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Prescription & Cosmeceutical Skin Care Treatments

At CosmeDocs we tailor skin care regimes for individuals based on our exclusive CRES system, which stands for Clear, Revitalise, Exfoliate and Stimulate.

Our skincare products are professional prescription skin care and cosmeceutical skin care treatments that are selected for clients based on specific complaints and individual skin types.

Powerful, Targeted Cosmeceutical Skin Care Treatments

  • Almost every women & some men of any age.
  • Women wishing to correct asymmetrical eyebrows.
  • Women who want 24-hour a day beauty and confidence.
  • Women who hate it when their eyebrows streak or rub off.
  • Sporty people.
  • Women who are sensitive to make up.
  • Women who are tired of pencilling eyebrows every day.
  • Semi-permananet eyebrow treatments are not exclusive to women.
  • Men also benefit from these techniques.

The Difference Between Cosmetics And Cosmeceutical Skin Care

Most people are familiar with cosmetics as they are easily available in department stores, supermarkets and online. They are often part of beauty ranges, with high price tags attached.

It is generally not known that cosmetics cannot access deeper skin layers, as they are not able to pass through the stratum corneum. Hence, they are unable to make any real change or long-term improvements for skin issues, such as acne and pigmentation.

Cosmeceuticals skin care products are non-prescription creams, serums and gels that are a step above what is offered at beauty counters with scientifically proven ‘active’ ingredients. They have been rigorously researched and tested to ensure skin results. At CosmeDocs, we provide a range of highly approved and recognised products, such as Obagi, NeoStrata, SkinCeuticals, Glo Therapeutics, Cosmetic Skin Solutions and Harley Street Formulations.

Although the cost of specialist cosmeceutical skin care products would be expected to be much higher than high street creams, they are usually just as affordable. It is highly advisable to consult a skincare specialist and invest sensibly in a good skincare regime, rather than spend hundreds on numerous creams that do not work.

The CRES System

Exclusive to CosmeDocs

We have based our system on the product ingredients that have been proven to correct and enhance the skin. We create tailored programmes for each individual that are based on our CRES system targeting specific concerns, skin type and age.


  • Hydroquinoine- Helps lighten pigmented areas.
  • Kojic Acid- Skin lightener to reduce darkened spots.
  • Mandelic Acid- Antibacterial properties, treats oily, acne-prone skin.


  • Antioxidants-Such as vitamins C & E. These help protect our skin from free radicals.
  • Hyaluronic Acid-Locks in moisture and helps to plump skin volume.


  • Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acids- fruit acids, such as glycolic, lactic and citric acid that penetrate the skin quickly and help to exfoliate and smooth. Enzymes degrade the upper skin layer and aid the exfoliation process.


  • Peptides- Cell messengers with specific effects such as collagen stimulation.
  • Retinoids- Rejuvenates the skin and stimulates collagen production. Helps to increase cell turnover and even skin tone.
  • Vitamin C- Important for collagen synthesis.
  • Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acids- Support collagen matrix, increase hyaluronic acid and reduce collagen degradation.


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