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Masseter muscle Botox is gaining popularity as a method of stress relief. It does more than just cosmetically slim the jawline; many seek it for its ability to relieve pain from teeth clenching and grinding, habits often induced by stress. This non-surgical treatment quickly becomes a preferred choice for those looking to reduce tension and discomfort in the jaw, demonstrating its dual benefits for aesthetic enhancement and functional relief.

Get To Know The Master Muscle — The Masseter Muscle

Did you know that the strongest muscle in your amazing body is the one that helps you chew? It is known as the ‘Masseter Muscle’ or jaw muscle.

According to the book “Clinical Oral Science,” the masseter, or jaw muscle, takes the award for providing the maximum amount of pressure!

Interesting right?

What Is Masseter Muscle Botox?

Understanding the definition of masseter muscle Botox is essential to comprehend what the treatment entails.

The masseter is a muscle on the side of your face. It interlinks the bones in your jaw to your cheekbones, making chewing effortless.

Masseter Botox is a treatment that involves injecting Botox into a masseter to alleviate ailments related to muscle movement.

Hence, if you struggle with…

An Undefined Jawline
Bruxism (teeth clenching)

It might be worth looking into this procedure…


a drawing of the masseter muscle botox treatment before and after result
Masseter Muscle Botox Aims To Reduce The Width Of The Jaw (See Before And After Masseter Muscle Botox Pictures Below)

Over several years, this procedure has become much more common as jaw botox has become readily accessible.

In addition, jawline botox is a non-surgical treatment and may result in an individual gaining a more youthful appearance and defined jawline.

A square jaw may lead to an appearance older than the biological age, so people opt for jawline slimming to achieve a youthful disposition.

That being said, jawline slimming is an affordable treatment for both cosmetic and medical indications.

What Does Masseter Muscle Botox Do?

Medical professionals frequently use masseter muscle botox to treat two types of concerns.

Patients who complain of “grinding my teeth” Bruxism-TMJ. Patients usually opt for this treatment when other solutions do not control the aches, pain, and associated headaches due to grinding their teeth. TMD (temporomandibular disorder) can cause pain in your jaw joint and the muscles controlling jaw movement.

Jawline botox in the masseter muscle helps decrease its size. Most individuals with large muscles clench their teeth at night (sometimes unaware), chew gum excessively, or are weight lifters, deeming this treatment ideal.

Jaw Botox Before And After Transformation

Botox relaxes the masseter muscle. A relaxed muscle undergoes atrophy (shrinks) over time due to disuse.

Masseter botox makes the surgical option less popular, as people tend to opt for the decision that doesn’t require undergoing the knife!

A large muscle may require a few jawline botox sessions; the treatment depends on the muscle size, as it differs from person to person.



Square Jaw & Teeth Clenching Are Related

You will notice your jawline change over the years, and a square jaw appears. Now, utilizing masseter botox works the masseter muscle out.

If you suffer from teeth grinding (Bruxism), you clench your teeth at night for hours. Bruxism causes the muscle to enlarge over time, leading to a square jaw appearance. 

Grinding can also cause substantial damage to the teeth. Many studies suggest that Botox can stop the grinding that leads to these problems. Botox may also reduce clenching, tension, and headaches.

Botox is injected into the masseter or temporalis muscle to help reduce symptoms of clenching and teeth grinding. Bruxism is linked with TMJ problems.

TMJ Problems

● Injury to your jaw
● An unhealthy posture
● Uneven teeth or an uneven jaw
● Locked Jaws
● Grinding your teeth at night
● Chewing gum regularly
● Clenching your teeth excessively

Surprisingly, receiving masseter botox would induce not only physical benefits but psychological benefits as well.

Bruxism effects on teeth showing evidence of teeth grinding
Long-Term Effects Of Bruxism

Top 5️⃣Benefits of Masseter Muscle Botox

Bruxism can cause a great deal of psychological stress as well as physical problems. Trying to overcome problems like headaches and grinding can be very stressful. Bruxism also leads to teeth attrition and dental filling fractures more often.

