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PRGF: Help The Body Heal Itself

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) is the most cutting-edge in advanced Platelet-Rich Plasma system (PRP). It works by using the patient’s own platelets for both the stimulation and acceleration of tissue regeneration and healing. Thanks to this process, the effects or any injury, trauma or degenerative process (including aging) can be countered in tendons, muscles, hair, skin, and cartilage. Simply put, PRGF is the most effective way for your body to, quite literally, heal itself and it’s a procedure commonly adopted by celebrities to heal scars and reverse the signs of aging.

What is PRGF?

In the process of PRGF plasma or platelet concentrate is taken from the patient through blood from the arm. The blood is then filtered to extract a large number of platelets and plasma. The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is then injected directly into the damaged area to catalyze the growth of new cells.

The Benefits Of PRGF

  • 100% Autologous (uses your own growth factors)
  • No external additives
  • Improvement in skin consistency
  • Activates production of own Hyaluronic acid
  • Wrinkle reduction as lines lose their depth
  • More freshness sensation in the face because of increased hydration and brightness.
  • Does not affect facial expression
  • Works well with other aesthetic treatments

The Science Behind PRGF

Researchers have found that platelets contain over 1100 different proteins including growth factor and transforming growth factor. It’s these ‘growth factors’ that allows your own blood to repair and rejuvenate areas naturally.

Common Areas Treated By PRGF

PRGF is used in many areas of the body to treat injury and reduce trauma. When it comes to the skin, the most common uses are on the brow and eyes for both hydration and wrinkle reduction, and the cheeks and neck for improved luminosity.

The Procedure

The treatment is administrated through a process known as ‘Mesotheraphy’ which is a minimal invasive form of treatment which involves the use of micro-injections. These small injections go into the middle layer of the skin (known as the mesoderm) through a sophisticated injector which ensures the whole procedure is relatively painless.

Treatment Duration and Recovery

Many of our patients report results as early as 24 hours, by which point the skin might appear smoother and brighter. Some patients even see results before leaving our clinic! However, for best results, we recommend 3 sessions within 3 months. There is no recovery time associated with this process and you can resume activities straight away.

Why CosmeDocs for PRGF?

Improving the appearance of the skin through PRGF should only be done by a surgeon who is fully experienced in the process with a good track record not just of results but also recovery. Our surgeons at CosmeDocs have experience in multiple PRP procedures and are experts in harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. We are rated one of the best skin cares in London and pride ourselves on a having a professional team who are skilled in the most cutting-edge treatments to reverse the signs of aging.

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Post Treatment

As a result of the injections, your skin many feel more sensitive and you might experience some swelling. You could also experience the appearance of small localised bruising at the point of puncture but all these side-effects will resolve themselves in a matter of days.

Before and After

Don’t just take our word for it, our before and after pictures highlight the benefits of PRGF including improved smoothness, wrinkle reduction and increase luminosity.

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