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    Botox Nefertiti Results
    1-2 Weeks | 4-6 Months

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    15-20 mins

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    Allergic Reactions, Bruises,
    Swelling, Eyebrow/eyelid dropping

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    No Downtime

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Understanding the Botox Neck Lift 

The Nefertiti Botox Neck Lift, inspired by the Egyptian queen’s iconic jawline and neck, is a non-invasive treatment for early jowls and a less defined jawline. This procedure employs Botox injections to ease muscles that contribute to facial sagging, enhancing jawline definition and neck smoothness.

Who Can Benefit from the Treatment?

  • Individuals with an undefined jawline
  • People experiencing wrinkles and sagging in the neck
  • Patients with sagging jowls
  • Those who have facial sagging due to weight loss (maybe combined with other lifting procedures)
  • Individuals who frequently tense their neck, leading to an aged appearance referred to as “Turkey Neck”

The Procedure: What to Expect

During the Nefertiti Botox Facelift, small amounts of Botox are strategically injected into the muscles along the lower jawline and neck. This relaxes the muscles, lifting the area subtly and redefining the jawline. The procedure is quick, usually taking a few minutes, with no need for anesthesia.

Botox Neck Lift Price:

  • Start From £250

Combining with Dermal Fillers for Enhanced Results

For optimal results, the Nefertiti Botox Facelift can be combined with dermal fillers along with other collagen stimulating treatments. Fillers can be strategically added in areas enhancing the lifting effect of the Botox. This combination approach can address a range of aging signs, offering a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Recovery and Aftercare

One of the advantages of the Nefertiti Botox Facelift is the minimal recovery time. Patients can typically return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. Some minor swelling or bruising may occur but generally resolves quickly.

Longevity of Results

Results from the Nefertiti Botox Facelift can be seen within a few days and typically last 3 to 6 months. Regular maintenance sessions are recommended to sustain the youthful, lifted appearance of the jawline.  With repeated injections treatment lasts longer

Safety and Considerations

As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to consult with a qualified medical professional. While the Nefertiti Botox Facelift is generally safe, it’s crucial to discuss your medical history and any potential risks or side effects.

Client Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Nefertiti Facelift Procedure Involves?

It is a non-invasive facelift treatment procedure in which Botox is injected into jawline and neck taking about 15-20 minutes to complete. Botox relaxes the jawline and neck muscles creating a lifting effect in neck and jawline.

What Is The Suitable Age Range For Nefertiti Facelift Procedure?

The clients who are in their late 20s and early 30s feeling the advent of signs of ageing can undertake this non-surgical facelift treatment.

When Will I Be Able To See The Full Results Of The Treatment?

The full results of Nefertiti facelift shows up in about 14 days.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

There may be mild bruising and swelling that are temporary and usually resolve in few days. in rare cases, the drug can affect the muscles but it’s unlikely.

Is There A Downtime Of Facelift Treatment?

There is no downtime of this facelift treatment. Patient can continue his/her routine activities immediately after getting the treatment.

How Long The Results Of The Treatment Last?

The results of Nefertiti Face lift treatment lasts for about 3-6 months.

Why CosmeDocs?

CosmeDocs is a renowned name in the industry of cosmetics. Our clinics located in Harley Street (London), Derby, Nottingham, and Portsmouth are well equipped and modern practices. CosmeDocs are also well-known trainers to physicians from around the globe.

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