These issues cause stress, which affects daily life, painting it as a constant irritation. This information isn’t a cause for additional stress! There are ways to overcome this issue, as mentioned throughout this article.

① Non-Surgical Jawline Reshaping

The traditional solution for wide jaw reduction is surgery! Yikes, and many people have a fright of going under a knife, while others do not have time or money. With a simple walk-in procedure such as jaw Botox, there is little to no room for major side effects, bleeding, or lengthy downtime. Enjoy a more pleasant and painless facial profile in minutes!

② Relief From Annoying Teeth Grinding

Your chewing muscles become enlarged due to their constant usage. Many do this without even knowing! The masseter muscles can become oversized with time, whether during daytime clenching or at night. Instead of being conscious all the time or wearing a night guard to prevent teeth grinding, Botox is a great solution.

③ A More Symmetrical Facial Profile

Looking for effortless and painless jawline slimming? Then you need to try jawline-slimming Botox! At CosmeDocs, we receive many complaints from men and women with asymmetrical jawlines or protruding jaw muscles. After assessing their profiles and needs, we advise them to get Masseter Muscle Botox at our clinic.

④ Instant Relief From Headaches

Frequent clenching and grinding often do not come alone. It brings painful headaches, too! The symptoms are relieved in a few days with migraine Botox or jaw Botox treatment. Hence, no need to gulp in a handful of painkillers that may not suit everyone.

⑤ No Need For Fancy Jawline Slimming Gimmicks

The internet is flooded with face-slimming rollers and V-line sheet masks. However, they are in no way effective. Such gimmicks and tools may not be safe to use and can be quite expensive, too. On the other hand, Jaw Botox is carried out worldwide, giving safe and visible results. Say goodbye to plastic face rollers!

Jawline Slimming Botox Is Quick & Easy

If you thought this was time-consuming, including many consultations and strenuous hours of treatment, don’t worry!

A masseter botox session, including the consultation, typically takes less than half an hour. This significantly reduces the time frame and adds convenience to the patient.

Injections are quick and straightforward, with very few side effects. Patients carry on with normal daily activities as there is no downtime. 

Botox injected into foreheads and jaw muscles relieve symptoms. The injection is painless using a very fine needle and requires no ice pack or aftercare. 

As frightening as it may seem, the procedure is quick and prompt. It’s usually the mental game one needs to master…

Masseter Botox Injection Sites | Video

Our cosmetic doctors spend years understanding muscle size-to-dose ratios. Hence, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons refer their cases to experts who perform this procedure daily.

This reduces the fear as you comprehend the professionalism.

Jaw muscles are size-graded based on palpable tissue mass. Masseter muscle size varies on both sides most of the time. Analyzing dental issues and skeletal shapes helps with treatment planning.

Masseter botox units for jawline slimming or bruxism and TMJ vary from client to client.

The jaw botox video above demonstrates enlarged masseter muscle injection points.  The number of masseter injections varies from patient to patient and the cosmetic doctor’s preference. Some experts prefer spreading the dose over several masseter injection points.

There are advantages and disadvantages to too few injection points into the masseter muscle.

How Many Units Of Botox Are In A Masseter?

Masseter botox units range from 25 to 45 per side. Due to their greater muscle mass, men generally require a much higher dose of Botox than women. The patient can expect the muscle to start relaxing within a week.

Of course, everything requires ample time, but as mentioned previously, it differs from individual to individual.

The full effect of jaw botox is shown about one month after the masseter muscle has had time to atrophy. This size reduction is due to disuse.

Jaw Botox Aftercare Is Simple

As you might’ve heard, botox is traditionally used for fine lines and wrinkles. However, additional research has shown that TMJ and jawline slimming are newer indications.

