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Facial Thread Veins

Thread veins are small capillaries that are visible under the skin of the face and legs of a person. These small veins are usually not visible, but due to various factors, these veins become permanently dilated and thus become visible. They are also called ‘spider veins’ or ‘broken veins’, although the veins do not actually break, but only become slightly enlarged. The medical term for the condition is telangiectasia.

Facial Thread veins that appear on the facial area are largely harmless, but they make people suffer from the condition to feel uncomfortable with how they look. Facial thread veins can be divided into:

  • Blood Spots
  • Red Thread Veins
  • Spider Veins

These could occur as a fine net of facial thread veins or as red spots with veins on them. Usually, these broken capillaries occur around the nose and on the cheeks. The person affected appears to be blushing and the veins are visible in red, purple or blue colours.

Causes of Facial Thread Veins

This condition is caused by a number of factors, which could either be genetic or hormonal. It also occurs due to rosacea. Other factors include advancing age, where the veins start to lose their elasticity. Eventually, they become permanently dilated and appear as a net of veins that are visible through the skin.

The Treatment for Facial Thread Veins and Broken Capillaries

We, at CosmeDocs, provide an electrolysis treatment for broken capillaries and facial thread veins. This has proven to be a safe and effective method for tackling this condition.

Our cosmetic doctor assesses your condition at our free initial consultation and recommends the duration of each session, as well as the number of sessions that will be required to reverse the condition.

The process involves inserting a fine needle into the broken capillaries. Our expert cosmetic doctors make sure that the needle is inserted into the vein and not into the surrounding tissue. This helps to prevent tissue burn and ensures that the procedure continues as planned.

Once the needle is correctly placed, a minute quantity of electric current is passed through the needle. This heats up the vein and removes the discolouration.

The process might cause slight discomfort, and so a local anaesthetic cream is usually applied to alleviate the issue. The process is repeated until all the areas that was identified in the initial consultation has been covered.


  • Start From £75 (depending on severity)

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