro pins.

Morpheus8 involves an advanced RF microneedling device scientifically proven to fight off unwanted ageing signs, facial/body fat & skin imperfections under 60 minutes.

Unique Treatment For A Unique You

This treatment is unique in a sense that it allows a treatment of variable depth targeting multiple skin layers. Hence, benefiting patients with a wide range of conditions. Morpheus treatment is an ideal bridge between surgical & non surgical treatments.

How Does Morpheus Treatment Work?

Microneedling + Radiofrequency: With the popular Morpheus 8 London, you get 2-in-1 effects of skin needling and radio frequency treatment.

Rebuild Collagen & Elastin: The procedure involves ‘micro-tears’ created by 24 microneedles activating the body’s natural healing response.

Remodel Fat: As heat energy from radio frequency is applied between the pins that goes deep under your skin layers.

After just the first session, you will notice a constant positive skin transformation for up to 90 days. The final result of this combined treatment is a resurfaced, tight and taut skin.

Morpheus 8 Can Target

  • Turkey neck, or neckbands
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Deep wrinkles, line & creases
  • Double Chin
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Sagging jowls
  • Crows feet
  • Under eye bags
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Crepey skin
  • Large pores
  • Cellulite
  • Thigh & leg fat
  • Bingo Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen fat

Benefits Of Morpheus 8 Skin Tightening

  • A totally knifeless skin rejuvenation solution
  • Reduced fine, mild & deeper lines
  • Loose skin is resurfaced & taut
  • Fades the look of acne scars
  • No more ‘orange peel’ skin
  • A smooth & contoured face/body
  • Works on all skin types & tones
  • Improved skin’s tone & texture
  • An ideal add-on to other non invasive treatments

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Features of Morpheus8

  • There are little to no side effects
  • There is no lengthy recovery period
  • You can expect minimally invasive treatment experience;
  • You can expect to notice relatively instant results in 1-3 sessions
  • Thanks to the ‘Color-blind Technology’, patients with darker skin tones can be treated effectively
  • Doctors can combine PRP or dermal fillers to achieve desired results without any complications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Morpheus8 Treatment?

As a non invasive and effective skin tightening and body contouring treatment, almost anyone with age 18 years and above can benefit from morpheus8. However, most suitable candidates for this procedure have:

  • Mild to moderate loose skin
  • Double chin, stomach and waist fat
  • Cellulite, which is also known as ‘orange peel’ on their buttocks or thighs.
  • No serious heart, connective or muscular issues
  • Gained weight or have undergone dramatic weight loss can benefit from Morpheus treatment
  • Overall good health and have realistic expectations from the treatment.

What is the recovery period of Morpheus Treatment?

After skin tightening treatment with Morpheus8, you can expect to have slight redness, swelling or even bruising at the treatment sites. Some patients have even experienced slight peeling skin after the procedure.

However, these side effects usually go away on their own in a matter of 5-7 days.

As your collagen production kickstarts, after the RF microneedling procedure, you will begin to notice tight and taut, more resilient skin. 

Avoid wearing makeup or using harsh cleansers immediately after the morpheus treatment as your skin is still very sensitive and tender.

How often do I need to have skin tightening treatment with Morpheus 8?

It is important to know that your skin takes 28 days to make new collagen and elastic proteins. Moreover, after your skin tightening treatment with Morpheus 8 London, your skin will continue to remodel for 3 months.

Generally, a patient having severe signs of ageing may need a series of 3 morpheus skin tightening treatments, with each treatment spaced at least 6 weeks apart.

However, the number of morpheus treatment sessions will vary from patient to patient depending on their skin condition and lifestyle factors.

Does radio frequency skin tightening with Morpheus8 hurt?

Morpheus skin tightening treatment is a non surgical skin rejuvenation procedure. The microneedling aspect of the treatment, however, may be slightly uncomfortable.

To make the entire experience smooth and pain free, a numbing cream is applied to your skin before the treatment. As a result, you only enjoy a more resilient and youthful skin.

How long does skin tightening effects of the Morpheus Treatment last?

One of the best features of radio frequency treatment and skin needling is that the results last for up to 18 months provided that you follow a solid skincare routine.

Moreover, ageing is an ongoing process and your skin will continue to experience physiological changes with time. Therefore, Cosmexperts at CosmeDocs London, Leicester, Derby, and Nottingham advise maintenance treatments and a healthy lifestyle to keep your skin in top condition for many years to come.

What is skin tightening treatment with Morpheus 8 aftercare?

After your skin tightening treatment with Morpheus 8, Cosmexperts advise to keep your treatment area moisturized. Moreover you must avoid direct sun exposure as your skin is still tender and sensitive after radio frequency skin tightening treatment.

Always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen wherever you go outdoors and avoid tanning beds and tanning lamps. Following your Morpheus 8 London treatment, avoid touching and rubbing your treated skin as well.

Why CosmeDocs?

CosmeDocs is a renowned name in the industry of cosmetics. Our clinic located in Harley Street (London) is well equipped and modern practices. CosmeDocs are also well-known trainers to physicians from around the globe.

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