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Botox Calf Reduction

Slimmer Calves By Cosmetic Doctors Since 2010

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    2-3 Weeks | 3-4 Months
    Multiple sessions may be required

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    Calf Reduction Botox Procedure Time
    10-15 mins

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    Allergic Reactions, Bruises,
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Botox Calf Reduction: Sculpting Your Ideal Silhouette

Botox calf reduction has emerged as the preferred choice over surgical alternatives. It offers a noninvasive solution that eliminates the risks associated with incisions and scarring.

While the visible outcomes may take slightly longer to manifest, this approach does not require any interruption to your daily activities.

Reasons Behind Bulky Calf Muscle

Calf reduction Botox targets the bulky calf muscles and reduces it’s size. However, this  may result from:

  • Firstly, genetic factors,
  • Secondly, physical activities such as exercise or ballet,
  • Lastly, the frequent wearing of high heels.

Botox For Slimmer Calf Muscle

This is a non-invasive treatment that involves injecting Botox into the gastrocnemius muscle in the calf. Botox will relax the muscle and reduce its size, resulting in a slimmer calves.

Due to the large muscle sizes, calf reduction Botox requires higher doses than facial Botox. Moreover, calf reduction demands high precision; experienced professionals must perform this procedure.

“Cosmedocs has been performing calf Botox since 2008 to slim the legs for cosmetic & asymmetry concerns.”

Calf Reduction For Slimmer Lower Legs

The main objective of Calf Reduction is to achieve a balanced and sleek leg contour. The muscle reduction is performed gradually over a series of sessions.

Also, Botox Calf Reduction offers a non-surgical approach to slenderizing the lower limbs. While the results may take a little time to appear, there’s no need to take a break from daily activities after the treatment.

Alternative to Calf Reduction Surgery

Calf Botox has become a popular choice over surgical reduction due to its non-invasive nature, eliminating the need for cuts and scars.

Hence, Botox for toned calves stands apart from surgical interventions like muscle resection, nerve ablation, or lupus and provides noticeable and lasting results without requiring invasive procedures.

Additionally, it provides a more precise way to achieve perfectly sculpted calves.

Perks of Calf Reduction Botox at CosmeDocs London

  • Slimmer calves
  • Reduction in compression syndrome (if)
  • Quick and easy procedure
  •  Lastly, no scarring, no down time

Botox Calf Reduction Before and After

See the incredible transformation Botox calf reduction can provide through our before and after photos. Moreover, experience the slimming and contouring effects of the treatment and the remarkable difference it can make to your calves.

Botox Calf Reduction Price

Botox calf reduction price at Cosmedocs for females and males is:

  • Female: £650
  • Male: £800

Dosages Of Calf Reduction Botox

Azzalure/Dysport: 500-750 units  (most popular)

Bocouture/Botox: 100-150

How Does The Procedure Work?

Botulinum toxin (Botox) acts as a neuromuscular inhibitor and is carefully administered to specific areas of the calves. To be more exact, the calf comprises two primary muscles, known as the gastrocnemius muscle, each consisting of a medial and lateral head. Our skilled physicians meticulously identify and mark the precise locations for injection.

Then, the Botox is injected with precision and efficiency. In the subsequent weeks, Botox begins to relax the superficial layer of the muscle while preserving the underlying muscle activity essential for everyday movement.

The relaxed portion of the muscle is no longer actively engaged. Therefore, the body gradually reduces the size of the relaxed muscle portion over months through natural atrophy, resulting in a more refined calf contour.

Client Reviews

calf reduction treatment with botox

Before the Calf Reduction Procedure

A detailed consultation with your doctor is essential to understand the risks and complications. 

However, realistic expectations are crucial when it comes to non-surgical procedures, and proper aftercare is essential.

Aftercare for Calf Reduction

  • Avoid rigorous exercise and resistance training for at least 2 weeks of injections
  • Activities that may involve heat, such as hot baths, sauna rooms and laser treatments must be avoided
  • Avoid massaging or manipulating the treatment area.
  • Pain can be reduced using painkillers such as Tylenol 
  • Lastly, avoid drinking alcohol for a few days after the treatment.

Advantages of Calf Reduction By Botox Injections

Calf reduction treatment boosts patients’ self-confidence, enhances their appearance, and improves their well-being.

Additionally, Calf reduction botox provides the following benefits to its recipients, such as:

  • Successful calf reduction procedures can provide legs with a slim and defined transition from ankle to calves.
  • The short duration of the procedure
  • Elevates self-image and confidence
  • Little downtime
  • Little to no cutting or incisions involved
  • Botox injections provide better results than liposuction as it targets muscles
  •  Lastly, no significant risks or complications attached to the procedure


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Disadvantages of Calf Reduction Botox Injections

Botox for slimming bulky and thick calves appears to have minimal drawbacks compared to surgical interventions. Moreover, Botox offers a non-surgical method for contouring the calves, but it’s essential to be aware of the following:


  • Botox treatments for calf reduction typically require multiple initial sessions, each spaced 3-4 months apart, to achieve long-lasting results.
  • The initial cost of Botox treatments can be high, although it is generally lower than surgical alternatives.
  • Lastly, mild side effects, such as bruising, may occur post-procedure. However, these can usually be managed with cold compresses to minimize discomfort and speed recovery.

Botox Calf Reduction is a safe, less risky, and effective treatment for achieving slim and contoured legs with little downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Calf Reduction Right For Me?

Yes, anyone unhappy with their calf size can consider this option, provided they are in good health without any serious illnesses. At your first meeting, your doctor will review your medical history and perform some basic tests to confirm you’re fit for Botox calf reduction.

How Does The Botox Reduce The Size Of The Calves?

Botox injections into the calf muscles cause muscle atrophy, leading to a reduction in size over time. By shrinking the calf muscles, Botox can help achieve a slimmer, more toned appearance.

Is Botox Calf Reduction Painful?

There can be slight pain and discomfort in the treated area which is quite bearable. Numbing of anaesthetic cream may be used to minimize discomfort.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Treatment?

Treatment is very quick and can take 5minutes. The consultation may require 15-20 minutes.

How Long Does It Take For The Results To Show Full Effect?

It may take 2-3 months for the results from one treatment to show. Multiple treatments are usually required to achieve the desired results for most individuals with calf muscle hypertrophy.

Are The Results Of Botox Calf Reduction Permanent?

The results are not permanent and but repeated treatments after initial ones are long lasting.

How Much Reduction In Calf Size Should I Expect As A Result Of Treatment?

The reduction in calf size from Botox treatment depends on how big your calf muscles are to begin with. Botox works gradually, making your muscles sleeker over time. Imagine your calves like T-shirt sizes: starting from XL, you might drop to L after 2-3 sessions and need a few more sessions to reach M.

What Are The Side Effects Of Treatment?

There are no serious and permanent side effects of the treatment. You may have bruising and depending on the dose mild weakness in the calves but rarely does it cause trouble in daily life.

What Are The Advantages Of Botox Calf Reduction?

It is a non-invasive procedure with no down time and regular activities can be resumed instantly after the treatment. There is no scarring and it visibly reduces the prominence of muscular calf muscle.

Why CosmeDocs?

CosmeDocs is a renowned name in the industry of cosmetics. Our clinics located in Harley Street (London), Derby, Nottingham, and Portsmouth are well equipped and modern practices. CosmeDocs are also well-known trainers to physicians from around the globe.

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