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Skin Tags Treatment

Skin tags are benign soft skin outgrowths. They do not pose any harm or pain. but can cause irritation. Various other terms, such as acrochordon, cutaneous papilloma, and cutaneous tag, are used for skin tags.

Such tags develop on body areas that are prone to friction such as the neck and upper chest where clothing rubs against the skin or where skin of a body part rubs against another, such as the underarms and the groin.

The size of those skin outgrowths vary from a few millimetres to 5 centimetres. It is difficult to distinguish skin tags from warts if they are minute and deep into the skin. They may also contain a stalk, which keeps them affixed to the skin’s base. They may occur separately or in clusters.

Despite the fact that skin tags are common and harmless, they may still cause niggling discomfort and give an unpleasant appearance, particularly on the eyelids or the neck area around the collarbone.

During shaving, skin tags can cause bleeding. They may become more irritated by clothing, jewellery or eczema.

Treatment For Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags can be left untreated as they fade away with time. Getting rid of skin tags for aesthetic purposes is the key reason why people opt for this treatment.

Various remedies can help to get quick relief from skin tags and irritation. Treatment options for skin tag removal involve the removal of the fleshy growths physically.

Skin tags removal treatment procedures include:

  • Cryotherapy: skin tags are frozen off by using liquid nitrogen in a probe.
  • Ligation: blood supply to skin tags is intervened by binding the stalk.
  • Excision: skin tags are removed with a scalpel.

Skin Tag Removal Using Cryotherapy Pen

Skin tags removal using a cryotherapy pen is a safe and effective procedure to cure both small and large tags. This treatment procedure can only be performed in the clinic. It uses a cold temperature probe or pen that is applied on the skin tags. With brief cycles of freezing and liquefying, the blood supply to the skin tags is stopped. If the tags grow in the eyelid, an ophthalmologist or eye doctor may be consulted.

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Frequently Ask Questions (Faqs)

Cryotherapy, or cryosurgery, is a commonly used, minimally invasive mode of treatment, which uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy tissues. It is used for many dermatological conditions, including skin tags, warts, sunspots, and skin tumors.

Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen at extremely cold temperature (-170o C) to destroy cells after repeated freezing and thawing. It results in the formation of ice within cells causing them to shrink, swell and burst. Cryotherapy also destroys the blood supply of the skin tag. When these cells are destroyed, white blood cells from the immune system clear out the dead cells. This process of inflammation also promotes new cell growth and repair in the treated areas.

CryoPen offers a more accurate way of delivering nitrogen compared to cryotherapy spray from a canister since it uses a fine jet that can deliver targeted freezing to the tiny areas. It causes less discomfort to healthy skin. CryoPen also uses lower temperatures compared to other treatments for deeper freezing and more successful treatments.Compared to other techniques like electrocautery, ligation, and excision, cryotherapy requires less time in the doctor’s office and less time for healing.

Small skin tags can be removed without applying anesthesia. However, local anesthesia may be used when removing larger skin tags to avoid slight burning sensation. The procedure takes only a few minutes and some people do not mind experiencing these mild bursts of discomfort.

Skin tags will change in colour and usually fall off after just a few days. The surrounding skin may also change in colour for a week, but this will improve. There is no to cover or treat the area.

Only qualified doctors perform treatments at Skin Tag Removal London. After a thorough skin assessment, our doctors will advise you on the best treatment suitable for your skin condition. Once the procedure has been explained, the doctor will perform skin tag removal using the Cryopen. This treatment takes only a few minutes, after which you may go home or work as usual.Consult Skin Tag London and ask for an appointment.


  • Start from £100 for 5 tags

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