The clinical effects of botox appear within two weeks as the muscles start to relax. Over the following month, jaw slimming occurs. The square jaw reduction can be permanent or temporary.

It is detrimental that you do not tamper with the area. Do not rub or massage the area, and avoid strenuous exercise. 

Remain upright so the toxin doesn’t spread to the wrong areas.

Masseter Botox Gone Wrong? 

It is rare for masseter botox treatment to have major side effects. Common side effects related to general flu-like symptoms lasting for a short while. Rarely, facial muscles near the masseter may be affected temporarily.

The benefit of masseter muscle botox outweighs the side effects significantly.

Contraindications include Myasthenia gravis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Eaton Lambert syndrome – pregnancy and breastfeeding – Neonate and children.

You may experience a headache, flu-like symptoms, and nausea. Rarely, temporary droopiness of the eyelid(s) may occur. Redness, muscle weakness, and bruising are also short-term side effects.

Your practitioner will ensure you’re suitable for Botox treatment before administering it, ensuring your treatment goes seamlessly. 

What Else Can Help Jaw Slimming?

Jaw botox may not be a solution for jowls forming due to aging. In this case, treatment for tightening your skin, reducing fat, or redefining jawline fillers may help. Many people want to opt for different options.

Botox for jowls may lift the face in early sagging. Click to see the post we wrote on PDO Threads and Jawline Filler.

This entails reducing your double chin or sagging jowls using many methods. If you are hesitant to head straight towards botox, there are methods you may try before going for botox, such as keeping all your doors open.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Who is an ideal candidate for jawline Botox?

You may be the right patient for this non-surgical jaw reshaping treatment if you need to:

  • Reduce prominent, squarish jaws
  • Manage excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Reduce jaw pain and tension
  • Slim down your jawline for a more oval face shape without surgery
  • See instant results and do not want to undergo a surgery

What causes masseter muscles to become large?

The overactive chewing muscles due to habitual teeth grinding, jaw clenching, frequent chewing gum become visibly enlarged. This condition is known as Masseter Hypertrophy. Therefore, with time, this condition changes the way your lower face looks. Many patients end up with a jawline that appears boxy and square.

What can you expect from a jaw reduction Botox procedure?

A completely non-surgical procedure with little to no side effects and recovery period, jaw Botox usually wraps up in 10-15 minutes. The treatment begins with a thorough consultation with your doctor, during which facial analysis, expectations and medical history are discussed.

After cleaning the treatment area the injector marks the sites of injection between your cheekbone and lower jawbone on both side of your face. The amount of Botox injected depends on the size of your chewing muscle.

After the injection phase, comes the wrap up. The doctor may massage the product to help Botox settle down, while also minimizing the chance of any side effect.

How often do I need Masseter Botox treatment?

It is important to know that standard duration of Botox results is between 3 to 4 months. However, depending on the doctor and the number of units injected into your masseters, your results may vary. Moreover, many patients at CosmeDocs have even enjoyed treatment results for up to 6 months!

When will I see the results?

The effects of the Masseter Botox London usually become noticeable within 2 weeks after the procedure. Since your masseter muscle is relatively bigger in size and may take time to shrink as a result of the procedure. Therefore, it may not be possible for the results to show up in couple of days.

Let Us Help

If you’re seeking treatment for jaw ache, TMJ, or bruxism treatment and are hesitant about the dangerous side effects, botulinum toxin injection may well be for you as it will alleviate your physical and psychological issues about or stemming from your affected issues. 


We perform hundreds of Masseter Botox injections each year. Most recipients enjoy zero interruption in their daily lives after receiving the treatment. Botox is well-researched, and medical studies are ongoing.

Get in touch today to learn more about what jawline botox can do for you!

Book your appointment today at CosmeDocs for Masseter Muscle Botox treatment, a multi-tasker for many patients. The clinic’s experts cannot wait to rejuvenate you and help you look and feel your best!

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